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Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Rei Ayanami Wallpaper

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Hi, people.. It's almost some month since i've submited something. :o
Rei Ayanami... the most beatiful female character ever! ^_^'
That scan i found here in MT and the overall idea is from my great and lovely friend rafaellaGP.
And, of course, this wall is dedicated for her.
Luv ya my dear friend. very very! XD
Humm... of course it has a lot of erros, but i fell good when a finished it, and i really liked ~_~
Hope someone like it too, and comment please, and some favs are always welcome X-P
Thanks for the last comments and favs on my works, and sorry for those that i didn't said any thanks... i'm sorry, really sorry... the time is not on my side... T_T
Well, see ye o/~~

PS EDIT: My idea in that wallpaper is not to make him like a "close to real thing" but more like a "sureal thing". So that's it. Enjoy ^^

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  1. Sanin Jul 24, 2006

    wow nice bg lOokz RealLi great!
    da sky lykz awwEesoMe n rei loOkz nIce
    nIce walLie LoOkz great .... ^^

    - [ jOwney was eRe ] -

  2. eternallegend Jul 24, 2006

    i like the composition of your wall, i like the background how there is a reflection in the water and the clouds in the sky, nice wall ^^

  3. nolove Jul 24, 2006

    woa, the sky really impressed me XD, though the tree, moutains, and lake dont look really real but the sky is totally contrast >_<, it nearly reach the ideal cloud sky i've ever seen ^__^.
    But the lake make Rei is quite out of place also :( i dont really feel it good >_<

  4. KyoFan368 Jul 24, 2006

    That looks great you did a fantastic job on it. It looks really good. Thanks for sharing it. :) :D :pacman:

  5. CloudyHeaven Jul 24, 2006

    I just RESPECT the way uve made the clouds and the tree and the reflection in the water Great job Also Love the scan its in nice state and its also a very coowl scan ^^ only thing ive noticd you see the twirl in the water (at her feets ) the left one is a lil outa place and not on the water but on her enckle but hey i guess thats a mistake because the time went into the sky ^^great job anyway and ill shut my mouth now srry ^^ Cya

  6. rafaellaGP Jul 24, 2006

    whhhaaaaaaaaaaa! *.*
    *eyes shining*
    really, really, really beautiful my deaaar!
    wahh the lake, tree, sky... everything! soo pretty!
    and I love the Rei Ayanami too! she is beautiful! XD
    nha and this not really my idea! >_<
    i just make a little comment! ^^'

    *continuando em port* ^^"
    desculpa por isso.... u.u
    nhaaaa naum ta neeem um pouqinho esquisito! ta liindo!
    como foi q vc fez as voltinhas da agua? hueheuhe
    e adorei a arovore!
    paarece ate uma pintura! *.*
    amei, amie! mt mesmo!
    *indo colocar na userpage* XD
    ainda vo fazer um wall a esse nivel para vc! u.u
    nha mas eh dificil! XD

    *in english now* ^^""""
    i really love yoouuu! *hugs* XD
    i have much Luck, thanks my dear friend! x}
    fav, fav!


  7. darkwings Jul 24, 2006

    adorable wall, me encanta el cielo, las nubes y el arbol, increible, buen trabajo!

  8. Devilet Jul 25, 2006


    Hmm, a night time scene ... It's not very dark for one though. This kind of brightness serves for when the sun is setting, at night there's only light from the moon. But I get this feeling of loneliness when looking at this wallpaper, it's very sad yet hopeful looking, because there's is much light.


    This is the confusing part, Rei is fine where she is, it's a good spot. I like the mountains in the back, it's a good idea, the stock photo of the clouds served it's purpose. But I'm completely baffled by the tree, it seems it's just there to fill up the scene, maybe if there was more than one ... I'm not sure, it just seems to be THERE. Plus it's wayyy too big, for the distance you're suggesting with the lake and mountains, it should be smaller, since it's in the distance.


    The colours are purple, blue and black mostly, with some pale white for light. I think the colours are fine for this kind of scene, I understand you were inspired by the scan and also from your desciption; your friend. Either way I see no problems with colour. You did good in this part.


    Like most wallpapers in the beginning we don't look much at quality. There's a lot of blurry elements, it's fine to put blurry for distance, but I think the mountains are way too blurry even for the distance factor. The water should only be slightly blurry further way, it should be sharper when closer. The dock she's sitting on has a good texture, it's just jagged on one side, smudge it a little to make it better. The tree is quite blurry and it looks like it's popping out like a board, because of the dark outer glow you put. The reflections is a good idea, but it needs to be sharper as I stated before the water. Look at real pictures to see. The extraction of Rei is really good! Nice work there.


    I have still some gripes, the ... Dock needs to be bigger, I don't think docks are that small, and docks are made from boards like a deck, you did just one chunk. The pillars should be wider, those pillars in real life wouldn't be able to hold anything, hehe. I think with a little less blurry elements, and more thought on lighting would make it look better, Rei seems out of place because of those things. Keep it up, and enjoy walling!

  9. sailorcapuccino Jul 27, 2006

    I loved ! Thanks for sharing !

  10. Milkiyo Jul 29, 2006

    whoa.... O.O someone wrote one heckofva comment :P
    so all is said is said...I'll just pinpoint out the obvious :P
    nice reflection though needs more flava and needs to be more convincing...not realistic enough I guess though it may be the way you want it to be but the quality is quite impressive with the sky too :)
    keep it up!

  11. hydetenshi Sep 10, 2006

    lovely lovely wall, I like Rei she's my favorite. ^^ this wall does a good job of reflecting her loneliness / emptiness I think. ^_- the sky/clouds look really nice too. thanks for sharing! :)

  12. rollingmreg Oct 07, 2006

    It is a fantastic background.

  13. rotk Jul 03, 2007

    The tranquil background matches perfectly for Rei, the design is awesome.

  14. LinkAlchemist Sep 06, 2009

    Great wallpaper of EVA! Thank you for sharing ^^

  15. luaoc Mute Member Apr 14, 2010

    Loved it! Thanks for sharing! Really nice!

  16. conansuzaku Jun 04, 2010

    thanks fot sharing me gusto bastante la imegen querdo exelente a fav

  17. enronfly Banned Member Aug 04, 2010

    Picture great, thank you very much.

  18. vasharc Feb 15, 2011

    my my
    hello rei..
    look awesome

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