To Heart 2 Wallpaper: The Little ButterFly

AQUAPLUS, To Heart 2, Lucy Maria Misora Wallpaper
AQUAPLUS Studio To Heart 2 Series,Visual Novel Lucy Maria Misora Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

PLEASE FULL VIEW THE WALL! there are A TONS of stars that u probly cant see from over here! ^_^' if u cant thats okay too!

Well this is a new project from me so to say! XD. Oh... ALRIGHT!

Wall made up of:
Category: To Heart
Character: dunno, just a cute girl ;D
BRushes: many like Stars, Planets/moons, NO CLOUDs this time! Hehe lol! the little butterfly, Swirls, Glaxy, shoting stars, and well... thats all! XD
Stock: non, made from scratch!
Scan: actually it wasent a scan it was just a picture of her in the moon light, and u can find it right here-Gurl ! ! !
Layers: 30, less or more dunno!
time: About half a day, or so!

Well yeah thats about all the info i can think of ! its really a simple wall, but i REALLY like how it came out! The bg took a while but i was in the mood to make it look cool! Heheh XD. i actually had to start oever on some points, like with the stars, and the colors, of the bg, i just coodnt think of anythign that wood really suit it first, but then i think i got it! Hhe lol! the butterfly was like SOO cute, and simple when i got the brush, but then i thought that since everything is like multy colored i wanted it to be like purrple, or pink!

Okay! for some of u who dont now how to make the stars colorfull,or anythign like that "well now it from my own expireence", i cna tell u how i did most of this! first of all u have to find a brush, and then when u got it set in its own layer, yeah it must have its own layer! u go to "Oil Pastel" in ure filer gallery, and then u click on it, and when u got it, u can just simply go over it with another brush of any color, and u will get that Light, and colorfull effect! if it doesnt work please tell me Okay! coz i migh tof said sometin wrong! Sorry if i did!

Well Thats about all i have to say really! i hope u like it, despise all that its simple, and mostly brushes, but hey there are no Stocks ! XD LoL! ! ! !

Plase Enjoy, and let me now what u think of it!, and Yeah like always please be nice to me okay! i really did spend a lot of time on it even thou its simple but it still doesn't take any time of working on it! ! ! ! ! ! Well thanks for looking, and taking ure time. Please ENJOY now!

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  1. crucismagna Jul 01, 2006

    LOVED *-*~~~~
    Favored 4 sure

  2. cassandraronald Jul 01, 2006

    omg this wallie is soo beautiful
    i love the bg and the effects that u used

  3. kadaj-sama Jul 01, 2006

    This is so pretty. I like it. +Fav for me. Keep up the good work. :]

  4. stefytzu Jul 01, 2006

    that's a good one!i love the girl

  5. Rhonda21 Jul 01, 2006

    oh very pretty! The background looks great! Nice butterfly. All the effects look cool. Great job!

  6. kiokorenay703 Jul 01, 2006

    THANK U SOOOO much for all the nice coment! i am Soo greatfull for all the sweet words! Thanks again! and thanks for the favs too! ;D

  7. kyohimura Jul 01, 2006

    Love this one!
    Star fields, planes, comets... seems these are very popular now days, huh? :D
    I've seen so many times wall with this kind of bgs and yet you amazed me. Some say it is hard to evaluate a wallpaper when you have no knowledge in walling... I think its the easiest thing when you can sense what the artist wants you to feel, if he acheived that.... then it's a job well done, as the piece here.
    Congrats kioko!

  8. donporkuloin Jul 02, 2006

    Really colorful.. I like it.

  9. kiokorenay703 Jul 02, 2006

    WEll Kyohimura! u really flatared me tday! heehh lol! THnaks a lot for the nice coments, and all that! i amm so greATFULL! Thanks so much again! and donporkuloin, THANKS! ! ! i actually have tryied the coloring like that for the first try now! Hheh lol! Thanks again!

  10. quantixar Jul 02, 2006

    wonderful wallie with even better colors. Very nice! So dreamy. I'm just gonna go daydreaming now... ^^

  11. Marsup Jul 02, 2006

    I like this one less than the ones you did before, it's a bit too heavy for me, too many details.

  12. kiokorenay703 Jul 02, 2006

    Well sorry Marsup, but well i was just thinking about the details, adn well some people like it a lot, and some dont, so its okay! but Quantixar thanks so much for the coment!

  13. eternallegend Jul 04, 2006

    i like the colour and the way the background looks with all the stars, comets and planets ^^

  14. kiokorenay703 Jul 04, 2006

    thanks so much! hehe lol! i am so glad u liked the stars! and thanks again for coming, and taking ure time! XD

  15. drag0 Jul 05, 2006

    This wall is really beautiful. This bg with tons of stars matches her perfectly. Great idea! I also like this little buterfly. Really good job!

  16. kiokorenay703 Jul 05, 2006

    THANKIS TO U! ! ! thanks so much for a nice coment i am soooo happy u liked my wall!
    VEry appreccitated!

  17. AngelHiwatari Jul 22, 2006

    oooo.......... i like the pretty background... very starry and stuff...^^ and i like the butterfly too...... thank you for another well done wallie!

  18. liuxiangjian Jul 24, 2006

    Real nice!
    It a good background for me.

  19. Korixxkairi Jul 25, 2006

    Wow ! I love butterfly > < They look so awesome !
    And purple color ! FAV ! and the girl look very cute~~

  20. kiokorenay703 Jul 25, 2006

    aThanks sOO much everyone! XD

  21. funkybovinator Jul 26, 2006

    beautiful, beautiful pic
    it's teh loves

  22. kiokorenay703 Jul 26, 2006

    Thanks u made me happy! XD

  23. Dray Jul 31, 2006

    Kawai! I like much the bottom of that, if I had known before your gallery to overflow of manific wall, I would have come more signal ^^

  24. veridian Dec 03, 2006

    I thought it was one of the best papers I've seen on minitokyo, EASILY. I love it, as soon as I got it, I set it as wallpaper on my computer, it's one of the few that I think is near perfect, good job.

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