Chobits Wallpaper: An Angel Fell

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CLAMP Mangaka Madhouse Studio Chobits Series Chii Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

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Hi there!
My newest wallie! :D
Ok i make an clouds tutorial, but didn't fit very well so i used a stock photo ^_^'
I used the dodge tool to give them some brightess, it's more nice ^^
I love that Chii scan so i make the wallie with that pic! :nya: And i think that she fits very well the background ;)
Well hope you like my wallie! ^^
Suggestions are always welcome! ;)
And i want to thanks to my dear itoko-chan Annakee! that give me good suggestions! :D
Thanks Annakee! ^^

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  1. annakee Jul 14, 2006

    ^_^ its a pleasure to can help you itoko-chan. but only said some advices.
    your wallie is very nice. gambatene primita!

  2. starrliteangel Jul 14, 2006

    omg Lum-sann! This is such a big improvement! I've never seen someone improve as fast as you ^.^ This is going to be in the most improved section of course. And I'll make you a nice banner and you can put it on your userpage so everyone can see ^_^ ^_^ nyahahha so cute. I love chobits. Another thing that I see thats different from your usual wallpapers is that its not from Sister princess ^.^ Thats good that youre trying different series. just one little change that I would suggest is to remove that big blurry cloud in the left top corner and make it blue so that the sun stands out more ^.^

    +most improved! (yay! we have 2 people this month~)

  3. Zetman Jul 14, 2006

    very cute work . . . those clouds are lovely and there are so beautiful colors . . . great wall. Thanks for sharing it. ;)

  4. IzumiChan Jul 15, 2006

    Oh, Lum-chan, another sweet wallie! And it's not sister princess this time!~ XD
    Okay, I think it's a very good work, you're getting good at this. ;)
    But I'd like to give some sugggestions, hope you won't mind~ >_<
    The cloud at the left is really big~ O_O , it's covering a lot of sky... It may be a personal preference, but I think that smaller clouds are cuter. :)
    Also, they don't get that close to the ground, right? In my head, they should be higher... >_<
    That game with the grass was a great idea, I only think they are growing too suddenly, you should make then getting bigger gradually. :)
    You chose an excellent scan to work with. ;)
    That magical swirl around her seems to be you registered mark~ on your latest wallies, it is always there~ XD
    Loved how you used the star brushes this time. :D
    The birds are cute, but that shiny line around them... I think it would better without. >.<
    That's it! ^_^
    A great job, keep it up! You're rising so fast! ^.^
    +Fav ;)

  5. bokinhvan Banned Member Jul 15, 2006

    oh,suprise , i loveit ,the background is very very nice
    add fav

  6. enchantment Jul 15, 2006

    i love the clouds and the birds and the background in total, nice wall^^

  7. eternallegend Jul 15, 2006

    the sky looks really nice and so do the birds, the whole background looks well constructed, lovely wall ^^

  8. BlueAngel17 Jul 15, 2006

    weee.. luv the birds, they look so alive! and soo bright! >.< although the grass seem to stand out too much, i still love it. :) keep it up Lum-sann! We're both in the gallery! *lol*

  9. Niiya Restricted Member Jul 15, 2006

    Hi there
    So beautiful
    Great work
    The birds the grass the sky
    Thanks for sharing it
    Go to favs

  10. rene3088 Jul 16, 2006

    Well, I want to make several comments and i hope it won't ha5rsh u...
    1.I think the cloud really nice but the blue part...er... I think the colour too bright there^^ u can soften that to get warmer feeling
    2.The grass near her feet should be smaller
    3.remove the lens flare and stars that swirl the girl should be smaller

    anyway nice job^^ and addin this to fav^^

  11. Zoamel Jul 18, 2006

    What a beautiful view! :D
    I like this intense colours a lot. I also like the clouds :) Great idea to add the birds.

  12. SrEyLaKh Jul 19, 2006

    That's Pretty.

  13. hydetenshi Jul 22, 2006

    beautiful-- I always liked that scan of Chii as well.. she is so cute. ^^ The grass and sky and the clouds all look *really* NICE, you did a great job! :)

  14. Angi Retired Moderator Jul 28, 2006

    Wow just beautiful Lumm-san wallie!
    I see you made a great work in this one ^.^
    I like the bg you used to make this theres only one thing:
    maybe if you delete that swirl that is rounding her could be seen more natural just according to the bg or maybe if its other color such as pure white and with a lil less sparkles
    just my suggs.... dont mind of it
    anyways this wallie is the best you have done!

  15. Krasimira Aug 26, 2006

    Very beautiful Chobits wallie ^^
    Goes to favs

  16. rumiko23 Dec 17, 2008

    Wonderful! I love this pisture of Chii and she's so adorable in it! ^_^

  17. haruka2007 Mute Member Dec 05, 2009

    it's so good=)
    thanks for the sharing...

  18. valkyrie13 Jul 20, 2010

    Beautifully done! I love it lots!

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