Kumiko (Mangaka) Wallpaper: Hesperides

Kumiko (Mangaka) Wallpaper
Kumiko (Mangaka) Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello everyone! *big waves and hugs*

It has been such a long long time since I have submitted a wallpaper (4 months-I believe).
As many of you already know, I have been busy. But I am glad to be back and miss everyone here. Thank you all for your encouraging comments in my guestbook.

I rarely dedicate a wall because I just have many friends here and it is hard to dedicate a wall to one person without considering or hurting the feelings of another. So I would like to just simply dedicate this wall to all here as a gift from me missing everyone and thanking for the much encouragement.

About the Wall

I simply feel in love with the picture and wanted an enchanting floral garden.
Though it was annoying >_<
The backdrop is composed of course from the flowers from the original scan, but placing and extracting each section and certain aspects of the sections was quite a bit of work.
The peacock was made by me with just using one of the 'eyes' of the feathers from the girl's dress.
Since we are drawn to her pretty eyes and to the eyes of the peacock, I thought it would be mysterious to the garden to have an eye watching over the garden and representing the beauty of it.

I must thank a wonderful, sweet guy--though I don't think he realized that-for helping me out with coming up with the title for the wall. I wanted something to sound unique and exotic and he is well-versed in many languages. And so he helped and developed the title--"Hesperides" being of the nymphs over the blossoming garden. Thank you dear Iscalio.

Thanks to Dream, I found out who the artist is, but sadly I can't get back to change it. I hope one of the mods could. But here is the scan. Thanks Dream ^^
Autumn Colors by shadowcat23
So simply---ENJOY everyone. And of course I appreciate any comments and opinions.
~Thank You All~

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Member: Cldmani
Wall: Hope in the Woods
Reason: Mystical and abstract. Eerie yet moving with emotion.

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  1. aishiteraburu Jun 28, 2006

    Edit:Me first YAY!

    emma-san your back
    and with such a lovely wall
    i love the background and you definately chose a very beautiful scan
    the extraction is perfect
    very lovely and a fave from me

  2. nolove Jun 28, 2006

    nyaaaa...Emma-san is back with new wallie make me really really happy since i missed missed ur work so much >.<.
    this wall is really really impressively amazing for a come-back Emma-san XD, i just soo love how you combined everything with your smoothly wonderful skill and the color looks so so warm it makes me feel peaceful >_<
    a top fea in CW for sure ^^ and 5 points for ya ^__^

  3. phamthuha Jun 28, 2006

    THIS IS SO INCREDIBLE OoO No wonder why Love-chan immediately runs to me and I agree to TOP FEA this one right away ^_^ You are really a wonderful girl Emma-san and the way you blend everything here is really best of best you have ever done ^_^

    Sure my fav >__< Congrats ya with the Top fea in CW ^_^

  4. ShiXon Jun 28, 2006

    i'm in love with those flowers <33
    the colors are really mesmerizing = super duper lovely ~~
    and the art reminds me of tukiji nao somehow, lol
    those flowers really own, they're awesome! okay, enough with the flowers Ix

  5. dianas Jun 28, 2006

    Emma san this is absloutly WANDERFULL i love the chara so much
    how did u fiend souch a lovely scan >.< so glad to have u back #hugels#
    miss u so much dear friends u and ur beautyfull wallies
    and of course a fav from me.. :D

  6. Lenne Jun 28, 2006

    Wow!It is so beautiful!Trully an awsome work! :)

  7. DREAM Jun 28, 2006

    first: the artist name is KUMIKO the scan is here

    you did a very good job with the flowers and peacocks.
    the overall layout and placement works well.

  8. k1ru Jun 28, 2006

    you know? i really missed your wallpaper, emma-sannnnnn~~~~~ *sobs*
    and you are back with this beautifull wallpaper? @_@
    i want your skilllll! xD

    waiii~ this is! after my 'long' waiting~ xD
    nyuuuU~~ em-sannnn~~ i cannot comment this wallie... why? this wallie is PERFECT. what should i comment? ;)
    the girl looks really beautifull, and she looks glamour at the same time~ oh MAI GOD.... i'm sooo speechless~~ xD

  9. GoNik Jun 28, 2006

    It's absolutely beautiful, Emma-san. I'm starting to think about autumn: because color of these flowers...
    Also the scan you used is so pretty ^^
    One and only thing I don't like is that eye on right, it looks a bit out of place to me.
    But fav is necessary *^__^*

  10. IzumiChan Jun 28, 2006

    YAY, Emma made a new wallie! *__*
    It looks so wonderful... the flowers are very good, they don't even look like the ones in the original scan... >.<
    The reconstructing work was perfectly done, and I really lovede the colors! ^_~
    The eye in the left is a bit pixalated... >.<
    But all the rest is just PERFECT! ^O^
    Great job, hope to see more walls soon... >o<
    YAY! :D

  11. Rhonda21 Jun 28, 2006

    Oh Emma. I'm so happy to see another one of your beautiful walls. I missed them and you so much. Now I can be happy! :D hehe. Well love the image first of all. And the whole wall it just so...wow. XD Everything goes together so well! Wonderful Work!

  12. ganstamonica Jun 28, 2006

    Lovely wallie, Emma! ^.^
    The background looks perfect with the scan! XD
    Keep it up!

  13. flamealchimist Jun 28, 2006

    it's so pretty.
    awswome wallpaper.
    the colors are so cool and the girl is pretty

  14. marcoskatsuragi Jun 29, 2006

    Wow.... really beauty one!

  15. fawna-chan Jun 29, 2006

    Emma! :D Wow...this is a really pretty wallpaper. I love the way you arranged the flowers and the color scheme. It's just beautiful.

  16. pitbull Jun 29, 2006

    that a very beautiful wallpaper!nice work.(^_^)

  17. Farewell Jun 29, 2006

    Very colorful. Beautiful art, good wall. Great job.

  18. Amythyst Jun 29, 2006

    Yay another beautiful wallpaper of emma :) I really like this one. the background is great, nice scan and I love the colors. so great job. Also, of course I will add this to my favorites =^_^=

  19. Semuta Jun 29, 2006

    Ah, new wallpaper by you! I'm sooo happy ^^
    I'd like softness and beautiful warm athmosphere. Awesome work, Emma-sama ^^ As always, yep!

  20. Hanazaki Jun 29, 2006

    Marvellous but I don't like the eye on the right. It's seems not quite fit. I definitley going to fav this. Thanks for sharing this. And welcome back, emma-san.

  21. Peezhoun Jun 29, 2006

    Beautiful O.O
    So warm and calm.
    I really like it.

  22. Inuyasha-FAN Jun 29, 2006

    Wow it's so awesome! Greatjob! Favs.

  23. royaldarkness Jun 29, 2006

    this is just so beautiful :) a great piece of art, good job!

  24. AiWoKote1714 Jun 29, 2006

    Hello my dear!

    It's nice to see that you're walling again. Things have been pretty dull lately.

    I really like the color use for this one! I'm really into bright, vibrant colors, and that's exactly what you used. I knew it would look even more amazing in full quality. That's some pretty amazing work.

    This is going up on my desktop right away. As I said before, you are very talented!

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