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Rant: Oh - Em - Ef - Gee, this vector literarily *killed* me! As soon as I saw this screenshot, I *knew* that I had to vector it -- even though I'm sitll half-n00b-ish at vectoring and the second part of my graduation exams starts in two days. But nooo... I had to stay awake for three nights on end to finish it and postpone everything else. Am I going crazy? ...thought so XP

Anyway -- after I finished the vector, I had a very strong urge to just press the 'delete' button on the final image and forget about the whole thing. Why? Because [I think] it's not good enough >_> There are so many obvious mistakes that I'd lose forever just to count them. But anyway... *sigh* I hope you like it. And if you do, please, please comment. Just so I'll know that my work wasn't in vain. [<-- whoa, first time I'm actually *begging* for comments ^_^']

Tech. specs: 19 hours total / 80+ layers

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  1. starrliteangel Jul 01, 2006

    very nice! although the lines do look a little stiff. the background is very nice. whoa, wait a sec. did you make this whole thing by hand? ahh im so confuzzled. but either way, its great. the moon looks a little bit odd

  2. Yu-huang Jul 01, 2006

    Interesting style, though the moon is bit peculiar.
    Anyway, very nice.

  3. eclair-chan Jul 01, 2006

    sugoi >_<, this is real amazing!, yachiru is so adorable when she was little!, cute cute cute!

  4. Machika Jul 01, 2006

    Whoa...Odeena-san! You're getting better at making bleach wallies >_< I love this wallpaper! The vector is amazing, it's beautiful!
    It's simple but very pretty ;)
    I will add this wall to bleach group ^^

  5. aneres Jul 01, 2006

    The vector must have took ages XD But it turned out very nicely~

  6. kykyopj Jul 01, 2006

    Kawaii! It's soo preatty.
    Can't even emagin how long it took you to meke this one, but it turd aut super! ^_^

  7. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jul 02, 2006

    Such a daring effort, considering that screen shot is so small! Nice work!

  8. magicmarkers Jul 02, 2006

    nice work! i give you props cuz the screenshot was pretty small ^^ good job

  9. soujiokita Jul 04, 2006

    Sorry if I'm going to be mean in any way, but your vectoring does need lots of work. The lines are very rough/jagged. But this wall is very cute, Yachiru and Kenpachi are some of my fav characters from Bleach. Great try anyway! Just keep practicing on vectors and you'll get better eventually! :)

  10. Akuni Jul 05, 2006

    It's strange but I really love these two. They're scary... :) Thanks for sharing!

  11. RengekiShin Nov 23, 2006

    This wallpaper definately needs more attention! I think its one of your greatest work! =D

  12. Iga Dec 14, 2006

    It's not common for a waller to put interest in Zaraki and on top of that to choose such a scene (not bloody fighting or smt) so for at leest that it's a fav for me.

    Shure, it could be better, as everything. There is ALWAYS room for improvment in everybodys work. So if you feel you want to make it better, do it but if not, then that's good also.

    I like many aspects of your wallie (scene, composicion, colors, mood, etc.)

    The only thing that I think this wall could have is more shadowing. It's night and the only source of light is the candle, so the room could me more shadowy.

    Hope you like my comment ^__^

  13. greyrook Feb 17, 2007

    Dont' worry, love~
    There's always room for improvement.

    And besides, I can't vector to save my life so I can't complain. XD

  14. Ryouko Apr 07, 2007

    awesome wallie. I love it. It's the best I've seen so far with the two of them together. :) Fantastic job! :) thanks so much for sharing.

  15. LadyScaper Sep 08, 2007

    This is a gorgous vector. i am so glad you used this screenshot, it's so cute!

  16. renshou1090 Feb 13, 2009

    Hahahaha, words can't express how much I love this image. ^____^ <333 it so damn cute <3333

  17. espada001 Sep 07, 2009

    Wow belive it or not i never though i would find a vector or a wall that makes ken looks cool wow you sure put a lot of effort in here cause this is wow

  18. Djunan Oct 31, 2009

    This pic is super! Thanks for Sharing

  19. rhy7747 Jan 09, 2010

    This is so pretty. Love the coloring. Awesome job.

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