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1. I tried to draw as many details as possible.
2. I dunno if it's a boy or a girl. Let's name him/her Kim. XD
3. Kim is a wizard, a witch, a knight or whatever you want Kim to be.
4. Kim's body is too long, I know. :hmpf:

Kim belongs to my RPG:

Level: 39
HP: 1978
MP: 376
Special Skills: Smoking 100 cigarettes in a row
DP: 50
FP: 27
Hobbies: Smoking, eating (sushi, natto), sleeping, playing Lacrosse, dancing, singing, counting clouds, thinking about nonsense, watching TV Total, laughing...

More artworks and wallpapers: www.uchiki.de


Chosen by flyindreams and euna

Pink. Yep, this doujin is pink from beginning to the end. But it isn't the colour that makes this a great doujin. It is the vast amount of effort and detail put into it. The outlines are clean and crisp like a vector and various patterns have been used very well. They give a screentone-like effect and adds a nice touch to the doujin, which may have looked like a boring black and white sketch without it. Very nice doujinshi. Well done.

Proposed by flyindreams and highlighted by euna.

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  1. frozenwilderness Jun 28, 2006

    Ahhh I'm soo jealous of your toning :E It looks SO nice, plus I absolutely love her hair and all those details are amazing *_* Really great job, like always.

  2. sukie Jun 28, 2006

    woooo sooo nice! what is your DA account! i wanta watch you!

  3. shiningdays Jun 28, 2006

    SHe looks like she should be ona wall XD You're ultra-talented, Yina-taichou. I think in your drawings (because you can) you should work on having more movement :O

    So pretty. ;_;

  4. Sandra Jun 28, 2006

    A girl , definitly a girl :))
    Great details X__x , awesome doujin i wi sh i could draw like You O_o

  5. Haohmaru77 Jun 28, 2006

    *sigh* its just so good... i shalt envy thou'st talents for eternity...

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 29, 2006

    Yina-taichou! This is awesome!
    Love the color and the character looks excellent! Great job!

  7. flyindreams Jun 29, 2006

    Hot! XD Love the details and the tones, like frozenwilderness says... the only thing that strikes me is prolly the strings on her wand... they look a bit too much like hair o_o But that's it, wonderfully done Yina-chan <3

  8. ayaki Jun 29, 2006

    currently speechless.....
    simply amazing @_@ and i don't mind the hair-looking strings on her wand.
    excellent job.

  9. SharinganKnight Jun 29, 2006

    I workship you.

    there are no other words that can express my attitude towards this drawing.

  10. rythem Jun 29, 2006


    the details r awesome <33 very neat inking and I adore the tones ~
    could be a manga page or sumthing O_O *oogles at her/his hairrr*

  11. irix Jun 29, 2006

    well, it's so funny... because if you didn't known her/his genre; could i know? ^_^'
    well... in the other hand, this is a terrific and awesome work! :nya:

  12. Kiako Jun 29, 2006

    nice drawing, the chara looks very good, i like her clothes, the details are great.
    keep it up

  13. kyara17 Jun 29, 2006

    to me looks like a girl...the details are the best...and the about the body is too long i think its ok...the style of her is very cool and i love it...the drawing is very beautifull ;) kiss and *fav* hehe

  14. schwindelmagier Jun 29, 2006

    welch ein schoenes bild, yina-chan ^.^
    du bist wirklich grossartig im zeichnen....und diese detailvielfalt ^o^
    haet ich gar keinen nerv zu x.x
    wie gesagt, sehr, sehr huebsches doujinshi ^_____^
    aber der punkt, der mich am meisten gefreut hat, war, dass sie (fuer mich ist es definitiv eine sie ^.^) TV Total guckt ^.^
    yeaaah, stefan raab *_*
    hoffentlich kommt bald mal wieder ein netter contest....Wok-WM oder Turmspringen waer mal wieder ganz nett ^.^

    also dann
    great work, keep it up n.n

  15. Lina-chan10 Jun 29, 2006

    I luv the hair and the toning especially the shade xD

  16. royaldarkness Jun 29, 2006

    wow, this is really good! very beautifyl ^.^ love the colors you have chosen, it's so nice :)

  17. Frosty Jun 29, 2006

    wow, very detailed indeed...
    the little bottons, details in the clothing, and the lovely shading work, plus the color is a nice touch.
    very very nice job. :D
    I can tell you spend some sweet time on this one. XD
    good show XD Gives you a score of 9.65 and Grade AAA+ for the very detail and beautiful work.

  18. kai81220 Jul 01, 2006

    no comment, no comment.
    but i am very jealous of the technique XD


    (i get to go to a good restaurant now cause i am high school grad of 2006!) yay!

  19. fidiou Jul 03, 2006

    Good drawing, and the color is excellent! Great doujinshi miss and continious.

  20. asan Jul 05, 2006

    nice drawing...i love it

  21. GintheTwilightswords Jul 06, 2006

    ....o_o *favs*
    Ok now that IU got that out my system,alone to compliment amazing this doujinshi looks."Kim" is very detailed;I like the clothes you designed for him/her,and the pink sheen for the doujinshi does him/her justice in the prospect of how gorgeous he/she looks.Yes,Kim's body is too long,but it dosen't stray far from how exceptional this piece is.

  22. euna Retired Moderator Jul 08, 2006

    You've put a great amount of time and effort into this doujin. It looks very good. Love the details and the use of various patterns in the screentone style. Well done. *highlighted*

  23. tuxedotservo Jul 09, 2006

    Very nice!
    You're not kidding about the details you put into it - wow. For those who really want to appreciate this one fully, get the fully-sized image - it really makes this doujinshi shine! Little finishing touches everywhere that make this a great piece.

    For the record, I think Kim is definitely female ^.^ I don't think the body is that bad - some people have height in the legs, and some in the torso. It didn't really bother me at all.

  24. AmberPhoenix Jul 11, 2006

    OMg, that picture has so much detail! It's soo pretty ^_^ And it's pink, my fav color. You did a really nice job on this picture

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