Lamune Wallpaper: Just another sunny day

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1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi everyone!

Well, I haven't submitted a wall in such a long time now.
I've been so busy with so many other things these days! Yikes!
Just got a little inspiration to do a wall because of the very sunny weather we are having here in my country right now - *puh*

Anways, this wall is dedicated to EMMMA! For being back, and we all missed her and her wallpapers SO much :) *yeeey, throws some confetti around*

I'll be leaving for vacation in 2 weeks, both Paris and my hometown. Will be gone 3 weeks, and I'll be posting some new wallpapers when I get back (I suddenly have so many ideas).

As for then, this wall will have to do :)

Some facts:
Layers: nearly a 100.
Time spent: 3-5 hours during two days
Purpose: inspired by the nice weather
Effects: not really many, but some of them took quite some time to do.

Well then, enjoy :)

Comments and critiq appreciated.
Oh, and just so you guys know, the wall is supposed to be a bit blurred so that it would create some depth between the character and the wall. Not really sure thats the effect I got.



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  1. phamthuha Jul 04, 2006

    Oh that is so lovely and smoothy Sumomo-san ^_^ YOUR ROCK >__<! I love the grass, so so so lovely ^_^

    :nya: sure my fav ;) and... you forgot CW banner sweetie ^_^

  2. kiokorenay703 Jul 04, 2006

    very pretty full i like the bg its all very cute, and interestring! i love the colors, and the hose!

  3. ShiXon Jul 04, 2006

    it's a nice concept and i like the cheery atmosphere and such
    although i think you should give more lighting to the grass and tree but overall you did a nice job sumomo ;D

  4. Rhonda21 Jul 04, 2006

    How cute. lol. and whats weird is I have been feeling like gardening...hehe sorry randomness. The grass looks nice and good idea for the background. I can't wait to see the new walls from you when you get back! Have fun on your vacation! :D

  5. TheWizzard Jul 05, 2006

    mhm ... isn't the char from the anime Lamune? ... I'm quite sure of this ... no, I'm certain about this

    Anyway, back to the wall. The wall looks too plain, every brick is the same ... try varieing it. The same goes for the flowers.
    The tree in front also looks awkward.

  6. Rikkablurhound Jul 06, 2006

    Hmm... I agree with the wizzard... its a lil plain... >_<
    But actually, the compose of the wall is really good^^
    The only thing I have to complain is the brach there looks a lil awkward... >_<
    The others match perfectly XD
    U might wanna scatter some sakura petals on the grass, itll look less plain then XD
    Good job though XD

  7. mizu-megami Jul 11, 2006

    it's really a nice wall^^ but i think it could use some shadows, on the little trunk near the brickwall and the little plants that are just being wattered... Maybe the wall would look better if it wasn't as high as it is, so you would see space behind, like a sky, it would give the wallpaper more depth^^;
    And the tree trunk is a bit weird...i mean during summer tree's and plants are supossed to bloom or have leaves right?..^^;
    Any way, you did a pretty good job on it, keep it up ne^^

    btw, it seems like everyone is returning=P*yaay* for summer holidays\^^/

  8. AlexXan Jul 16, 2006

    Hi sumomo-chan :) nice wallie here ~ I know it is
    hard to create all thing in scenic bg and i think u made it well ^^
    What i woud like to see are maybe some light efekts
    around wallie, however it is great work ~

  9. walkure245 Jul 25, 2006

    This is a definitely original. I haven't seen many wallies that shows the characters gardening. The girl is placed nicely on the wallie. I liked the brick wall in the bg and the textures. Actually, I have nothing really bad to say about this. I think the lil plants growing should have their own shadows as well. And the grass next to the brick wall should have more grasses like the one near her legs. The main thing is the bare tree. It doesn't go too well with the rest. I think you should another tree like the one on the right or a bush. Really good work.

  10. pegassuss Jul 30, 2006

    Nice wall sumomo-chan! ^_^ and sorry for the late feedback ^^' On the whole, it's a really nice compostion, the scan looks very sweet and I like the textures. Flowers and grass and water are nice. oh! but the tree without flowers looks a bit out of place. Otherwise is a nice wallie ^_~ Good work!

  11. Emma Aug 27, 2006

    Quote: Anways, this wall is dedicated to EMMMA! For being back, and we all missed her and her wallpapers SO much *yeeey, throws some confetti around*

    awwww! *teary* Heh....well, I guess I haven't totally been back *blushes and rubs toe in ground* heheh
    But I love it! *grabs Sumomo and hugs* ^_________^ Yeah, I will be sticking around and all =D

    And this is adorable! I am glad you did a wall. She is adorable there. And the backdrop seems so cheery ^^ Really like the flower bed and the texure the dirt has. And such details like the spider there...heh..Indeed very cute for the wonderful summer time weather. But what is that thing in the grass? Is that a mouse? LOL Thanks girl! XD

  12. babyblueshakira Oct 18, 2006

    oh wow, sooooo cute ^_^ i love the garden theme hehehe

  13. sakatakung Dec 04, 2006

    This is a Beautiful Picture , I like it , Thank you for sharing

  14. NightWolfos Jan 17, 2010

    me encanta esta chica , la iocencia que tiene es una buena serie estya lamune

  15. harima94 Nov 13, 2010

    lamune una de las mejores series XD

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