Spirited Away: Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi

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hello everyone!
gosh im so tried @_@ I worked all day on this. *creaks neck*
okay, I had an urge to draw this, ever since we watched spirited away in class... YES, in class, not an anime club.. but in my math class O.o My teacher brought it in cause, he said he watched it with his son and really liked it, so he watched the class to watch it.
boy... the class wasn't very happy at first, they thought it was dumb because its cartoon/anime since they thought they were too old to watch this stuff. but in the end...everybody was really into it! O.o cause its such a good movie! but it felt really really odd watching it in school :stab: haha those losers! they were compaining so much, and now they say they really liked! haha

okay... at first I wanted draw haku(human) but he ended up looking alot like a girl >.> so I changed him to his dragons form^^;
I since I has no idea how to draw dragons I used this pic: http://www.deviantart.com/view/8611703/ as a references.^^ I suck.
and I drew chihiro abit older then what she really is.^^; yay HakuxChihiro! I hope they get together sometime :D its so cute~ nya. and one last thing... the bg SUCKS! I know... om not really good at my brush work on clouds. im only a beginner! ^_^
enjoy hehe~ visit me sometimes : http://ayasal.deviantart.com/
Time 2days

--tools used--
My small 3X4 tablet ;_;
lineart: Pentool
Color: Photoshop CS2

Haku & Chihiro (c) Hayao Miyazaki
Art (c) ~Ayasal (me)



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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Jul 20, 2006


    You've really outdone yourself in this one, Aya-chan. Love the colors and the characters look so awesome! Really well done, excellent job!

    And yeah, I have those kind of people in my class too *rawr*

  2. TejinaJuuniji459 Jul 20, 2006

    Watched it in class!?!? Damn! I wish my teachers were cool like that, we would have to work our butts off just to watch an old black and white movie, but an anime?! Whoa that'd take a 5 years supply of hard work.

    You did such an amazing job. They look so real, I can only dream to draw as good as you. Haku in dragon form looks really cool, and with Chihiro there, its even better!

    Nice work!

  3. KyoFan368 Jul 20, 2006

    That is amazing. You did a fantastic job on that. It looks so amazing. Amazing is the only real word you can use to describe it, well that and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. :) :D :pacman:

  4. nolove Jul 20, 2006

    ohhhmy, that chihiro and haku XD hx\ix one of the most sweetest couple i've ever seen in anime >.<, but i dont really like chihiro becoz she looks kool, i prefer the kute chihiro then :(
    why not one try in drawing dragon ^O^, wow i fail trying to draw Haku too, hix :(

  5. PrairieDogGuy2006 Jul 20, 2006

    That's what I want is a pet dragon ! I like the wallie, very cool !

  6. skye Jul 20, 2006

    looks really good. i love the dragon.
    nice ^_^ !

  7. N9e1 Jul 20, 2006

    WOW your teacher is awesome! I never watched any anime in any class~~~ T_T You guys are lucky! ^_^
    You are too modest! I haven't seen any good Doujinshi of Haku and Chihiro for a long time~~~ Thank you for sharing! You are so talented!
    Spirited Away is my favourite anime movie and I love Haku/Chihiro pairing~ I always like to imagine how they would meet again in the human world. By the way, I like how you portraited Chihiro when she's older.
    Also, you should share the Haku you drew sometime! ^_^ I wanna see~~~
    Great job!

  8. Susan-chan Jul 20, 2006

    fu..ng awsome! sory for that word..but it 's soo soo cool! perfect!
    the girl itself( the proportions, the coloring, the pose) and the dragon too:D

  9. Phill Jul 20, 2006

    you did an awsome job this time , aya ^0^ +fav

  10. fidiou Jul 20, 2006

    Oh great joob, i love the colors and very good drawing for Chihiro!

  11. fuyuu Jul 20, 2006

    WOOW <3 :nya:

  12. revontulet Jul 20, 2006

    awesome doujin..just thinking though..is chihiro supposed to be looking into hakus eyes? coz she looks like shes looking above..but besides that..the rest is beautiful! I envy ur skillz!

  13. catcrazy Jul 20, 2006

    Hi, great work!
    maybe it would have been even more spectacular if the girl really
    looked into the dragons eyes ;-)
    but that is just a small thing,
    the whole drawing and color use is great.
    Keep up this good work!

  14. kyara17 Jul 20, 2006

    wooow O.o so goooood! great job and the clouds are good, well i like it...i like very much the image..is very cute *+fav*

  15. BlueAngel17 Jul 20, 2006

    awww... man, Spirited Away was the BEST OVA i've ever watched! I love that scene where the prince is the dragon, one of the most heartwarming to see. I envy your works, you're so good at coloring.. whoo... good job!

  16. evilcrono Jul 20, 2006

    perfect O_O perfect O_O
    omg omg omg omg
    greeeaaaattt job !
    well done
    keep up the good work

  17. lunacrystal Jul 20, 2006

    This is so fricken awesome.
    I've watched the movie like millions of times and it was really good.
    Love it!

  18. Sandra Jul 20, 2006

    It's a really beautiful doujin ! Cute girl with brown hair (Yeah , brown hair rulez :D ) and a dragon ! I Love dragons ! FAV FAV FAV FAV !

  19. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jul 20, 2006

    ooh, beautiful work! I like the textures of Haku's fur, and the lineart, very clean. the shading is nicely done, like the soft cell-shading style :) hehe I also like Chihiro's expression :)

    nice job!

  20. Kira-sama Jul 20, 2006

    wow! thats amazing. i personaly havent seen the movie, but people said it was good. awsom drawing.

  21. asan Jul 21, 2006

    this is amazing...nice work

  22. IzumiChan Jul 21, 2006

    This movie is the best, it's humanly impossible to not like it. ^_^
    And you still missed a math class to see it? Good life, eh? XD
    I loved the drawing, Haku looks exactly like the original. His eye doesn't really seem to be at Chihiro, tough... where's is he looking at, then? >_< ^_^'
    She looks cute, I liked the older version... it's rare to see that uniform without the sleeves being rolled~ :o
    Anyway, great job, I loved it!~ :nya:

  23. ShrinkNerv4Eva Jul 22, 2006

    THis is a really nice drawing. You're quite talented. And it's nice that your math teacher is open to anime. Did you watch in in class recently...because over here, we'ved been out of school for a month.

  24. frozenwilderness Jul 22, 2006

    Omg.. I sooo have to get the spirited away artbook. The art from that movie is just GORGEOUS.

    But anyway.. to be on topic... very nice and soft coloring job here. I'm loving the clean lines, plus the background isn't as bad as you think it is ;) Great work :]

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