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Alright here's my 2nd wallpaper submission, another simple one 'cuz hey that's the kind of wallpapers I do ;p.

Alright I drew the picture, it originally came from my sketchbook. I decided to do the background in the popular artist (on deviantart)'s style-->QueenofDorks. She does tons of stuff with those cloudy like things..and they seemed fun to do and looked cute with the Octopus. Alright that's all I have to say..soo moo.

art & wp (c.) Kristina Ruvinova/Kimiko-chan (me).

P.S. Some of you had questions about the texture in the background. The reason I put that texture there is because this image originally came from my sketchbook, and I thought that the traditional and digital art clashed together too much so I took a chunk from my sketchbook (I had sketched the background in the original image blue so that explains the blue lol) and put it in the background like so ^. I liked the way this version looked alot better then the clashy traditional and digital one, I know if I had posted that version I probably would've gotten more comments on how it looks too weird with the traditional art.
P.S.s. For anyone interested you can see the original piece here:
Yummy Octopus Time

P.s.s. Wow guys thanks so much for all your comments, and I'm surprised this got Highlighted! @__@ *feels all special n' stuffs* lol thank you guys alot *bows* ^^


Chosen by kuroimisa and bromithia

Yum, a cute wallpaper with a soft color scheme to along with it. The originality and clean-cut drawing is just a fun thing to have on your desktop. This is really good for a second wallpaper... you're off to a great start kristina!

Proposed by kuroimisa and highlighted by bromithia.

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  1. starrliteangel Jul 01, 2006

    awww so cute! i just with the nail polish wasnt red...it clashes with the rest of the kawaii-ness

  2. eclair-chan Jul 01, 2006

    aww poor mr. octopus, this is aburrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cute >_<, mr. octy is adorable!, I love the colors you used in this wallie!, reall cool!

  3. Yina Jul 01, 2006

    haha... the idea is really cute and quite original >__<
    the poor octupus.. ;__; but isn't it a bit too big to eat anyway? xDD
    overall great work =3

  4. niina02 Jul 01, 2006

    how cute!
    anyway, great style.. like the colors and image...
    yes, has a little of quuen of dorks, but it keep being original...
    + fav

  5. GoNik Jul 01, 2006

    lol, nice idea XD poor octy...
    and you are not bad with drawing too
    i like it, fav for you

  6. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 02, 2006

    That is absolutely cute XD!
    The textures are so funky and I love the idea of this whole thing!
    I especially like how it looks still coloured with pencil.

  7. Ardenta Jul 02, 2006

    A funny and cute one ;) I like it. And the tear drop on its face. :D I'd never thought that I would see such a lovely wallpaper.

  8. joycev Jul 02, 2006

    Great job with the drawing of it! the way its colored makes it look alot better...
    It's way too cute to be eaten ^_^""

  9. Sandra Jul 02, 2006

    Awwww how kawaaaiii fooood XD

    I didn't know that you draw this sweetie yourself when i saw this wallie for the first time.
    Nice simple bg + good textures.
    Everything fits together very well.
    Love the colors.

    And i just love this guuuy !

    Hope she didn't eat this cute little octupus :( ?


  10. Misato-Kun Jul 02, 2006

    hahahah...what an amusing wallpaper! I really like the idea! I can see why this has been highlighted. Great job and keep it up!

  11. xzuenx Jul 03, 2006

    I like the warm colors in this wallpaper... and it's cute!

    Gah, will I ever be able to look at my bento again?!

  12. HaWaIIofHoaI Jul 03, 2006

    ahhhhhhhhhhh. the lil octopus looks so cute but so yummy but so sad! XD dilemma! but i love the wallie. XD

  13. midsummer Jul 03, 2006

    so cute...
    i love it >.<

  14. keevang Jul 03, 2006

    omgomgomg so cute! ><
    poor lil octopus X3

  15. Masteraugmenta8 Jul 03, 2006

    hahah, this is an eye-catcher. very, very cute well the little octopus is already skewered so there's nothing to do huh? *teary eyed* poor sea animals i shall save you. Nice wallie. it will be wierder if the octopus was smiling hahahah.

  16. pitbull Jul 04, 2006

    that is so cute!^^

  17. foreverforgotten Jul 04, 2006

    I wanna eat it! *eats octopus*

  18. Darkeve6 Jul 04, 2006

    omg that is cute but at the same time kinda disturbing... Makes me wanna be a vegeterian. :O

  19. moonescape Jul 04, 2006

    LMAO! XD This makes me laugh so much! I'm so going to add it in my screensaver. ^.^

  20. evilchunli Jul 04, 2006

    haha omg thats so cute XD but they taste good >.> lol nice wall

  21. darkeyesfreelancer Jul 04, 2006

    wow that was a big orange walls,i like it!

  22. AkaiTsubaki Jul 05, 2006

    tako? looooool funny wall thanx!

  23. Texcap Jul 05, 2006

    As someone else put it, very original idea -- and it looks great. You mentioned it's 'simplicity' above, but I really do think that sometimes simplicity is harder to pull off than what some might percieve as complex as you've got to really organize, make sure the composition of the subject is sound, etc. and you've got nothing to hide behind. You pulled it off.

  24. kyosu Jul 06, 2006

    ya know... baby octopus is my fav thing to eat... especially with dim sum XD
    great wallie. You draw hands much nicer than me =T

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