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TYPE-MOON, Fate/stay night, Saber Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Fate/stay night Series,Visual Novel Saber Character

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XD yay another wallie from me. This time it features saber! =]

ok, about this wallie:
time: about 2 hours a day for 4 days
Scan used: found here on minitokyo~
Brushes: DeviantArt - teh cloud brushes

this is my first wallpaper with actual water. so yeah i'm expecting critisims about that. I also made the talisman by trying out a few shapes... yeah lol. i saw amny other wallpapers like this i wanted to try something different.. like she was creating something . [reason for talisman, lol] but i don't think it turned out thae way i planned. But i like the color scheme of the wallie and the way Sbaer looks! yay! XD

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  1. alterlier Jul 26, 2006

    nice, I love blue, and this wallpaper just helps to confirm that idea, the motion fits pretty good here, the effects are beautiful ...and the details well they are there, great thing, keep it up.

  2. BlueAngel17 Jul 26, 2006

    ooohhh.. she's radiating.. >.< i really adore your celestial wallpapers.. and yeah, i love blue too. this is in my favs. :)

  3. quantixar Jul 26, 2006

    Gorgeous! :o

  4. starrliteangel Jul 26, 2006

    the clouds are gorgeous! and the water is pretty~ but why does the white spiral going around her vanish at that black spot infront of the character?

  5. Imashitowareto Jul 26, 2006

    wow!so pretty!i want add it!

  6. enchantment Jul 26, 2006

    nice wall, i love the background with the clouds and the glow around her makes it look like shes radiating with power or something [that sounded weird OX ]

  7. darkwings Jul 26, 2006

    woah! qué increible background!, muy buen trabajo!

  8. baka324 Jul 26, 2006

    heh, I love the whole swirly effect surrounding her. It goes pretty good with the backround. Nice job! =D

  9. eternallegend Jul 26, 2006

    lovely wall, i like the clouds, the colours you used and the water looks nice ^^

  10. rene3088 Jul 27, 2006

    Quote by starrliteangelthe clouds are gorgeous! and the water is pretty~ but why does the white spiral going around her vanish at that black spot infront of the character?

    I totally agree with star^^ love the clouda (^0^) nice** thumbs up** u use stocks?

  11. HeartFulSkies Jul 27, 2006

    nope i didn't =] that's what makes this wallie very special to me xD

  12. drag0 Jul 28, 2006

    Really beautiful wallie. I love blue. Talisman and clouds are great. Very good job. *fav*

  13. enchantressinthedark Jul 29, 2006

    This is just too beautiful *__* Very heavenly, especially the clouds you did! Its very amazing~~ Your wall should be added to the elite gallery~~ !

  14. Firemace Jul 29, 2006

    An instant love at first sight.

    First of all.

    Congratulations, Celestial effects of background, of water and aura(talisman) = an originality idea = a must comment = a fav = Definite answer.

    * I wonder why the bottom-right is boxed and gradient-white? *
    Clear glasssheet ripples instead of the soft bumpy water effects? But i was wowed cause its real water! But overall, it suits the them fine. From what i observe, i understand about why the spirals end up near the black-shades. (Some black hole effects and idea i presume ?)* Regards and regrets if i am wrong. XP*

    Unlimited-Light Works!

    Great fortitude impressions.

    Like an ArchAngel's Battle Theme.It's a flawless piece of work!

    Correction. . .



    It's Divine and awe-spiring.

    *Thumbs up.*


  15. Sanin Jul 29, 2006

    Wow Nice walL! LoOKz RealLi greaT!
    da bg loOkz AwwesOme
    n saber loOkz hEctiK woOt!
    da coLorz LoOk nice
    i love it...mad walL...Nicely doNe !

    - [ jOwney was ere ] -

  16. bokinhvan Banned Member Jul 29, 2006

    it is very nice ,i like it,background is beautiful
    add fav

  17. Devilet Jul 29, 2006

    lol, you guys should READ the captions the artists write below their wallpapers. She wrote she used cloud brushes, not stock.

    It's very magical and calming, the lighting is soft. The character's expression appears to be in a relaxed mood, possibly not thinking of anything. There is a lot of flowing items going around her, but they are transparent, still giving it an overall pale/soft feel.

    This wallpaper features Saber on the right, with swirls of energy surrounding her. It's magical and fairy like with the shiny stars and shooting ones I believe. She's in the water, with what looks like casting a spell. There is a spell casting symbol self-created on the bottom. Placement is all there correctly to give it a fine balance.

    The colour is all mainly blue, it's not contrasting with the scan, but with the mood it's complimenting. There are some odd bits of purple there, but there's nothing wrong with giving it more than just blue everywhere. The magically calm mood is all there because blue is there. Good work on choice.

    The quality overall is a bit iffy ... There's an overuse of the filter motion blur. You used on almost everything, it would of been better if the water was sharper, and had more variation to it. But I understand it's your FIRST time, so I think we all did that in the beginning. The scan was well extracted, but there seems to be some high contrasting being done to it. But I want to say that none of it is a major issue, by NO means is this an extremely low quality wallpaper.

    The swirls surrounding her have been overdone in the past, and they don't look very good in this wall because they're too transparent, it makes it look kind of cheap. A little more work on those swirls would of made it look better or simply try something else. It's a wallpaper that was worth your effort, because it will satisfy most Saber fans, and it's one of those popular sparkly pretty wallpapers, lol ^^ good work! and please don't get mad at me, I'm not trying to offend you, just pointing out some things =] Yahyah, so keep it up!

  18. Kiako Jul 29, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the effects are very good and the chara fits in well.

  19. Hikari87 Jul 30, 2006

    Luv the effects very much, awesome & cool~ Graet job! ;D

  20. aznprianime Jul 30, 2006

    verrrry well done. i lov everything. the setting and effects work sooo well with the pic. wonderful job :)

  21. royaldarkness Jul 30, 2006

    wow, beautiful wall ^.^
    the background is simply amazing :)
    and it's saber ;)
    great work!

  22. Angi Retired Moderator Jul 30, 2006

    Colors are Beautiful (blue its my fav)
    you did a nice work!
    Congrats ^_^
    Fav! you deserve it ^_^

  23. xxFantasyAngelxx Jul 30, 2006

    Very awesome backie ^^,
    I love the idea of the name too

  24. Shuyin07 Jul 30, 2006

    Love it.

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