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Range Murata Mangaka

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Finally ...I actually finished this....this......jaja ....anyway....you cant imagine all the meanings, the symbols , and all the essence that I try to put on this wall, it took me like a month to find the right/perfect scan and turn out be another of range murata ...
ok...let's start...
well the main thing here ...is not girl...is of course the ladder...have you ever been next to a ladder that is laid down on a wall or is one those scissors ladders...and you are like....do I pass or not? like if that superstition that if you pass down a ladder you are gonna have bad luck sound like true or something.....so now imagine there's no only a ladder but cats ...black cats are right next to you also ...and you cant do anything more than just walk away...what do you do? well of course you walk away...in the end it doesn't matter the idea of superstition or whatever ...but only for a tiny moment...there ...you in front of the ladder ...is kind of true that you doubt about the idea that you are maybe scared? jaja who knows....the thing is that this was something that I really wanted to do, I'm very happy to actually be able to said that I finished.
the last but not least is: "The method to solve my own thoughts" => The Tra => The Art, my personal way.
oh yeah the scan came from here:


oh yeah....the white thing in the middle of the bench (or whatever that is) is the eye of a black cat.
and just to explain the egg ...you can say that is not like you are gonna go eating a black egg ...so is supposed to be another bad luck sign XD







Chosen by shyxsakura and Saikusa

An unusual & original use of an unusual & original image.

The vector has nicely captured the innocence & grace of the original artwork. The bold blacks sparingly & dynamically used to emphasis light & shadow works so well with the subtle textures & muted colours.

It's a real combination of peaceful posing & a striking background. How can something so still have such a burst of energy to it...

Proposed by shyxsakura and highlighted by Saikusa.

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Browse Range Murata Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. shiningdays Jul 25, 2006

    a different range wall by all definitions. i like it because it's unusual though :D

  2. eternallegend Jul 25, 2006

    i like the way you did the background with all the different shapes and i like the cat ^^

  3. bromithia Retired Moderator Jul 25, 2006

    Ooh. Neato. I love the colors, they are very easy on the eyes. :) Good job!

  4. BlueAngel17 Jul 25, 2006

    hey, i love the concept of this.. >.< yeah, i'm also in superstitions, and when I saw the wallpaper you posted at CL that was the first thing that came into my mind by the look of the ladder and the black cat. but actually I thought at first you were drawing your brother in the wallpaper, haha. and i love the color combination because it fits with the theme. Along with the black egg, haha. this goes in my favs!

  5. annakee Jul 25, 2006

    let me see *staring* well, the whole theme is touching, imouto-san. i dont know if you are changing your style intensionally or is simply something like be more honest with yourself. your compositions are more emotive each time and this is something for we must be very thankful. (for everybody else can be "emotives" like an artistic expression, for me are "emotional"...)

    your are in motion

  6. ShiXon Jul 25, 2006

    wowness <33 alterlier i'm really amazed how you amazing vector walls xD
    you make awesome scenic walls and now this! <33 :D
    love it lots and keep up the good work... seriously ~

  7. Revan Retired Moderator Jul 25, 2006

    I really love the texture and the color scheme you've used. Very crisp vectoring by the way ;)

    Ohh... a black cat under the stairs? hope you are not supersticious XD

  8. starrliteangel Jul 25, 2006

    whoa...another great wallpaper from you, alterlier. This one has to be featured in CL for sure! I cant believe I almost missed it in the guestbook >.<;; The vector is awesome and the texture is very nice. I love black cats - I have 2. lol! No one has died yet...so I think we're gonna be good as long as we dont add in a ladder somewhere.

    +CL gallery
    +CL feature

  9. Regenbogen Jul 25, 2006

    Hello I also like this wallpaper and I think it deserves more favorites. Nice how you put your own ideas into the original scan with this background and I agree with Revan about the textures and the color scheme! :) I hope to see more of your wallpapers soon!

  10. namda Jul 25, 2006

    oh,i also like this wallpaper very much

  11. airam13 Jul 25, 2006

    the tra!
    yeah my friend the art
    well first of all I have to say that I would've prefered more creamy colors in this wall, but as somebody up there said they fit perfectly with the theme and the atmosphere you wanted to create...XD
    Now getting back to the theme by itself, I like it a lot from the first time you where talking about it...although I have to say something about superstitions...

    somethigs you sholud now...
    The black cat is a feline whose fur is uniformly or mostly black. It is not a particular breed of cat and may be mixed or of a specific breed. In Western history, black cats have often been looked upon as a symbol of bad omens. The all-black pigmentation is equally prevalent in both male and female cats, and typically skips one generation due to the characteristic's association with the X chromosome...

    merged: 07-26-2006 ~ 07:50am
    well I missed one thing...

    Historically, black cats were symbolically associated with witchcraft and evil. In Hebrew and Babylonian folklore, cats are compared to serpents, coiled on a hearth. Originally in Britain and Europe, a black cat crossing ones path was considered good luck; however they were also seen by the church as associated with witches. This association with witches possibly stems from pre-Christian Europe when witches weren't considered evil. In fact it was the church, who considered them unholy and pagan, who altered their reputation. The black cat was still usually seen as good luck, however in the USA and parts of Europe which were affected by the witch hunts the association with witches caused them to be considered as bad luck. In places which weren't affected particularly by witch hunts, they retained their status as good luck, and are still considered as such in Japan and most of Britain.

    strange ha? well at least in Japon and Britain people believe what I believe black cats are really really cool like your wallie ++ so keep it up!

    merged: 07-26-2006 ~ 07:52am
    I think I'm kind of crazy hahhaha lol XD

  12. Misato-Kun Jul 26, 2006

    Indeed an unusual and unique wallpaper, but nevertheless eloquent and original. I really enjoy how there's a lot of symbolism and leaves you pondering about those superstitions( I know I am lol). Beautiful design and overall a wonderfully executed piece of work! Thank you for sharing this, keep it up!

  13. mystvearn Jul 26, 2006

    Its unusually good, for something out of the norm. I really like the grey colours. Looks like there is no way to pass thru the ladder :D Though I'm too big to pass thru one anyway

  14. nolove Jul 26, 2006

    amazing vector wall alter-chan >_<, this impress my eye from the first sight and i'd regret so much if i miss it. it bring out and amazing calm feeling. clear and wonderful vector >_<. this is sure the most suitable time for another top fea at CW ^_^. for sure 5 points for ya of coz you can add in the feature symbol now :D. that's the most wonderful vector wall i've seen in a while ^__^, so great

  15. shadowVII Jul 26, 2006

    i find that really cool somehow

  16. mimosadd Jul 26, 2006

    Really nice work. I luv color and the general concept. Good job. :)

  17. phamthuha Jul 27, 2006

    Ur skill is so wonderful ^_^ I love this one, sweetie ;) Sure my fav >__<! and congrats with the top fea on CW :D

  18. animefairy Jul 27, 2006

    Wow...this is such an awesome wall! :nya: I love the cool effects and the techniques. The colors are very rare and the textures are shaped unusual, but I love the way they are arranged! ^.^ Keep it up and thanks for sharing, alterlier! ^_^ *adding to favs*

  19. IzumiChan Jul 27, 2006

    Oh, congrats for the highlightening! ^.^
    I really like it, so original.. the bg makes me have a ''militar wearing'' feeling~ ^_^'
    Oh, I understand the thing you said about superstition... I already have been in this situation, and know what? I just passed under the ladder, and nothing happened.. well, I've always had bad luck, so no change... or maybe there was some? >_<
    Oh, anyway, great job. Keep it up! ^_^

  20. Sue-chan Jul 28, 2006

    that's a beautiful wall.
    i like the concept and the colors about it. it also has a great feeling to it. i love it. ^^

  21. Lodigo Jul 28, 2006

    A nice wall.

    Colours 7.5/10

    Concept 9/10 : I really like the story behind the wallpaper.

    Sorry I dont have time to give a big comment.
    Its late and I'm tired you see -_- but anyway, you made a nice wall.

    Take care.


  22. Kubrickfan Jul 30, 2006

    my my my this is pretty good Art, I think!

  23. lunagata Jul 31, 2006

    WOw this is an awsome work!
    I love the cat >_<

    the colors are really nice X-P
    it deserves a fav so...
    ++Adding To Favs++


  24. airam13 Aug 01, 2006

    hahaha super zonaron but for the moment you only have one pge, so that's why I'm writing this one...hahaha
    you're wallies are so great, I think they're perfect!
    kepp it up!
    and one advice! try to use more brilliant and shiny colors in your new styles!XDlol;)

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