Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Peaceful waiting

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne, Cagalli Yula Athha Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The first time I saw this scan ,I wanted to make a wall about it ,because I like Lacus and Cagali,one princess for one prince,they are waiting for their princes
This scan has a white line ,and some text,so I had to fill the line and remove the text,it was really a demanding job and I spend nearly 3hours dealing with the scan,although the result is not satisfactroy,I am pleased,ans the sky was drawn by meslef,so is the glasses,the birds are from a scan of Tsubasa(^_^)
Comments are always welcome.
Enjoy it~

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  1. PinkPrincessLacus Jul 09, 2006

    I think that it is beautiful! I love the sky background and the birds are so pretty. I love the title you choose for it, and this wall makes Lacus and Cagalli seem maybe more happier or hopeful than in the scan they came from. I think you did a great job with getting the text out and everything. :) I love the grass on it as well. Great Job I LOVE IT. :)

    ~* Lacus *~

  2. thingperson Jul 09, 2006

    Oh this is just so pretty..oh i love this scan and the background goes so good with it..oh and the clouds are very pretty in there..oh this is very pretty..its just makes me so happy to see this scan with cagalli and lacus so happy with each other and this peaceful background...oh this is very pretty.


  3. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jul 09, 2006

    ooh, I was wondering when somebody would use that scan :)

    the extraction and fixing up of the scan is well-done. I like the doves and the sky, but the grass colour is a bit dull, maybe some more greens? Also, you probably need some blades of grass in front of Lacus' body and Cagalli's foot and leg so it looks like they're lying in the grass instead of on top of it, know what I mean...

  4. moonescape Jul 09, 2006

    **gasp** O_O This looks wonderful. I really like how you were creative to put them outside in a field. I think the birds there look like the birds I saw from the poaster of Tsubasa where Sakura look like she was eating a golden apple I think. Well very nice. Well done. Adding it to my favs. ;)

  5. eternallegend Jul 09, 2006

    lovely wall, i really like the birds and the way the sky looks with the clouds ^^

  6. pchne2630 Banned Member Jul 10, 2006

    The background and the character completely match oh appears
    melancholy and puzzled although the expression appeared melancholy and
    puzzled but is very lovable and is attractive is kira and athrun most
    likes oh completely liking this tablecloth oh well liking oh

  7. Justice48 Jul 10, 2006

    I was really wondering how one would use that scan in a nice wallie. ^^;
    Seems like you did well.
    I love the atmosphere at the back... sort of lightens up their serious thinking mood.

  8. sorm Jul 11, 2006

    "wow' Lovely wall
    Lacus and Cagali look good in their serious thinking mood and match for the background, I specially love the bird and the sky you make that very nice, Good Job
    Thank for sharing^^

  9. Floatyman Jul 19, 2006

    I have been waiting for someone to use this pictures! Looks great!

  10. JCzala Jul 22, 2006

    I can't say the scan you used matches the wallpaper. Why? Their expression is rather dull and sad so a darker background would be most fitting for it. And the birds don't really go with it. They do symbolize peace but the characters don't look like they're at peace.

  11. yamamotoyohko Jul 23, 2006

    It's a nice wallpaper... Good work!

  12. BlueAngel17 Jul 24, 2006

    yao! i recognized those tsubasa birds! lol! anyway, I love the scan of the two!

  13. EienKazuki Oct 09, 2006

    Hello. Hmm, there's something not right to me. They are suppose to wait for their princes (Kira & Athrun) to come, but from their face expressing, they look depressed (as if Kira & Athrun had died) Maybe choosing a better scan would look better? Also, the birds kinda look weird especially the ones near Cagalli and Lacus. The one near Cagalli looks like it wants to go under her hair or something. The one near Lacus... looks like it's poking her -_-''' I think the background is fine, maybe more detatiled? I do like the bird idea in the background... but maybe not near the characters. Gommen if I thought too hard on your wallpaper. I didn't mean to critisize or anything T_T I would like to see more of your wallpapers to see if you improved =D I'm sure you will! Hope to see more of your works soon! Ja ne ^^

  14. rollingmreg Oct 10, 2006

    All two of them look hot.

  15. aimiyo Oct 18, 2006

    Hellooo..Unmm.....This wallpaper so beautiful. Cagalli and Lacus are so cool and background look good. Great work- Thanks for sharing.

  16. denmark42983 Dec 22, 2006

    very nice, really love it thanks for making this ^_^

  17. andou-mahoro Feb 26, 2007

    Its a great idea you got here. But one thing that bugs me apart from their expressions is Cagalli's position. it doesnt look like as if she's sitting there it looks like she's somewhat abit lifted off the grass. Her legs are good but its her body 'sitting' on the that bugs me...

  18. Hera-chan Mar 07, 2007

    I like the idea of cagalli and lacus waiting for their boys to come home^^
    its really nice, thanks for sharing it

  19. Saulofein Aug 19, 2007

    very nice wall for those two princess (my favourite female char's :) )
    thx for this wall ^^

  20. chimot Feb 11, 2010

    the peacefull land............

  21. babykitty18 Aug 20, 2010

    cagalli looks like super boyish here but i still love her <3

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