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Ok, after all the stupid packing im done (packing to my trip to Jerusalem) , im finally done packing, so I decided to reward myself by finshing the wall I started on...around....*thinks* 1-2 months ago.
Man, my last wall was supposed to be my last, but all that packing is like 10 years off your life (I hate packing I seriously hate it, its sooooo hard).
Packing+Me= >=0!
Anyways, I had to bail on the BattleGrounds on AP becase of the packing (I really wanted to compete too) and I wish i had started on a wall like i did with this one, but time wan't on my side -_-"

O! Back to the wall! lol >.<
I made everything except for the Sakura tree, the trunk of the tree, and the water. Other than those 3 things everything is hand made from me, excluding the textures (I love textures they make walling so much easier)
I think what I love about making this wall, was that I finally got the look I wanted from making something on my own, because I always try to make something and it sucks but i think I did a pretty shabby job on it, and im proud >.< (dont go bringing that pride down,now, jk jk)
When i saw this scan, I instantly fell in love and wanted to make a wall out of it (i loved the cute fish) So I began thinking since she was in a kimono that I should give this Japanese feel to it which i didnt do...but i still like how it looks hahahhaha I wish I could live their XD

So, my packing is done to Jerusalem, I finally finshed this wall, and now Im going to clean up the mess I left from packing (I tell you i hate packing) and......if I had a dollar from everytime i said packing, id be rich, jk jk jk (I got a little sarcasim left of me, hahahahha O_O )

and like always this wall is dedicated to all the lovely members of Minitokyo X-P


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  1. Kenichi Jun 24, 2006


    hm~ nice wallpaper, the colors looks very nice.
    i was a bit confuse of ur lighting at first, but i know its from the inside.
    it looks great.

  2. aqiaqua Jun 24, 2006

    Wooooooooooooooooww.......I love the scan! And the cherry blossom tree... Fave from me!

    *downloads and sets to desktop*

  3. darkangel013 Jun 24, 2006

    Wooooooooooooooooow!It is sooooo beautiful!I love the cherry blossom tree and the girl it sooo pretty!+ favs for me.
    Keep it up Chi-chan and hope to see more of your great work ^^*hugs to Chi-chan*

  4. eclair-chan Jun 24, 2006

    wow,, I've always loved that scan and it's great to see it be turned into a amazing wallpaper ^.^, I really love how you worked with it, the sakura tree in the bg is amazing and well....EVERTHING!

  5. mechanical-angel Jun 24, 2006

    lovely ^^

  6. crimsonangel18 Jun 24, 2006

    Nice work! The background and scan is great, and good job with the cherry blossoms!

  7. Akarix Jun 24, 2006

    It looks really nice nyaa ^^ espacially the girl.. T___T always wanted to now how to make the chracters "glow" liddat.. ^^

    Have a safe trip okii~

    anyway to da favs~

  8. schwindelmagier Jun 24, 2006

    wooooooooow o.o
    lovely, chichiri-san
    I am so happy that the last one was not your real last one before you will go to jerusalem for 2 month ^.^
    I love this wallie as I like all your wallies
    everything is beautiful...the sakura tree, the girl wth the little fish :3, the doors..everything fits as always ^.~
    so, I wish you a great and wonderful trip to jerusalem and I wish you to have alot of fun there
    see ya soon in two months ^.^

  9. jaguar88 Jun 24, 2006

    Nice wallpaper Chi~chan! As always :D

  10. CyberGame Jun 24, 2006

    lovely wall ^^

  11. kyokujitsu Jun 24, 2006

    Wow, absolutely beautiful. The scan is amazing, and the background compliments the wall really well. Maybe it's just me, but the scan's fiery quality kinda contrasts too much with the tranquil and isolated background, but it still provides an incredible wall. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you enjoy your trip ^_^ We'll be waiting for you and your awesome walls when you come back ^_^

    *Adds to Favourites*

  12. phamthuha Jun 24, 2006

    Your skill is just unlimited :nya: I love this wallie with such a smooth and lovely atm, sweetie ^_^ Oh... :( of coz I will miss you too -__- plz come back soon and I am sure you will make a storm again in 2 months... few... 2 months silently will be boring ^_^

    Okay, so my fav (of coz >__<) and feature to CW with 2 points for you ^_^ Keep it up Chi-chan!

  13. Hideki313 Jun 24, 2006

    I LOVE IT!
    the girl is just cute and the colours are excellent!
    a fav from me ... *speechless*

  14. royaldarkness Jun 24, 2006

    wow, this is fantastic :)
    it's so cute, and cheerful and colorful ^.^
    great job, as usual :D

  15. dianas Jun 24, 2006

    Ci-chan this wallie of yours is absolutly awesome >.< this must be one of my favs from ur wallies
    the atmosphere is so magical :D hehe so cute liitle gold fish ;)
    + fav from me for ur work :D

  16. totodile1 Jun 24, 2006

    nice wallpaper looks so beautiful
    nice sakura background and the girl looks so good
    great keep it up :) +favourite

  17. Kiako Jun 24, 2006

    wow nice wallpaper, the strong colours look very good and the background fits well to the chara.

  18. Rhonda21 Jun 24, 2006

    2 months seems like such a long time. o_0 I'll miss you! Good luck on your trip!

    Anyways, this wall is great! Love the beautiful background! So lovely! The scan matches perfect with it! Ah you are so talented Chi-chan! Well wonderful work sweetie!

  19. starrliteangel Jun 24, 2006

    very very nice. maybe you should have made the edge of the wood a little more rounded so it doesnt look like it just ends, but besides that, this wall is very very pretty! *adds to gallery* thanks for being the first "submission-er" at Celestial-Luminesse! ^.^

    ahhh~~ I cant believe you hate packing! T_T I LOVE to pack! lol I just hate UNpacking. ^_^'

  20. x-lawss Jun 24, 2006

    Very nice wallpaper you have here! I like that. Thanks.

  21. LunaTsukino Jun 24, 2006

    Lovely atmosphere...
    Everytinhg is perfect here in this wallie...
    as always, you're amazing!

    *add to FAV!*

  22. AngelKate Jun 24, 2006

    Your walls are always so gorgeous Chi-chan. ^_^ The textures you made are lovely. I'll miss your wallies while you are gone. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip. ^_^

  23. chore-boy Jun 24, 2006

    beautiful! *favourites*

  24. thecatmistress Jun 24, 2006

    chi-san! ^^ this wall of yours is beautiful. The cherry blossoms are so pretty. and the color flows wonderfully <3 +fav

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