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So, why haven't I been submitting much? Well, I take special test prep classes for the regents :hmpf:! Guess when is my first summer class session? This Saturday, July 8! No, that is not exactly why that date is marked. It is my birthday on July 8, as well as mah MT onee-chan's amart, so you probably wouldn't be able to actually use this as a real calender.
July 4th: Independence Day in the US
July 8th: amart' and glasheart's (me XD) birthday
Amart and I always admired these two women from GSD. However, they are basically rivals in the story. Therefore, I got the idea to make a parody of this scan: http://img449.imageshack.us/img449/5479/marapr055sd.th.jpg
Here are little snippets of the creation process :D!
There I wasn't sure whether I should have put Murre or Talia.
^after deciding who must beTalia
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Member: Sharinganknight
Wall: The Crack(s) From Which Gold Pours
Reason: The textures and colours of this work are absolutely unbelievable. An eyecatching peice.

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  1. InuYashaspal4ever Jul 05, 2006

    This is like the best photo alteration I have EVER seen O.O;;
    I never though of anyone doing this, but wow...I'm in aw! >.<
    Same with the bg! you are amazing I swear O_O
    I swear to god you are my hero XD
    ++FAVV FOR ME~!

  2. Xymor Jul 05, 2006

    omg, Captain Murrue is hawt!

    Agreed with InuYashaspal4ever, that's freaking awesome.

  3. ladygoofy Jul 05, 2006

    YAY! more wallies from glassheart! XD
    oy! i wuuuuuv tis wallie, yay its a cale of July *woohoo!* thats my month! =3

    wellerz i like all the effects on the sky, very creative ;)

    and the chikas are preeety of course ^^
    ne this is definetly a fav for me! *adds to favs weally fast, woohoo!*

  4. Odeena Jul 05, 2006

    Kakkoi! Great idea and great skills! Definitely a favorite from me, and happy birthday as well! ^_^

  5. MizuhofanFFX2se Jul 05, 2006

    ! two hotest woman in GSD in one wall ! nice work!

    But look like you chop down (well remove) heads of Auel and Stellar and put heads of Murre and Talia on.( well the body of Auel was edit to look like a woman)
    Unbelievable way of work!
    Funny wall! (cause i don't think these two woman would wear some thing like that at all)

    Anyway Fav from me!
    ps: my DoB is 9th July Hey but i old than you ;)

  6. eternally-asuka Jul 05, 2006

    lol funny thing to do XD tho nice idea

  7. Tasana Jul 06, 2006

    o_O oooooh WOW! XD i love it, its soooo pretty Glassie-chan! :) great job, i'm impressed! :)

  8. cassandraronald Jul 06, 2006

    i love your idea it is very interesting
    i love it

  9. moonescape Jul 06, 2006

    Wow! This looks awesome! You really did that by sketching? O_O That's surprising. I like the background intense and colorful. I forgot to say Happy Birthday to you and amart in my last comments. TT_TT Happy Early Birthday to both of you! ^-^

  10. Athrun Jul 06, 2006

    LMFAO, they look really funny to me for some reason. Perfect fit. Dunno how you gave Auel boobs. XD

  11. ZonSlashSykato Jul 06, 2006

    Why didnt u make Murre's clothes pink? or other girlish colors ? cause blue is for boys.
    However, this really look good! Welll done.

  12. BlueAngel17 Jul 06, 2006

    this almost looked like a real scan. waherher. you know, your drawing technique is just like my art sensei where i took acryllic painting lessons two years ago. can't believe someone uses it too. nice job! :)

  13. evaunit2 Jul 06, 2006

    the only thing your are missing is natarlle as sting

  14. frozenwilderness Jul 06, 2006

    to quote inuyasha:

    Quote by InuYashaspal4everHOLY SHIT!

    Yea. Like that. Even your style is downright accurate, not to mention the color and the background is just gorgeous.

  15. Justice48 Jul 07, 2006

    So accurate. ^^ It looks real.

    It's brillant! So is the background.

    You should do more of these things.

  16. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jul 07, 2006

    lol, I've never seen a wall with these two in it before >.<. I love their little rivalry, and I'm glad somebody else besides me likes it :)

    wow, those are nice sketches, esp the one of Murrue (she looks so pretty in your sketch). So are those vectors then?

    Quote: the only thing your are missing is natarlle as sting

    Now that would be awesome to see XD

    hehe, Talia looks rather...odd in pink XD and is it just me, or does she look confused XD. Murrue looks nice in those clothes you gave her, almost punk-ish :D and her expression is awesome :D

    nice job! the background is cool too, like a cosmic storm :D

  17. GintheTwilightswords Jul 07, 2006

    OMGWTF o_0!?!?! Your drawing skills have friggin skyrocketed sicne the last time I even saw a doujinshi from you.That's damn brilliant Glassy,you cannot even tell you did alterations to the characters in your own handiwork. And yeh,I got to go with everyone else and Inuyasha on the "HOLY SHIT!" And "freakin awesome" bit, cause that's exactly what it is.

  18. Rhonda21 Jul 07, 2006

    Wow. That just looks wonderful! The background is cool and well you definetely have skills for sure. :) And I hope you have a really great birthday! :D Awesome work with this wall.

  19. Mutou Jul 09, 2006

    Awesome work. Murrua and Talia have officially entered the building.

    *+favs* 2, no 3, no 14 thumbs up!

  20. ParadizeXI Jul 10, 2006

    O.o ~amazed~ ~shocked~ ~jaw-dropping~

    this is lik so amazing... u must b crazy.. well talented is a better way to say it :P...

    this is lik... ~speechless~ fav++++++

  21. EverInTheShadows Jul 11, 2006

    Ever: oh! so that's how it works! cool!

    Shadows: AIEEE! SO COOL!

  22. animes-4eva-rox Jul 12, 2006

    so nice ^.^
    really like it man
    those two ladies ! hahaz... :D
    though the talia is a bit to fierce...

  23. stellar Jul 12, 2006

    if only murrues head was a TINY bit smaller. lol but talia looks so funnylol with her head on stellar's body. >.< but u did the job so well. xD great job glass-chan.

  24. stellarstomorrow Aug 07, 2006

    This is a really cool idea and it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing

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