Yukirin Wallpaper: Guardian--Dedicated

Yukirin Wallpaper
Yukirin Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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Dedicated to my Besties! Milkiyo & Enchantressinthedark!

Hello, my wall again... ^_^'
I basically dont really like this wall, I dont know why, Just dont really like it...
& it took me some time too... ==
The extraction was quite hard, got it from MT.

Then. I used 4 stock images & blend & clean, so on...
Also, did the sky again, added some brushes on it, & the pstrich egg, yeah I know Milk doesnt like it... XP
The water was the hard part, did some motion blur & some help from stock images, cleaning up, adding some textures & so...

Im in a rush again, So, Ill stop here...
Hope U like it though..
Its ugly... ==

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  1. Firemace Jul 11, 2006

    Ugly ? Hrm...i think it's enchanting and worth the effort. Perhaps you thought of it in a professionalism way ? You are right on the water part.*That protruding patch of swirling up water-mist effect towards the moon* But water effects are always a challenge.

    Else, i think its a marvelous Wallpaper ! Fantastic job and definitely worth comments from it. Hey, take pride from it. You made it !

    Cause i love it very much. =)

  2. midnightLOVERS Jul 11, 2006

    i like your wallie. i think that its quite gorgeous and i quite like the night sky. expcially the moon. i think that it a great wallie over all better then anything i can do =P


  3. bj0rn Jul 11, 2006

    rikka is back with a wall again! i kinna understand why u dont like it since ur busy and all.. either ways, nice job on this.

  4. starrliteangel Jul 11, 2006

    oh my. very nice! the water at her feet is lovely! her hair must have been very hard to extract ^.^

  5. emenemenem Jul 11, 2006

    :O it's not ugly, it's pretty :D

  6. Kiako Jul 11, 2006

    nice wallpaper, the effects are very good and the background is well done.
    keep it up

  7. xToshibax Jul 11, 2006

    like waht everyone else said, its awsome, nice/well done colors, effects, background, and its not ugly

  8. semanga Jul 11, 2006

    wonderful this wall
    really one of the best what i saw today here in mt only one think only the cant of the scan is a bit to sharp but all in all a wonderful wall
    of couse my fav ;)

  9. Kenichi Jul 11, 2006

    it looks pretty nice actually
    i just love the pop-up kind of wallpapers
    u put nice colors and nice theme to it
    i kinda like it. >_>

  10. thecatmistress Jul 11, 2006

    yay! another beautiful wallie by Rikka-san =D. the blue spirit-like effect is awesome ^^ I do really like it a lot

  11. Chloe Retired Moderator Jul 11, 2006

    Love the effects and the colors are great! Keep up the good work!

  12. eternallegend Jul 11, 2006

    lovely wall, the water looks nice and the background looks really good ^^

  13. ParadizeXI Jul 11, 2006

    the extraction is so nice... and the castle too!

    well maybe the water is a teensy little bit wierd, but overall it looks really glowy ;)

  14. rafaellaGP Jul 11, 2006

    wahh this efects is sooo beautiful! and i really love this scan! *.*
    pretty, pretty! lol
    fav! ^^

  15. enchantment Jul 11, 2006

    wow, its so pretty, its not ugly at all
    i love the water and the background and well, almost everything about it :)
    amazing wall^^

  16. ipiotchi Jul 12, 2006

    no its not ugly wat are you talking about you!its pretty,enchanting,cute its a fantastic wall! the water is great and the sky the background its all perfect! im ading it to my fav! ^^

  17. kyokujitsu Jul 12, 2006

    Wow that's awesome ^_^ The CGish scan contrasts slightly with the stock castle (I think it's stock at least), but the icy aura is just too cool ^_^ It's a beautiful look with the girl dancing in the ice, and the nice scenic background. One problem I have is that the little creature looks a little... cut-out. Quite badly. But besides, that, everything is really nice. Thanks for sharing ^_^

  18. WateryAura Jul 12, 2006

    Good Effects + Cute Scan = L33T Wallie XD

    Other than some minor color problems with the Castle, I love it >;3


  19. pINki64 Jul 12, 2006

    Nice work ^^ I really like the picture, except the castle. it's a little bit too dark i think. none the less impressive work ^^

  20. BlueAngel17 Jul 12, 2006

    oh, you managed to do a yukirin scan? ooohh,, so envious.. =(>.<)= I love this! from the first time I glanced at it, I knew it was really something in store. :) good job! :)

  21. TomoSanaChan Jul 12, 2006

    I love it!it has a spiritual/dark aura to it!it's AWESOME!

  22. Anarchy-Love Jul 12, 2006

    Oh this is very nice
    The scan really matches the background
    Which is so pretty and blue
    I like it

  23. IcyBlade Jul 12, 2006

    UGLY!? I don't think so,you have done a very good job...it's a nice wallie after all.

    Gotta add to favorites!

  24. sweetsleep Banned Member Jul 12, 2006

    the wall is nice ,i like a background
    add fav

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