Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper: Rose Graveyard [W]

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1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Omg, Fullview!

Yay! Ramen rules! >:3

This was for Yina-taichou's first challenge to The House of Morrow Days:

Theme: Kingdom Hearts (I and/or II)
- Wallpaper must contain more than one character AND a rose and a dragonfly!
- The rose and dragonfly muct be part of the wallpaper, therefore they must have their own story, which means you must not add them randomly!
- Size: 1600 x 1200
- Stlye: 2 colours
- White doesn't count as a colour! So actually you can use three colours: 2 of your own and white!

So this is my submission. Every single item in the wall is vectored.
Er, Sora's kneeling... yeah... >_>

Comments welcome!

Forgot to mention that the dragonflies are vectored from an Amano scan!
Thanks to everyone from RA who helped me out, 'cause I suck.


More resolutions available at EDD!

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  1. sin-shenlong Jun 29, 2006

    I love the colours and the background effects. Never seen Sora like this lol anyway good job

  2. a5h Jun 29, 2006

    looks real great. nice work. thx 4 it.

  3. annakee Jun 29, 2006

    hehe... say that wallpaper is 'cool' is more than correct.
    the blue tone gives me a cold feeling, but that is the 'cool' thing :P
    haha, fav++

  4. cherry12 Jun 29, 2006

    i luv KH's wallis. XD

  5. eclair-chan Jun 29, 2006

    I heart* nods* very blue, but very cool amazing as always!, sora is so cool >_<

  6. anji Jun 29, 2006

    wow monochrome walls are so my thing XD
    Doesn't know that much about Kingdom Hearts.
    But I think you did something really cool with all the constraints you had.
    I love how you did the dragonfly, so luminous.
    The luminosity overall is really nice.
    And a great job too with the vector :)
    Thanks for sharing and good luck with the challenge ;)

  7. Machika Jun 30, 2006

    Wow...This vector should be highlighted >_< I love the blue theme so much! Everything is vector? That's amazing! As expected from you, Chloe-chan ;)
    I love the bg you did, it's so beautiful!
    Definitely my fav :)

  8. Alfonse Jun 30, 2006

    Well, first off, I can definitely say this is an instant fav, I just love KH. xD
    I mean, the vectoring once again is great. And you chose BLUE, that's my fav color, besides green that is. The whole graveyard idea is total coolness. ;)
    I'm pretty much speechless again. eheh ^^;
    But hey, I think you get the idea that I like this wall neh?
    Well, keep 'em comin, oh and g'luck with the challenge and all.

  9. Saa-chan Jun 30, 2006

    chloe-chan's vector is awesome <3
    go ramen~

  10. Elves Jun 30, 2006

    Very nice work on the vector. I do like your choice of colors. Nice idea on how to incorporate the dragonflies. They're cool looking...and creepy. *shivers* There is one comet that is right over the back character's face which looks sort of weird since there isn't really anything else that covers them so drastically. Nice job. :)

  11. crucismagna Jun 30, 2006

    Yooooooooooooosh o.óV
    Gureatsu o/
    Ramen is really goooooood ~~~~~~~~~~/o/
    Now, let's see the other side XD

  12. aishiteraburu Jun 30, 2006

    wow chloe-chan
    i really love how you made the wall
    the two colors really blend in with each other
    its really creative as usual
    and the vector is also nice(you're a pro on this)
    great job

  13. TejinaJuuniji459 Jun 30, 2006

    Keep up the great great work!
    I LOVE IT!
    Another great one!

  14. PhoenixNox Jun 30, 2006

    whoah, awesome job. great vectoring and cg, and the dragonflys look cool. the roses look a little uniform, but still good. the color and texturing look great.

  15. ZeroFear Jun 30, 2006

    This has been just a good day today. Got a raise, Went out on a good date, and I've had an overload of KH walls...and they're all good! Yours is def in the top two.

    Thanks for making this day a little bit better.

  16. Galian Jun 30, 2006

    It looks quite good. How about you make one with Kairi and Tifa in it... :D

  17. semanga Jun 30, 2006

    wow chloe-chan this looks wonderful i must tell u that i love blue and that i love sora u make a wonderful wall great work keep it up

  18. LeeAnn Jun 30, 2006

    bravo! bravo! this is a very magnificent Kingdom Hearts 2 wallie! and probably the best!
    it was vectored and everything look so cool!

  19. moonescape Jun 30, 2006

    Wwow! This is awesome! I like the background. Looks so pretty. ^.^

  20. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Jun 30, 2006

    Wow! It's a great wallpaper! Blue is one of my favourite colours! ^^

  21. Sandra Jun 30, 2006

    O_O Brilliant,awesome,great,perfect ! Dragonflies are amazing ! All bg....and colors ! My fav BLUE :D

  22. Yina Jun 30, 2006

    As I said on AP and RAMEN, great work! *__*

  23. midsummer Jun 30, 2006

    so nice!
    I LOVE IT! >.<

  24. x-lawss Jun 30, 2006

    I love Kingdom Hearts! Sora and Roxas look so cool!
    And it's a nice wallpaper you have here! Keep it up!

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