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Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Shuuhei Hisagi, Doujinshi Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Shuuhei Hisagi Character Doujinshi Source

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Thumbnail is crappy :\ full view please ^^

Well well another Bleach wallpaper like there was not enough, but oh well at least Hisagi is not a character frequently walled. Even though he looks pretty girlie on this scan. ^^ I wish there was more scans of him.
I made this wall for Daystar Design annual contest, so this is for you MyrrhLynn. :)

Entirely done in Photoshop, this is probably the most blurry wallpaper I've ever done XD lol
The bamboo and butterfly photos was taken by me.
Textures come from Image After.
I found the Hisagi scan on MT.
Thanks to llilliathari for her tips. :)

If you have suggestions go ahead, I like to read your ideas. :)

EDIT/UPDATE: Correct little details that saikusa point out ^^ and less textures on the bamboo part (pretty subtle though)

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: flyindreams
Wall: Bloom
Reason: One of my latest favorite wall, flyindreams always come with refreshing ideas ^^

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  1. zeroenna57 Jun 26, 2006

    its a beautiful wallpaper but it makes Hisagi look a bit girly but the bg and the rain make it look very nice

    Edit: heh i saw a ripple in the water and i just assumed it was raining

  2. BloodyTenshi Jun 26, 2006

    the wallpaper is awesome. and hisagi does look girly but hes soo awesome i dont really care. its soo hard to find hisagi wallpapers! woo! thankss

  3. Frosty Jun 26, 2006

    lol.. yea.. the thumbnail made it look kind of blurry..
    yup.. Hisagi looks like a girl.. as u stated.. but still .. ita a nice wallie...
    bg looks alright to tell the truth, I think the lightning effect could be better if the texture isnt like so...
    and hmm.. the words.. consider taking it out.. it doesnt fit well... ^_^'
    good work.. Gives you a Grade A+ for the good efforts.

  4. L3g Jun 26, 2006

    hehehehe, another wall by "the god of wall" :D
    Sorry Anji but English comments are not for me :D
    I say just : Dark.... but beautiful, as usual :)
    For more, i'll tell you in french XD
    (sorry for my poor english ^^ )

  5. Odeena Jun 26, 2006

    Excelent wallpaper! I think it's just about the only Hisagi wallpaper that I've seen in the gallery so far... Congratulations for your hard work and you will definitely receive a favorite from me!

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2006

    It is a bit too blurry, imo, but it's really cool. The colors are awesome and the textures you used are great! EXcellent job!

  7. shadowcat23 Jun 26, 2006

    I love your wallpaper you did a really good job on it it looks great :)

  8. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2006

    Beautiful work. I love how the background keeps that same painted-texture feeling. I have just two tiny drawbacks though: one is an unidentified white line that can be seen down the far left-hand side; and the other is Shuhei's hair outline is still fairly visible so perhaps that could be softened so he doesn't stand out too much. I really like this, and over how all the elements of colour, texture, reflection, the butterfly & the setting have merged beautifully.

  9. maho-ho Jun 27, 2006

    I like the texture, very good color, is something nostalgic, something to think. Very good work is pretty background! :)

  10. illidankan Jun 28, 2006

    Yeah Anji ! cool wall ! :) Quelques petits reproches tout de meme, deja la couleur un peu trop sombre, il manque de ressenti et de fraicheur (bon j'avoue c'est pas le theme ^^) et l'arriere plan aurait gagne je pense a etre plus contraster ;) Voila, sinon tout est okayyy ! :D

  11. MyrrhLynn Jun 28, 2006

    There are butterflies that look like that? *feels dumb for not knowing that* Oh and I think I finally figured out why I've been missing your wall notifications, I think you fell off my watchlist somehow! x_x

    I love the wall! Hisagi is one of my favorite characters and you are right, he has hardly any walls (or official scans for that matter). Maybe now that he's in the anime a little more he will get more scans? I really like how you blended the photos with the scan, the bamboo looks expecially good. And I really did not know that there were butterflies that looked like the Bleach... Hell Moths that is what they are... right? Thanks for submitting this wall in my contest! :D

  12. ayaki Jun 29, 2006

    woo i don't mind the blurriness here '_' it's actually quite nice.
    and kind of necessary to create the atmosphere.
    one minor thing is that she seems to be a bit too brighter as compare to the background.
    great job!~ :) love the bg

  13. Spriggan Jun 30, 2006

    aaaahhhhhh jvient decrire environ quinze lignes (en anglais en plus) pour finalement realizer que si je regarde le wall en 1024x768 sa rend presque tous ce que j'ai dit faux grrr alors dla merde l'anglais pis j'vais etre bref dsl , bon en gros , j'ai deja ete beaucoup plus satisfait de tes wall auparavant mais cest pas parce que cest mauvais..oh non..juste pas mon type je dirais..neanmoin , les bamboo parraisse bien mais jcroit qui manque un peu de distinction entre eux..peut etre a cause de ton fameux effet de brouillard ou de simili transparence que t'aime tant utiliser haha :P ..mais anyway, chui sure que cest voulu alors nvm ^_^' le scan est bien beau (et non pas dans le sens que j'aime le ptit mec lol) ..l'effet de reflection est tres bien reussi et les rayons de lumiere sont pas trop pousser , juste correct!...mais aussi stupide que jpuisse paraitre en disant ca , ce que j'aime le plus cest le pappillon^^ yer juste....cool! :D les caractere chinois ou japonnais aussi sont bien choisi..en gros cest du beau boulo..pour un fan de Hisagi ou de bleach , cest un gros plus! bravo Anji :) et pour toi , cest un fav :P lol

  14. dans Jul 01, 2006

    woot ! hisagi looks girlie ! not much to say about this wall. everyone already said what i wanted to said. the thumbnail really looks crappy. x_x

  15. ShinNoNoir Jul 01, 2006

    Hey Anji ^^

    I like this wall, looks better on my laptop then my desktop, probably related to the bluriness, but then again what do i know.. XD
    Yes it's a bit dark, but the rays of light kinda counter that possibly sad mood. I like how it's all integrated together.
    Personally i'm not a big fan of these kind of fanart (shonen turned shoujo), but it's not really a big deal if he looks girlie, real fans know he ain't a sissy lol

    +fav <3


  16. dingi Jul 01, 2006

    Heh, 10/10 Great, ^^ Hisagi looks hot but kinda girly! but first site i thought it was like a real person portrait but it wasnt and i was like "Shit this is good"
    Wellz you know to keep it up!

  17. bluSake Retired Moderator Jul 02, 2006

    The elements and textures are pretty well combined. Can't figure out the position of the pool relative to the bamboo though. ^_^'

  18. rabchil Jul 02, 2006

    this has really cool effects, the rain and the puddle reflection are also beautiful. but i'm sorry, i think hisagi is too girly in here, it breaks my heart to see him have anorexic arms! T___T

  19. emac7 Jul 04, 2006

    I right away was able to see that this wallpaper was different than the rest, I guess it definitely had to do with the texture, but also had to do with the fact that you did a great job on it. :D

  20. audeaya Jul 10, 2006

    hehe interesting this wall!
    hisagi is a mysterious character in bleach and He's so cute XD
    I'm happy to see you like this character anji!
    fanart is good and with this dark and great BG you can discover the secret of this character!
    I like it!
    great job like always anji! +fav

  21. EverInTheShadows Jul 11, 2006

    Ever: wow! that's so cool!

    Shadows: love the reflection...it's awesome!

  22. animefreek18 Jul 12, 2006


  23. obsidianwings Jul 12, 2006

    very unique wall. and hisagi! there is quite the lacking of walls ft him.

  24. llilliathari Jul 19, 2006

    Sorry to post this only now, I hope you'll forgive me ;___;
    So, about the wall itself, as I said in MSN, I love the atmosphere the background, this sad reflection of Shuhei in the water...Should I say I love everything? :)
    So, + fav as always and sorry again =___=

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