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Alright! Well would you of guessed it, I'm STILL sick. D: But after a good 5 days, I've mangaged to come up with a new idea. I've always wanted to reconstruct this past vector of mine ( Passion by chubbykitty ) but it always seemed to fail. So I decided to choose a different pose and a new theme. My first theme was actually 'Ice'. I wanted to construct some sort of ice princess..But..a few hours later working with that, it turned into a failure. Then my good friend Fainaru came along while we we're discussing the wallpaper, we came up with the idea of some sort of garden fairy theme. So with that, I deleted all the blue and changed to green and went on from there.


Chosen by Marissa and biriwilg

Delicate and sensitive, this unique wallpaper exemplifies vectoring as a technique, not an end in itself. The sensual, organic lines draw in the eye, while the smooth negative shape of the fairy's form provides a soothing resting place for tired eyes.

Proposed by Marissa and highlighted by biriwilg.

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  1. Fainaru Jun 29, 2006





  2. Sandra Jun 29, 2006

    This is the art that i love ! Clean calm and mysterious.....Definitly a fav ! Great O_o

  3. shiningdays Jun 29, 2006

    very pretty indeed :)

  4. Vivid-Rein Jun 29, 2006

    Ahh, this came out great! It's about time you showed it to me... <_<;

    Ah well, fav~

    Extra points for using my favorite colors...

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 29, 2006

    Awesome colors and the vectors are excellent (as always ;))

  6. ShiXon Jun 29, 2006

    wow sweet! i loove those vine thingies <33
    your vectors are awesome but i wish you would make them more complex somehow.. :x *runs quickly*

  7. KorganoS Jun 29, 2006

    Contrary to rein, green isn't my fav color XD
    but the vector itself portrays amazing beauty. It looks sharp, and the patterns adds to the technicity of the design. Awesome vectoring I must say.
    The bottom part looks a tiny bit empty though,.. how about adding some more foliages and/or shapes just like the one above her. (those vines/plant shapes), it'll look much more prettier. :)

  8. starrliteangel Jun 29, 2006

    yayyy! I found a new desktop background ^.^ very nice and simple. I like those greens that you used

  9. fuyuu Jun 30, 2006

    It's nice! I love the vines.

  10. HaWaIIofHoaI Jun 30, 2006

    green is very soothing and i love it. hahaha. however, i am rather curious how the whole shiva thing would've turned out. =) once again, great job on another wallpaper.

  11. Boko Jun 30, 2006

    somehow I like this sort of art very much :)

  12. cassandraronald Jun 30, 2006

    very pretty

  13. viekazama Jun 30, 2006

    + to fav
    So nice.... another great artworks of yours... Keep it up ;)

  14. Misato-Kun Jun 30, 2006

    Another flawless vector by the amazing chubbykitty! This wall perfectly delineates a serene elegance--with it's soothing colors surrounding the vector silhouette in congruence; this wall is indeed pleasing to the eyes. Thanks for sharing this, chubbykitty, keep the great work up! Oh! And hope you get well soon, it's never fun being sick >_<

  15. ChaosCraZ Jul 01, 2006

    >>> omg ! it's sooooo perfect !
    >>> she's look beautiful even though i cant c her face
    >>> 2 thumbs up!
    >>> gotta *add to fav*

  16. IzumiChan Jul 01, 2006

    I love how her hair turns into plants. So great! >_<
    This butterfly looks like the one that that green-thingy is eating on that recent Pierre wallie... XD
    I loved it, the earth-theme is better than ice, I guess. ^_^'
    Great great job! ^o^

  17. BlkLotus Jul 02, 2006

    wow this is nice... i had already signed off when i saw this and had to sign back on to add to my fav's..
    love it

  18. midsummer Jul 02, 2006

    well done on this
    great job!
    keep it up

  19. Skyneth Jul 02, 2006

    Interesting and unusual wallie. Very good job. :)

  20. xzuenx Jul 03, 2006

    I like the tones in this and how the figures hair twists into swirls that remind me of tree branches :D

  21. fidiou Jul 03, 2006

    Wow very good work! Bravo at you miss chubbykitty.

  22. perlox Jul 05, 2006

    awesome. nice and simple, with a lady

  23. Blazin-In-Tac-town Jul 06, 2006

    real good. its different but nice. I really like this one. Specially b/c its different.

  24. tigerwoods Jul 06, 2006

    simple but really nice ;)

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