Kino no Tabi Wallpaper: postcard memories

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1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Ive never actually seen a wallpaper with a postcard before, so I decided to make one! I really wanted to have one with...well one that had a nice picture of something..that looked like a memory. I couldnt think of good animes (I was thinking of doing Full Metal Alchemist again) and then I thought of Kino no Tabi! A postcard is great for an anime about someone who travels! (uhh if thats what its really about) Kino no Tabi has some kind of...antique memory feeling to it. Ive never seen the anime before, but I really love the art. Well thats a good reason why you shouldnt be able to read the writing on the postcard - I didnt know what to put because I have no clue what the anime is about. so i just kinda used a brush with illegible writing. X-P

I know the post card looks a little dark, but I really liked the tones it brought out when its this dark. I tried a lighter color..but it just didnt look as good. The various stamps are brushes. and that writing on the top of the post card (in japanese) says Kino no Tabi/Kino's travels.

ahhh...yes. the background. I know it looks a little crappy, but I seriously was sick of wood. Every single person that does a newspaper or picture or whatever always seems to put it on wood! AGh! no more wood backgrounds~ please T_T
So I made mine cobblestone! I thought it would be nice. for some reason, kino's travels makes me think of cobblestone. At first I was going to use a stock photo, but it looked real bad so I made everything you see in the background by hand. (thats a good reason why it looks so crappy). oh, I also used cobblestone because if I used wood it wouldnt have looked good with the postcard being all brown anyways. hmm...what else. The tree shadow is a brush. Originally, it was a bare tree..and then I realized that there wouldnt be bare trees when there is new green moss on the ground (well, if you think a little logically anyways) So I added some leaves. I dont know if you can see them though, because the tree shadow kind of blends in with the postcard.

i also used some kind of technique with the "photo" part to make it look a little more vintage. i cant remember what its called, but it looks really really nice if you use it on regular images.

critiques and comments are appreciated as always! (especially the critiques)

layers - 29
time - 6 hours

and the lovely parade of banners.... :sweat:


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  1. ezzy-m Jul 11, 2006

    i like the concept. the old coloring of the postcard and seemingly burnt edges look quite nice.

  2. BlueAngel17 Jul 11, 2006

    teehee. kawaii starrliteangel! It really looks old, lucky it wasn't torn yet. ^^ hmm.. what's the green and white bg behind it? table surface? ground surface? nice use of the effects. and you did it real fast!

  3. RainWater Jul 11, 2006

    I like it very much! Well, the background, not so much. I think the postcard would have had more "oomf" if it was against a lighter background?

    Kino no Tabi really suits it well. Nice idea. The burned edges and the faded writing makes it look like it went through a lot.

    Umm, on the image though, it kind of.. looks a bit too.. vectored? Well, I can't think of the right word. Basta, it just looks to "modern" compared to the rest of teh card. Overall, still very good! ^_^

  4. greenemerald Mar 17, 2010

    nice scan thanks for sharing!

  5. sora071121 Sep 17, 2010

    thanks for sharing this pix

  6. jiop Nov 20, 2010

    amazing wally, one of my favs<3

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