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Well.. lately I've been interested in a certain type of styling, involving normal everyday objects, just made very shiny. Like globes (as in one of my site-layouts from 2+ months ago), fruits (a recent attraction to an artists' wallpapers at DA), and the idea of the Yuugiou Duel-Stars from the Pegasus series.

Not just that, but about a year ago as I was browsing wallpapers, I noticed a thumbnail, that at that time, I had seriously thought to look like clouds with dancing stars placed on top of them. When I clicked the thumbnail it wasnt even remotely close to being what I had thought it was (yes I got my eyes checked eventually).

So combining that idea with the shiny object idea, I created this ^^. I wasnt sure if I should place it under Minimalistic, Fantasy, or Landscapes & Scenery.. I did keep the wall simple on purpose, but I think fantasy is the best fitting (if you think otherwise please let me know).

At one point I was planning on creating a poem to pair with this wallpaper, and who knows, I may still write one. But for now nothing comes to mind, and I lack the time.

Anyways, Above the Clouds features my shiny objects, my personal style, minimalism, fantasy, scenery/landscape, and my love for the moon, clouds & stars. Enjoy!


Chosen by Marissa and bromithia

Wow! The feeling this wallpaper gives off are just so cute! I absolutely love the colors and abstract-ness of it all. The stars and moons are very well made, it all just falls together to make one very high quality and stylish wallpaper!

Proposed by Marissa and highlighted by bromithia.

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  1. lunagata Jul 14, 2006

    Wow XD

    I really like the shine! ;)
    well it deserves a fav so... :D ++favs++
    I really like it >_<


  2. Marissa Retired Moderator Jul 14, 2006

    A very interesting idea, and the way you made it is extremely cute and yet stylish.

  3. midnightLOVERS Jul 14, 2006

    ahh. its so cute and shiny. i really like the way the moon and the stars look. they are all so glossy and thats what caught my attention here. love the color use here. they are soft relaxing colors and are so peaceful and give me a feel of tranqulity. love the idea of dancing stars. a fav in my books.

  4. foreverforgotten Jul 15, 2006

    Kawaii! Simple yet love the style... very attractive.. this really deserves to be in the elite gallery! ^^

  5. fuyuu Jul 15, 2006

    I love it; the borders on those two pillars (?) is so nice, yet the stars, moon, and the clouds look so cut and glossy.

  6. janicehamtaro Jul 15, 2006

    This is one of the cutest wallies i've ever seen! Such simplicity and yet it attracts me! Superb job!

  7. KawaiiCardcaptorSakura Jul 15, 2006

    It's so lovely and peaceful! :D
    I love the stars, moon and clouds! They're so cute! ^_____^

    I think it would great as a cover page for a book! ^^ Most likely "Magical Bedtime stories" :)

    Definatly one of the most sweetest wallies I've seen! :)

    Amazing job!
    Keep it up! ;)

    Definatly a fav!

  8. lightfishie Jul 15, 2006

    really lovely and cute! thanks, like it so much :)

  9. HaWaIIofHoaI Jul 15, 2006

    how cuuute and classic. =)

  10. enchantment Jul 15, 2006

    aww, your wall is soo cute, i love the moons, stars and the clouds :)
    -sets to desktop background- awww soo cute :D
    amazing wall^^

  11. eternallegend Jul 15, 2006

    cute wall, i like pretty much everything about your wall from the colours to the shapes of stars, moons and the clouds at the bottom ^^

  12. Sandra Jul 15, 2006

    Woooooow ! IT IS SOOO KAWAIII ! *__* <3___<3 I LOVE IT !

  13. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Jul 15, 2006

    This is sooooo cute! I love it!

  14. midsummer Jul 15, 2006

    love it >.<
    so simple yet so nice...
    good job!

  15. kai81220 Jul 15, 2006

    lol i like the shininess of the star and moon O__O

    like everyone said, its cute XD

  16. alterlier Jul 15, 2006

    I really clean and neat wallpaper, it is funny at first sight but then you realize about all the hard work that you put on it ....at least to make it look that clean and nice. great work.

  17. Billy85 Jul 15, 2006

    realy good idea,look nice..that can be perfect background

  18. kaylessa Jul 16, 2006

    wow I love it! Really really cute and very nice work ^.^b

  19. lady-maia Jul 17, 2006

    I love it! really great! wai~!

  20. Eimin Jul 17, 2006

    It's adorable, I've never seen anything like it :)

  21. Devilet Jul 17, 2006

    Haahahaa! Somehow I'm expecting the Care Bears to come out, or a big giant Hello Kitty. Oh man, getting scared just thinking about that!

    I say it's very well done, I haven't seen many wallpapers like this, but not to my liking or tastes. Good job!

  22. cagalli-y-a Jul 17, 2006


    SO CUUUUTE~ I love it! I feel like plucking one of the stars off the wallpaper... XD

    Definitely a fave from me~! *bounces on the clouds* :nya:


  23. kayurachan Retired Moderator Jul 17, 2006

    W o w ! ! !
    So... cute&pure&soft!
    Really a great job!
    *favs* ;)

  24. euna Retired Moderator Jul 18, 2006

    Shiny stars and clouds! <3
    I've never seen non-fluffy clouds, but they look great. I love your bright colours and the simplicity of this. Worth the highlight. Looks awesome. *fav*

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