Ouran High School Host Club Wallpaper: Haruhi Sandwich

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1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yay, it's another Ouran wall. This one's background took a bit longer to do than the last one (skew = ebil). I came up with the name for this one while I was vectoring it. Why Haruhi Sandwich? It looks like Haruhi's being smooshed in between the twins. The background came to me while I was eating dinner at a restaurant, and got handed the Specials menu. Gotta love random inspirations. Some of the text at the top is purposely confusing to read. The menu goes:

Welcome to Commoner's Restaurant
Today's Menu Special:
Haruhi Sandwich
An exquisite choice of a Haruhi paste, thinly spread between two slices of Kaoru and Hikaru. Includes a side of your choice: Tamaki, Kyouya, Honey, or Mori.
*purty picture here*
Please enjoy the rest of our commoner's food.

The screen for the vector was taken from episode 7, when the twins go to kidnap Haruhi. The "Commoner's Food" idea came from episode 10, when everyone visits Haruhi's house (the twins run around yelling "commoner's market")

Sidenote: Mwahahaha... I made that tape >:3
Sidenote again: If you want the lossless version, contact moi
Sidenote again again: Haruhi looks like a muppet, no?

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  1. starrliteangel Jul 11, 2006

    cute! It would have looked a little better if there was more texture on the table though.

  2. eternally-asuka Jul 11, 2006

    LOL XD i love it!it's so funny! XD Kyyaaaa Hikaru and Kaoru! kyaaa

  3. aikoyamada Jul 12, 2006

    Hahaha, this is great! Nice vector and the idea is super funny! ^-^

  4. fuyuu Jul 12, 2006

    LOL it's funneh XD

  5. cassandraronald Jul 12, 2006


  6. aneres Jul 12, 2006

    hehehe XD It's a very cute concept XD Ouran is hilarious and I love every epi~!

  7. natsume44 Jul 12, 2006

    Ooh, this one is too funny! Of course, any moment with Haruhi and the twins is usually hilarious. :)

  8. RurouniJessica Jul 12, 2006

    Aww. So kawaii~!

  9. GoNik Jul 13, 2006

    You're evil, you know? XD poor Haruhi... <hmmm... to think of that... my side dish would be Kyouya... yummy :} >
    Your wicked intentions deserves fav^^

  10. Raidon Jul 13, 2006

    Haha.. Nice menu! Haruhi is such a cutie... I just love it!
    Waiter! One haruhi sandwich please! hahaha...
    Good job!

  11. ayaki Jul 18, 2006

    haha very creative >_< Haruhi sandwich.
    everything looks great here, but if u can apply some texture onto the paper too..that'll be perfect :)
    for sidedish..i'd like to hv tamaki...HAHA he's too hilarious.

  12. Countess-D Jul 26, 2006

    So funny I have to fav this xD!

  13. Miriade Aug 02, 2006

    really cute and a very funny idea.

  14. swtevejade Aug 05, 2006

    LOL. this is cute!

  15. Third-child Aug 11, 2006

    OOo I love it! Thankies!

  16. CrazyGiirl Aug 20, 2006

    creative and funnii idea..^^

  17. KaiLi Aug 27, 2006

    hahahahaha! very funny! :D
    way to go, I loved the idea, very original! I'd take that special anytime! >D
    I'm not sure which sidedish would be best though.... ^^''

  18. uzumakinoai Sep 18, 2006

    ohhh! this is sooo cute an funny!
    m.i.a. ^^

  19. pickles Sep 20, 2006

    hehe comical =]

  20. AngelKate Sep 21, 2006

    haha! Cute idea! Haruhi Sandwich! XD Nice work. :) I suggest adding a bit more texture to the table though. ^_^

  21. IzumiChan Dec 29, 2006

    Nya, so cute! XD
    I'd like to order two, with double Tamaki sauce, please! (He's so funny when jealous~ XD )
    I agree with the table texture thing, but neverthless, great wallie! ^.^
    Yay! XD

  22. Himeno Dec 08, 2007

    aHahaha, very cute. Nice work, thanks for sharing it. =]

  23. ANGEPITA Feb 02, 2009

    this image is so funny...

  24. OokamiDL May 07, 2009

    just 3 words: Funny, cute, great! XD

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