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Hello! Another doujin from me! This time its Yuufa! I've heard lots of rants about the anime Ragnarok the Animation being super crappy but I like Yuufa thats why I decided to draw her. I copied this from my poster. Took me about 1 hour. I think the best thing about this doujin is the eyes. o_0 I used ordinary pencils thats why the drawing's not as dark as I usually draw them.

Best part: Eyes... (i worked hard on that)
Mistakes: Lots...

Hope you like it! Especially my master! Chi-sama!

Gel~ XD


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  1. Emma Jun 26, 2006

    Love her eyes! And the contrasts. Because of such contrasts, it really adds to the details like with her hair. And it works so well with the eyes. Nice job on this ^_^

  2. kyara17 Jun 27, 2006

    it's very cute...i love the contrasts its very good! good job ^^

  3. genintemari Jul 03, 2006

    hahaha ... nice one gellie ... you're improving nah ;)) ... i love her eyes ... for just 1 hour? .. youve finished that?! ... amazing ... :)) ...

  4. chisaikame Jul 09, 2006

    lol... i should have read this earlier! XD XD... special mention pa pala ako.. GOMEN NASAI! -gel-chan.. for being this late! T_T ..demo ne (however) let's see what we have here.. :) yup.. sa tingin ko nga pinaka maganda yung eyes! :) i like drawings eyes most too! ;) hindi pa ko nakakapanod nung ragnarok eh, nor have i played the game.. >_< pero this is a pretty good piece.. simple but rather symmetrically perfect! :) pag nag practice ka pa ng maigi.. you'll learn to add more life in your drawings.. especially yung mga clothing accessories etc.. :) gambare, gel-chan! :D

  5. Bisuketto Jul 09, 2006

    Its been said again and again... but the eyes are the window of this sketch. However I also like the symmerty, those two points were the two things that drew me into this one. If I may critisise though... maybe the top of her head? it seems 'underdone'. However as its fanart, you can only draw with what you are given.
    Well done :)

  6. Carmen Jul 28, 2006

    Is true, her eyes are awesome. I really don't know anythig about this series... Really nice work :)

  7. happytrigger Aug 08, 2006

    i never had the chance to look at your doujins... here i am xD they're awesome! ^-^ [talentado ka ;D *get mo? xD*]

  8. walkure245 Aug 21, 2006

    Wowo~ She's really cute. I think the eyes really stand out and i love the way that you shaped them. Makes her look so innocent. The only thing would be that you need to vary a lil more in shading but other than that, this is a really cute piece. ^_^ Good stuff.

  9. SupermilkchanChii Dec 04, 2006

    Geez your so good, I can't understand why a whole bunch of people aren't faving these.

  10. acid-awakening Apr 09, 2007

    Here you have a lot of tones and shades in the hair, the hair is excellent although you need to even out the toning more in the face and clothing.
    But it's very good as an example to people of different shade use. And what you've done with the eyes is outstanding, the reflection is curved which shows the eye is not flat but curved. Well done.

  11. Etoile-chan Mar 24, 2008

    hee hee~

    this is really cute ^0^
    in my opinion, one of the
    best sketches in your gallery ^-^
    but that's just what i think.. heh heh

  12. IcyBlade Jun 15, 2010

    owah! nice drawing...xD

    I don't see that mistake could destroy the figure...xD

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