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Malevolent Beauty: One that is full of pure beauty and yet evil still lurks within.

I hope by those words you can see why I named this piece Malevolent Beauty. If not, I suppose I will have to go through it with you. The flower is depicting pure beauty, while the black thorny waves are depicting the malevolent side. Bringing bolth beauty and evil to the flower. Now do you understand the concept? :)

Anywho, I spent all day on this. May seems short, but I mean I really worked hard ALL day..Another thing that is puzzling..The fact I am sick. I always work my best when Im sick.. (wtf)..I have no idea why..I think the reason I worked so hard on this one was because I had nothing else to do..Maybe..When Im sick, its ALL I can do..Therefore I just work in PS all day.. @__@ Just a theory though.

Also, even though I'm terribly sick, I feel great after its completion. I didn't think I'd get it done today, so that was a good feeling. Also, this one is a bit different from my original styles..This one has more detail than usual..Maybe another sickness affect? Not quite sure. But now its finished, I now have a nice new desktop :) Im sorry for those of you who would want a larger version..I dont have any larger version..My bad..

One last thing, thanks to the people who gave me their opinions and helped me improve on this while In the process of making it.. (nekosasu, etc)

Again, I never type this much; sickness affect..Yup..Im finished :D


Chosen by Marissa and biriwilg

The sharp, crisp patterns and clear, intuitive style set this icy blue wallpaper apart from the rest. The juxtaposition of curved and straight, organic and inorganic, pulls the disparate elements together into one cohesive whole.

Proposed by Marissa and highlighted by biriwilg.

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  1. iambobyourruler Jun 24, 2006

    The setting is pleasing to the eyes, clean, and professional. The only thing I dislike is the low res. My new monitor is 1280x960, so it would look blurry if I tried to use this wall on it.

    Still, nicely done. +fav.

  2. BorisGrishenko Jun 24, 2006

    lovely work! I really like it. I hope you are feeling better soon. I am gonna use this on my laptop.

  3. nekosasu Jun 24, 2006

    Awesome work ashley ^^
    I always had a weakness for such artworks, not too plain, not too techy - just perfect for me.
    Nice choice on the title, I didn't really get it at first but your description helped me :D
    The only minus of this wall, as I told you this afternoon, is the size ^^; I'll need to stretch it to use it as a wallpaper on my 1280 desktop ;_;
    Aww thanks for mentioning me, you really shouldn't have :3 I just gave you a small hint, that's all...
    Anyways, keep up the good work! And please get well soon! *casts cure on ashley* (though maybe you won't work your best anymore now... aaaaah what to do... >_<)
    mata ne~

  4. kyokujitsu Jun 24, 2006

    Wow, it's beautiful in it's own strange way ^_^ The design is so simple, yet the flower is really lovely. I'm not sure if the black thorns give off a sense of evil, but they do succeed in representing hidden evil. Overall, a really nice wall. Thanks for sharing ^_^

  5. ShiXon Jun 24, 2006

    whooo~~ i love those stripey lines xD and the flower vector reminds me of thia from hybrid genesis from some reason o.O
    lovely 'icy' colors ashley =P

  6. HaWaIIofHoaI Jun 24, 2006

    huh... malevolent beauty... reminds me of my dad's orchids. they're pretty but my dad cares more for them than he does for me. wtf. anywho, it seems that people have their own ways for dealing with sickness. in my case, i play video games. you make wallpapers and vector art (very good ones at that). O_o anywho, the stripes give a very good contrast to the curvature of other things. =)

  7. Sabbathiel Jun 24, 2006

    beautiful work, I love details and clearness this work, it should be HIGHLIGHTed! Wonderful concept and well done! What can I say more? The people befor me sad everything with I can agree!

  8. Adana Jun 24, 2006

    i've been searching for a wallie to refresh my desktop and i think i've found what i've been looking for ^^ ;)

  9. Osiris Retired Moderator Jun 24, 2006

    ooooooh what a small wall *runs* XD

    eeeeiiii its pretty, awesome vector my fellow washingtonian :]

  10. Misato-Kun Jun 24, 2006

    I see we have another impeccable wall with a flower theme again as well! Really amazing detail and blend of colors; the colors in this wall really compliment each other and really accentuates the malevolent beauty. Thanks for the hard work, chubbykitty! And hope you get well too :D

  11. IzumiChan Jun 24, 2006

    Oh, so clean! *_*
    I loved it, very chromed. ^_^'
    A fave. :)

  12. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jun 25, 2006

    ooh, I like the colours. and the cleanness of it. the design and composition are well-done! :)

  13. Frosty Jun 25, 2006

    nice flower and very stylish patterns...
    looks awesome.. :D

  14. Boko Jun 25, 2006

    simple, yet beatiful....goes to fav immediately *lol*

  15. Aimee1991 Jun 26, 2006

    its soo cool! i really love the flower and the metallic cold colours ^_^

  16. l3or3dom Jun 26, 2006

    wow...very nice...good job...keep it up ok?...:D

  17. melymay Jun 27, 2006

    wow, you should be sick all the time ;) heheh.. great job with the wall :) i wish i had you sickness affects ^_^' anyways, i love everything about this wall :D keep it up! +faves

  18. CORALIAN Jun 28, 2006

    very interesting, i like looking at it :)

  19. k1ru Jun 28, 2006

    oh. mai. godness.

    you are SICK! i hate yaaaaa.... this is a really nice vector, ashley! *cries*
    this is BEAUTIFULL!

    and... you are really sick? oh... i hope you will getting better soon, ashley! ^^

  20. midsummer Jun 28, 2006

    it is simple and simply TOO BEAUTIFUL!
    omgosh... i just love the hell out of it!

  21. mystvearn Jun 28, 2006

    Very nice calming effect this wallpaper gives out. Simple, and no anime characters

  22. foreverforgotten Jun 28, 2006

    Ah, lovely vector art. I like the patterns done on it ^^ and the colors are really nice =)

  23. mikko87 Jun 28, 2006

    it came out really nice, nice color tone too ^^ i really like your wallie =)

  24. Somnabu Jun 29, 2006

    combination of clearness and simple things makes it worth more people to regard.
    Although it is not a big idea and fantastic arrangement, but it shows people what 's fashioned and cool

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