Mushishi Wallpaper: Mushishi: Smoke Signals

Yuki Urushibara, Artland, Mushishi, Ginko Wallpaper
Yuki Urushibara Mangaka Artland Studio Mushishi Series Ginko Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I recently began watching Mushishi because several of my friends have pointed out parallels between this series and one of my favorites, Kino no Tabi. So far I've been enjoying the series a lot, for much of the same reasons I love Kino. So I decided to wall it. I was mucking around looking for some good scans when I noticed part an OST scan showing Ginko smoking on AnimePaper - but it was only half of Ginko. Digging around some more, I found a whole scan of the image, so it was time to trace! I reduced the colors even more than the original scan - the darkest shadows on Ginko's coat is the same as the black background so he sort of blends into it. The smoke mushi idea came from the first episode where Ginko uses his cigarillo to control a smoky mushi. I decided to have ghostly smoky mushi shapes coming out of his cigarillo. They were free-drawn based on various sketches characters look at in the series. And since everything else was smoky I made the show's title rise out of the smoke too. Very noir.
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  1. DREAM Jun 25, 2006

    i love how you incorporated the kanji [not sure what they mean] and the bird into the smoke eminating from the "cigarillo". has a vectored, pseudo watercolored look to it.

    btw-thanks for hosting alternate wall deminsions on your site Lady Tama-Neko.
    will have to scope out this series..
    + fav

  2. AkaiTsubaki Jun 25, 2006

    i love ginko! nice wall and nice idea~

  3. euna Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2006

    Neat idea tama! Awesome vectoring - I just gotta love your outlines <333
    Your smokes look fantastic. They remind me of my dad's friend who made circles out of smoke >_< Very nice. =D

  4. maikusama Jun 26, 2006

    wow this is awesome.. Mushishi is one of my fav series and now.. I have a fav wall to go along with it! excellent work!

  5. Elves Jun 27, 2006

    I'm having a major happiness moment over here. It's so rare to find Mushishi stuff. THANK YOU! *ahem* Okay, fan-girl moment over. ^_^' Actually, I'd been thinking that Mushishi does bear a lot of similarities to Kino as well, so it's great to hear that I'm not the only one. :)

    Great job on the vectoring, and I do like how you incorporated the mushishis themselves into the wallpaper. The only thing I would like to see done is the title in smoke be less blurred and easier to read. Maybe even do some sun dappling in the background since a lot of the show seems to take place outdoors, or inside houses in front of open doors. Okay, so that's really two things ;) , but I really appreciate your efforts on a Mushishi wallpaper. Thanks so much!

  6. Oyazi Jul 14, 2006

    Quote by DREAMi love how you incorporated the kanji [not sure what they mean] and ...

    it says mushishi. surprised?:)

    really great work
    +fav :pacman: :pacman: :pacman:

  7. audishah Jul 19, 2006

    oh god, thanks for this wallie!i've been trying to have a pic of giko wth his 'cigarette' for so long!^^ thanks again!

  8. sekhmet11 Sep 21, 2006

    What can I say! Wonderful! Ginko is is very crisp and looks like he's actually talking to someone. This is my absolute favourite anime and I look forward to seeing more of your wallpapers. I added this to my favs and I just had to put it on my desktop :)

  9. calystarr Nov 21, 2006

    Thanx a bunch Tama-neko san! Beautiful!

  10. paintmearainbow Dec 01, 2006

    Wow! It's beautiful *.* It's amazing how good you manage to make Ginko blends so nicely into the background! I really love the way you make ghostly smoky mushi shapes coming out of Ginko's cigarillo^^ Overall, it's a wonderful masterpiece :D
    I love Mushishi a lot so I'm overjoyed that you make a wallie out of it :) You mention that Kino no Tabi is somewhat the same, I guess I must give it a try too! -grins-
    Hope to see more of your works~

  11. WWLAOS Jun 07, 2007

    Heh...very cool. Love the smoke-kanji and other designs. Some sort of squid or jellyfish, maybe, a...bat, perhaps, a snail-ish thing and...erm, some sort of fruit. Those would be my guesses anyway. Regardless, it is undeniably cool. I also like the sheer darkness of the wall.

  12. kuroihime30 Jan 22, 2009

    the series impressed me..so this walp..it has that something that can be feeled watching mushi-shi

  13. avenger667 Jan 02, 2010

    Nice picture!
    Thanks for sharing

  14. dragonfly1990 Jan 23, 2010

    Great work! Arigatou gozaimasu ^_^

  15. haku2330 Restricted Member May 02, 2010

    hey gracias... ^^^buen aporte.

  16. nino Mute Member May 09, 2010

    nice scan thanks for sharing

  17. LainAlphard May 14, 2010

    Thank you so much for sharing~

  18. LarixPL Jun 16, 2010

    very nice ! W/ooooooW!
    Thank you for sharing!

  19. ChaoticMirage Dec 31, 2010

    amazing i like mushishi thx 4 share and favorite ;D

  20. yageni May 10, 2011

    Awesome! I love Ginko XD thanks for this great, great wally!

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