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Artist Comment

YEAH! I'm back on MT! School is finally OVER!

For those who saw my previous vector, yes, this is another freakin CLAMP vector. I just love vectoring CLAMP stuff ^^

I really loved this scan when I saw it. But after I finished with it, I hated it with a passion. grr....

Anyways, I first started off vectoring the image but halfway through it, I realized how much the sleeves of her robe look like wings. I wanted to paint a cloud scene on it but after many failed attempts, I decided to use a stock instead. For the stock, I filtered it to give it more of a drawn look. Then I experimented with two different smudge settings to give it that 'painted' feel.

EDIT: Ahh almost forgot my favourite part of the wall-the space scene xD. I was going to start off with a simple space scene to fill in for that dark space but it kinda got out of hand =P Somehow, birds ended up flying in space o.0 (upper left corner of the robe). The other set of birds are near the bottom and I tried to make the birds look like their flying upwards.

The background with all the vecotrs and arrows and stuff were inspired by many of his older works when he used the vector brushes. The brushes are from Paul W

I'm too lazy to write anymore but I'll try to answer my 500+ notifs soon x.x I promise to submit a real wall next time xD

Boring info:
Time: ~15 hours over the span of 6 weeks
Music: I don't know x.x
Inspiration: Devil Dude He's been such a huge inspiration ever since I saw his works on MT. His walls have style, cute anime girls, ecchi(for the perverts =P), simplicity, and other good stuff. Anything other than cliche. What more could you want? Please go check out his gallery. If you don't I'll hunt you down and...and....I don't know. Just something horrible.
http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/5935/480809224495480ew.th.jpg Stock from http://www.webshots.com
Reach For the Sky by Kai81220
A perfectly executed wall with a beautiful space scene. It deserves way more than 16 favs....


Chosen by euna and Saikusa

How can something look both so simple, and yet be so infused with shocking amounts of detail?

This is an absolute delight. A real carnival of colour, detail, and all the while it retains the characteristic style that CLAMP have developed. The detail doesn't weigh the image down; quite the opposit in fact, it adds the extra sense of freedom & peaceful serenity.

It's a visual feast and everyone's invited.

Proposed by euna and highlighted by Saikusa.

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Browse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. ladygoofy Jun 28, 2006

    i simply love this peace of masterpiece!XD

    weally NICE job here hongrboi ;)
    adding to favs 4 sure! :D
    wuv it, wuv it!

    -Lady G-

  2. dMp Jun 28, 2006

    wahhh! this is so beautiful. those clouds look really nice. this would have been the perfect wallpaper errr vector if there weren't so many jagged lines/edges. despite that, you did an excellent job on the coloring itself. wow...i really gotta try this someday.

  3. aqiaqua Jun 28, 2006

    Wow...that's amazing! I love how you added the clouds and other thingys. Fave from me ^______^.

  4. Rue-chan Jun 28, 2006

    i wish i could see the scan ( no havnt seen it yet) but nice idea painting clouds on her sleeves...almost makes her dimensionless. :)

  5. nolove Jun 28, 2006

    o_O amazing again. the outline isnot really smooth but enough to make me speechless >.<, you really become awesome horngboi >.<.
    a wonderful piece of work , i love it. so amazing
    for me, it really deserves to be highlighted XD

  6. Peezhoun Jun 28, 2006

    An amazing vector O.O
    I love it 'cause it's really colorful and clean.
    It's just beautiful!
    Great job.

  7. euna Retired Moderator Jun 28, 2006

    Fabulous work! It's very crisp and clean and I love how you've still managed to keep that CLAMP sketchy manga style outlines a bit. Very nice job with the merging of the clothes and the bg. Very clever and effective. Lovely vector. Keep it up!

  8. KawaiiCardcaptorSakura Jun 28, 2006

    OMG! It's simply beautiful! It's absolutly beautiful!
    Everything looks so lovely and pretty! I love the clouds, the birds, the space!

    This is definatly the most beautiful vector I have seen! ^_____^
    It is a beautiful piece of art! :D

    Ack! Someone stop me! I can't stop saying the word beautiful :D

    Thank u for sharing this beau..... I mean, errr lovely vector! ^____^

    Definatly a fav from me! :)

  9. Hanazaki Jun 28, 2006

    You're back again! And with new Wallie! So, you're into vectoring eh.. Really cool one and beautiful too. Can't resist to fav it. Tq for sharing this. Keep up the great work!

  10. schwindelmagier Jun 28, 2006

    this vector is amazing o.o
    never saw such a wonderful vector before...really, really, really, really, really, really great.
    the colours are beautiful and so does the scan
    love it...
    certainly FAV from me ^.~

  11. Beccieboo Jun 28, 2006

    :o - its incredible - the colours - and the quality of the vector is amazing ! i love tghe colours, the way the blue and pink go together is amazing! thenks for shaerin and ttyl

    Beccie XxX

  12. pamkips Jun 28, 2006

    it's so preety ^__^ it's just incredible and beautifeul
    well done ^__^

  13. Devildude Jun 28, 2006

    kinda jagged at some of the sleeves, but hell, I love this wallpaper.

  14. Ebelin Jun 28, 2006

    OMG! Incredible vector. You did a hard work. Fantastic :).

  15. IzumiChan Jun 28, 2006

    Omg, it's so amazing! >_<
    I loved the sky, the little arrows, the tones of blue and pink, everything! ^_^
    You did a really really great job, I loved it! :D

  16. nas155 Jun 29, 2006

    only one word...Masterpiece...

  17. BobaFett2ha Jun 29, 2006

    Your work is incredible. It reminds me of how I need to start improving myself..

  18. Enchanter Jun 29, 2006

    Goodness! This is simply one of the most amazing work I have ever laid my eyes on! Well done!

  19. Kiako Jun 29, 2006

    wow the vector looks great, her clothes are very nice to look at, and it also looks complicated.
    keep it up

  20. kyara17 Jun 29, 2006

    :o:o:o so beautifull...amazing ;) *fav*

  21. 2sentencetodeath Jun 29, 2006

    Wow , the heaven with the picture ist fantastic O.O i love this wonderful walli

  22. cassandraronald Jun 29, 2006

    wow this wallie is soo amazing
    i love it

  23. himura088 Jun 29, 2006

    A striking piece! :)

  24. CrystalValderyan Jun 29, 2006

    Wow, so beautiful! It's like her dress is made of mirror and it's mirrowing the sky! Great vector!

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