Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning Wallpaper: By a Devil

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AYU FAILS~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

//Rant Starts
So It's been a while since I wallie let alone submitted ^^;; But anyways, I've been busy with university now that I'm graduating from HS yay~! I hate the paper work. It needs to burn! Point form papers will make life easier >.>
//Rant Ends

Time: 3 days
Layers: 43+ (lost count)
Type: Vector
Images: Vector from Akushiro's manga scan, my manga scan of Yaiba and texture from Aethereality.net

Yay another Spiral Wallpaper! This time I died at vectoring it cause I wanted it to be simple but symbolic. The colored character (vectored from a black and white manga scan) is Hizumi Mitsuzushiro From the manga series, Spiral: suiri no kizuna. He's a sweetie but so evil :P The shadow behind him is his older twin brother, Yaiba Mitsuzushiro. Their twins and yet they have a huge age gap >.>;; *doesn't get it* to make things short: Yaiba was the one who created the Blade Children project which society named him the "Devil" - the one who was trying to wipe out humanity using the Blade Children. Hizumi was suppose to continue the Devil vs God battle. This was where the devil and the phrase meant - "This world never had angels but was ruled by a devil." Angels = hope and world = Blade Children's world but can be taken to a broader account.

This wallpaper's background is a spiral staircase (I know it doens't look like it but I like the major gap-ness, less busy) - like a stair case we can go up or down just like life. Improving or worsening. Hizumi is at the top meaning he found he found his place in life, not as Yaiba's shadow but as Hizumi. Of course, I never really translated/read the last volume cause it was too thick (^^;; <-- got lazy) so this part is merrily my interpretation. umm... continuing on, Yaiba is the bottom because well aside from him being dead, he didn't know his place. He thought better humans would should overthrow the weak but he didn't understand the values or one's life.

Hizumi holds a feather, the little hope that exists in the story. Will he choose to accept it or destroy it? Only the battle of Ayumi and Hizumi will tell :D (my god, they blab alot in that volume >.> *is too lazy to translate*

oh and dark colors and the swirlys are meant to be mysterious as we all know, what the future has in stroes for us is unknown. As well as the mystery behind the Blade Children.

Well that's my little explaination. Hope you all enjoy it! ^^

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Browse Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Akushiro Jul 08, 2006

    OMG Pretty! It's so pretty it will probably be my desktop image soon.

  2. DepressedYoukai Jul 09, 2006

    Wow, you did a good job on this. I've never seen Spiral but I have lots of their pictures, and he's so cuuute! x3 I love how the vector came out and the spiraled words was a nice tough =D

  3. ZKyoy Oct 28, 2006

    I love the way you colored him, very pretty! the vector was nicely done too. ^^ Great work!

  4. totonline Dec 17, 2006


  5. kicia284 Sep 21, 2009

    Great wallpaper, Hizumi looks here so sweet.
    He needs more wallpaper love!

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