Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper: Eternity

Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts, Kairi, Sora Wallpaper
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Pre Rants
*sigh* Well this was the wall I was sumitting for the war (the morrow days baby! ^_^), but in the end I became wayyyyyy too busy and never really got to send it in T_T so it may of not been counted T_T which sucks ...all the hard...all for kawaii not making time to submit the damn wall

Anyways back to the wall, yep the pillars are very crooked, that's cause Pam's new to the pen tool...so I sucks at it T_T Anyways the wall was supposed to have 2 colors, 1 dragonfly, and 1 rose yesh.....there they are, my 2 colors: brown (typical me) and red.....Yeah, I was inspired to choose this color combination beacuse of this Elle magazine picture that had plae colors with brown, yeah...Oh and I completely vectored those roses...i'm proud of that ^__^

The scan was from AnimePaper...mmmhhmmm yeah over there

Such an unpretty wall T_T I need to cut this obsession with brown out welll sees ya later ^_^ enjoy

EDIT As Ozma255 suggested I added some light to the pillars ^__^soo...Full view

EDIT You guys got it in the top favs *sniff* again....'tis my second time in the top favs.....*sniff*

Oh kawaii is a part of alot

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  1. kiokorenay703 Jun 30, 2006

    I love everythig about this wall! the bg is just simply UWSOM! i love the scan, and how u vectored it! i also like the brush effects, and the textures everywere! i Also also like the little dragon flys! they are very cute! ;D i like the colors, and the kind of sad feelig it has to it! its great i can see u have putted a lot of work into this one! i like it a lot! Thanks so much for spending ure time on it! Great WALLIE! a must fav for me! XD
    Love it! uuu i like the other walls that u have i will just have to go and check tem out! ;P! ci YA, and i hope u have GOOOD LUCK with this one! :)

  2. ozma255 Jun 30, 2006

    The colors really set the mood of the wall so does the expressions on Kairi's and Sora's face, which really compliments the colors my only gripe is about the pillers, not of the crookedness but coz there isn't any light casting on them from behind on both sides, other than that this looks pretty good. :)

  3. DrakenImmortal Jun 30, 2006

    I love this wall, such feeling and l;onging with the pair....the scene is amazing and you did a great job

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 30, 2006

    Very pretty! Love the colors and the bg is really nice! Great job!

  5. Rhonda21 Jun 30, 2006

    Nice colors. The background looks good. Pretty roses. Love the scan. Matches well with the background! I like the dragonfly there. Well great job!

  6. starrliteangel Jun 30, 2006

    wow! very very nice! I cant even tell that those pillars are crooked~ such nice roses too..it looks like stained glass.
    +CL gallery

  7. enchantment Jun 30, 2006

    lovely wall, i love the colours you used and the background is really nice^^

  8. nightfire Jun 30, 2006

    Wow, another awesome Kingdom Hearts wallpaper, love the colors and the background, really great, this one is going to my favorites.

  9. Ilovelucky Jun 30, 2006

    i love this pic ...its sooo cute with kiri and sora like that

  10. eclair-chan Jun 30, 2006

    Beautifull, those roses in the bg are amazing, and the whole brown theme is too!, sora and kairi are both cool and I loved how you worked with this!

  11. cassandraronald Jul 01, 2006

    nice wallie
    i love the bg and the effects that u used

  12. aishiteraburu Jul 01, 2006

    kawaii's new wall is lovely
    those roses are wonderful
    and the background color is also nice
    Awesome work specially since you used only 2 colors and you blended them very neatly and nice

  13. bromithia Retired Moderator Jul 01, 2006

    I really like it. The roses are a really nice touch, and they complete the wallpaper. Great job.

  14. ChopperDave Jul 01, 2006

    I like this one! Im a new member of the "OMG KH Rules!" club, so I can appreceate this! The pillars look fine! I cant use the pen tool to save my life! ^_^

    The brown is a bit prominent, and I think it would look a bit beter if you were to make Sora and Kairi normal colored again. It would be really good contrast I think...^_^

  15. Sandra Jul 01, 2006

    What a great wall ! Awesome *___*

  16. xXBadboyXx Jul 01, 2006

    wah man u make the right thing
    the wall is Awesome ^_^ i like it thankzzzzzzzz

  17. royaldarkness Jul 01, 2006

    ooh this is so nice!~
    love the background, and everything else about it ^.^

  18. shadowVII Jul 01, 2006

    i luv this

  19. midsummer Jul 02, 2006

    beautifully done....
    good job!

  20. Damane Jul 02, 2006

    oh yes, that's what I'm talking about! <3 ;) Nice work! *two thumbs up*

  21. Skyneth Jul 02, 2006

    Simply beautiful. ^^ I like it. :)

  22. phamthuha Jul 02, 2006

    Ouch >__< In just 2 days I have met 5 new KingdomHeart wallies... and all of them are Elite OoO Maybe i should make one too ^_^

    Yep very wonderful color this time sweetie ;) I love it ^_^ The vector is also wonderful with the rose ;) The sky is as always, gorgerous ^_^

    So sure ya got my fav ;) and a feature in CW with 2 points ^_^ Keep it up sweetie ;) You can add in the group feature symbol now ^_^

  23. Kairi-Hearts Jul 02, 2006

    wow beautiful!
    I love everything in this wall^^
    great work!
    I love it ^_^

  24. strawberrt Jul 02, 2006

    Love your wall :) It looks so good! The background is really pretty, and even better... KINGDOM HEARTS <3 I just started to get obsessed with KH ^^

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