Bleach Wallpaper: Rage Remix

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Rukia Kuchiki, Vector Art Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Rukia Kuchiki Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

1280 version available at pixel ellipsis.

I made a different version 'cause... yeah. D: *Tries again*

I started this a couple of days ago when I was kinda annoyed at some people, some things. If you ask me now I have no idea why I was annoyed... but yeah I started messing with this. It was originally supposed to be a wall commemorating all of Rukia's awesome chibi-forms. As an aside, I started reading Bleach 'cause I wanted to see why it's so popular. I'm not quite a convert yet but I'm definitely vastly amused by all the chibis, since I haven't seen so many excellent chibi expressions since like... Kenshin XD In any case, the mood behind this wall is kinda inappropriate now since I just got back from a nice AX meet-up with Gid Derek Kozu and Tama... but yeah, Rukia makes some kickass faces >:3

Stuff vectored from this this this and this page. Splatters stolen off this Eureka Seven scan. Raging Rukia (in the other version of the wall) vectored from this manga page.

I kept thinking of akasha (a.k.a. Heart464) when I was making this wall... 'cause she likes Bleach, obviously, but also 'cause of the color scheme xD Thanks to her for inspiration, and to tates and nageni for suggestions <3 And as promised, this is for tates, who feels the rage >D Lastly thanks to crap for "being a bastard"... *Mokona tramples him*

P.S. The awesome "Ima keel you" Rukia version of this wall lives on @ pixel ellipsis >P


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  1. ShiXon Jul 04, 2006

    yay first! i'll just copy paste my comment =P

    nyaa flyin-onee chan made another version eh? xD
    i like the color of background and overall they're pretty simple and with funky splashes of colors this wall is teh awesomeness! >D

  2. euna Retired Moderator Jul 04, 2006

    Awesome capture of Rukia's kick! >_<
    Simple, yet, it looks great. I love how you used those splashes! Same with the sun.
    It's really creative. Wish I had such a nice idea/creativity bank in my head. *steals it*
    Great wallpaper. Nice work!

    PS - Ima kill you version scares me. *whimpers*

  3. crapmonster Jul 05, 2006

    i do suck. crapmonster.....what a fucking worseless bastard, lets go kick his ass

  4. HaWaIIofHoaI Jul 05, 2006

    you know... i was thinking... it's a good thing bleach is not that ecchi cuz the way rukia kicks is rather revealing... XD anywhos, this vector job is really well done! i was like whoa what is this and then i was like whoa this is really cool. hahaha. i don't know what the first version looked like but i would like to say that you do a good job! i hope you keep it up. =)

  5. Boko Jul 05, 2006


  6. bluSake Retired Moderator Jul 06, 2006

    Interesting mix of elements. Simple but expressive.

  7. Yina Jul 06, 2006

    "Stuff vectored from this this this this and this page."
    this this this this.. XD XD
    too empty.. xP but still original and unique =D
    glad you started reading bleach.. it's one of the best shounen mangas ever :3

  8. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 07, 2006

    I just started watching the bleach series and its pretty good, the whole bg is simple yet colorful all together but it could be bigger in the whole design. Beauitful job though... :)

  9. midsummer Jul 08, 2006

    its really nice
    but i find the angry sign*not sure what its called*
    abit extra
    but i love it...

  10. evilchunli Jul 09, 2006

    hahah thats a really creative desing. i like how u made a thought bubble for the irratation sign XD nice work!

  11. deeplove Jul 13, 2006

    ooh. contemporary style. Looks really cool. don't see much of this style here.
    Excellent work. Please create more wonderful art for us.

  12. cassandraronald Jul 16, 2006

    wow this wallie is really nice^^
    i love the effects that u used

  13. markjo Jul 16, 2006

    Great design, balances the cool mix of different elements in this wallpaper. And Rukia's pose rocks!

  14. Ephemeral-Garden Jul 28, 2006

    Very pretty. Bet Bruce Lee would be happy to see that Rukia is doing so fine with her kicks. Anyway, ignore that.

    Very excellently done, love the simplicity in this. ^^ Maybe I should start working on simple walls, ehhhe. Everything seems pretty nice, though hmm.. is that a moon? Or just a random circle? But anyways, that looks pretty nice, still.. love the clouds.

  15. Misato-Kun Aug 05, 2006

    I haven't come across a good bleach wall in a while, but alas I have come across a wonderful submission! I really like how you vectored from different pieces to unite them and make such a coherent and simple wall. Thank you for sharing this, keep it up!

  16. Ryouko Apr 07, 2007

    great wallpaper. the white background is rather simple, but it captures the kick extremely well. Good job! :) Keep it up and thanks for sharing! ^__^

  17. 4Kio Nov 25, 2007

    Very nice wall, simple and nice! I like such, thanks :)

  18. ChuchoJaggerjack Dec 07, 2008

    very nice wall

  19. pinkrain Jan 27, 2009

    oooh this is so nice! great job

  20. greenie94 Feb 15, 2010

    wao! thanx for sharing the upload! :D

  21. gracer Apr 17, 2010

    where'd u even get this?

  22. sprintmeister May 18, 2010

    i love it! wowww :D thank you!

  23. Nad-chan Oct 09, 2010


  24. Vercetty Oct 10, 2010

    Thanks for the wallpaper ! ^^

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