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:) i personally love this wallpaper i'm showing you here today~ I had been working on it since 6 o' clock this morning and right now it's almost a quarter to one.. that's alot of time @_@

XD Wallpaper info. XD
It features Ayumu Narumi from Spiral Suiri No Kizuna - the scan came from Minitokyo (THANK YOU KIND PERSON WHO UPLOADED THIS SCAN)
The castle came from one of the misc. scans here
I made the clouds and the planets (which took such a long time because i'm am such a cloud-perfectionist XD)
I also made the angel wings, which took a long time too >_< [i couldn't resist putting them on Ayumu, he looked so heavenly in the scan with the feathers and stuff]
THe background bridge thing came from a pic i found on google --> precisely HERE
And then the stars and the mist were brushes :]
And sorry, but i kept forgetting to work in bigger resolutions D: I rpmise the next one will be a bigger resolution, since this one i woke up very early and didn't have much sense XD...


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  1. starrliteangel Jun 28, 2006

    hii! yay! im the first to comment! This is such a beautiful wall! you are improving so fast! here are some of the good points of the wall
    -scenery! its so nice..I love the castle and the bridge!
    -the bridge is incorporated into the wall very nicely
    -the moon looks very nice!
    -the clouds are awesome. they look real.
    -the concept of the wall is nice! you know I like celestial looking things! (haha - pokes Celestial Luminesse)

    here are some parts of the wall that could be improved
    -the moon might be a liiiiiittle too big. the viewer should be focusing on the character, but for some reason my eye keeps going towards that moon! lol
    -the two clouds are kind of in the middle of nowhere. theyre very nice, and theyre placed well, but theres only two big ones. do you know what i mean? you might want to make some tiny clouds in the distance, or make a smaller one right around the top left next to the castle.
    -put some other colors into the sky to add more depth. if its sunset, add more yellows and oranges. if its dawn, add some blues and pinks. i see that it gets a little more darker on the edges, but you should add more depth to the rest of it as well.
    -i really really like the castle, but it looks a little blurry. A lot of wallpapers have been deleted on MT for blurryness (yes, even if its on purpose) so I wouldnt really recommend using that technique. it looks fine to me, but some people say that it makes the wallpaper look lower quality.
    -the perspective = the bridge and castle are..um..kind of not matching in perspective. i like the effect you have with that (im assuming you did it on purpose) but its kind of making me dizzy. what makes it look odd is that it looks like you took the top part of the castle pic to use in the wallpaper. so the top part of the castle looks like its coming together, or atleast at the same ground level, as the ground under the bridge. if youre going to put that castle in there, i would recommend to either move it up until it looks right (if theres still bottom attached to it), or to rotate the castle till it matches with the bridge.

    lol sorry my comment is so long. ^.^ but overall its a very very nice wall. cant wait to see your next wall! (this is so exciting!)

  2. Yina Jun 28, 2006

    the castle and the bridge are too blurry since the scan is pretty sharp. the clouds look extremely odd.. x__x They look kinda heavy.. like marshmallows xDD;;
    You could've blurred the scan to make it look as blurry as the bg.
    I would also use another font for the subtitle.. the wallpaper has a dreamy atmosphere and the font is too "clean".. o__o

  3. sukie Jun 28, 2006

    the clouds....are...funny...i think i'm going to have strange dreams about them tonight >.>

  4. ayane-heine Jul 02, 2006

    wow.. another wonderful scenic wallie.. <3 love the bridges and castles that you used.. they blend very well with the scan.. the colours blended very well too.. great job on that.. ^^ 2 parts i wanna comment on it.. first part is that the clouds looks abit weird.. maybe you can just use some clouds brush and smudge it abit.. and this time, the wings dont blend that well with the scan.. and at some parts of the wings, it looks like it is being chop away.. x_X but i love the effects, sparkles, colour blending and the bg alot.. Keep up with your good job!~ :D

  5. eternallegend Jul 10, 2006

    nice scenic wall, the clouds do seem a little umm... not as fluffy... the castle looks nice however the planet may be a bit too large and seems to be a focal point, the colours you chose blend well together, overall this is a wonderful wall ^^

  6. jingstir Jul 15, 2006

    i love it! n its nbecause i love the animes piral eather

  7. NOTNOT Dec 13, 2006

    thx for this pic

  8. iwa-c May 31, 2009

    I like this serie...

  9. knightxemnas Oct 02, 2009

    fantastic work

  10. 14Fuyuhotaru Nov 26, 2009

    Ah. Ayumu with wing. Love.

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