Gungrave Wallpaper: Gungrave: Destruction of Twilight

Madhouse, Gungrave, Brandon Heat Wallpaper
Madhouse Studio Gungrave Series Brandon Heat Character

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Artist Comment

**********PLZ PLZ PLZ take a look on full view for the nutty vector job XD ***********

Hiya boys and girls and everyone from all ages.. XD

I little quick note... from this point on... I am going to have a boycott on making anymore walls with a anime girl(s) on it.... there are by far way too much wall with girls of all kinds and not enough guys. Okay, not that is a bad thing, but we need some cool looking guy walls and I am going to try to provide a few of them, starting with one of my all time favorite anime character, Brandon Heat, also know as Beyond the Grave.

This anime didn't get to be that popular due to its unusual way to begin the story with a misleading first eps. But for those who haven't watch the whole series, you got to come back and take a look. It will not disappoint you for I think personally this is by far one of the best tragic hero story anime I have seen.

Wallpaper Stats:
Title: Gungrave: Destruction of Twilight
Original Picture from: http://animepa.csusm.edu/galleries/F-G/Gungrave/ (thank you Nuriko and her top notch scan site...) ;)
Time spend: about 2 months *on and off* most of the time spend on vectoring the image.. as you can see from the scan.. Vectoring this picture is no joke.. And I couldn't have done it without the help of my silly friend http://sugasuga.minitokyo.net/ Shhe help me with the vectoring with the hair which is.. ugh.. all over the place.. >_< It ws really hard
Background Inspiration: From this awesome DA waller and "cough" fellow Brazil Futbol lover's work... :nya: http://celsojunior.deviantart.com/gallery/ check out his gallery.. his work really gave me a few ideas on how to make a wall background with simplicity and beauty together in one package. :D

with that note... I hope you guys would give me a few good words on the fruits of my labor... ^_^' Thanks! :D

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  1. Odeena Jun 23, 2006

    Spiffy job on the vector! I don't know the anime, but I can tell that you did a great job... congratulations!

  2. Inuyasha2007 Jun 23, 2006

    Great wall. Gungrave is a pretty good anime. You did really well
    on this wall. I like it. *favs*

  3. Sandra Jun 23, 2006

    Please Frosty remove this blurry things in upper left corner beecoz it looks weird , too blured ! Without it it will be a really great work as always ! Tell me if ya remove it ! DUnno meaby you should add some birds (vectored) but really this thing is too blurry ! It's my opinion...But really great work in vectoring and concept !

  4. anji Jun 23, 2006

    Ah Ah I was thinking the same thing for a long time. Not enough cool guys wallie! XD
    Anime guys are so much cooler than girls most of the time.
    Really really great vector of Brandon wow can't say anything wrong about it.
    And a pretty original and unusual background for the vector, not the background I would expect for this scan, but it looks nice, just maybe a bit confusing. But since this series is chaotic, I think it works here.
    Thanks for sharing Frosty, looking foward to your next work, wich character are you going to wall?

  5. Sugasuga Jun 23, 2006

    wah, seems nutty is still sticking with that background, lol. well, as I said, great vector, but the background needs to be more grungy, imo. nice work anyways =p

  6. annakee Jun 24, 2006

    excellent vector... an orderly chaos? haha.. very nice ;)

  7. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jun 24, 2006

    Wow, awesome wallie! And I applaud you on your boycott! More wallies with guys on them! XD I also like the different backgrounds behind the character. Very cool. ;) Well, keep up the great work I'll look forward to seeing it! :D

  8. Hanazaki Jun 24, 2006

    I should have known this will be your work! Can't skip that trademark of yours! :) Yeah, another cool guy wallpaper. You're right. There should be more cool guy wallpaper. I like what you did with your bg. Keep up the good work.

  9. Yina Jun 24, 2006

    Mhmm this one reminds me of one of your old wallpapers.. >__<
    the bg on the left is a bit blurry, but apart from that, naisu work!
    your vectoring skillz has improved amazingly! *__*

  10. rafaellaGP Jun 25, 2006

    ahh cool wallpaper! *.*
    i like this bg and of scan!
    great work! ^^

  11. TrigunPreacherGirl Jun 29, 2006

    Yay! Another Nightow Yasuhiro fan! Huzzah! Thank you so much for sharing! it's pretty cool... his smile reminds me of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith... wierd... :D . Thank you again!

    }edit{: Crud, he's not actually smiling... So sorry... :sweat: X 100!

  12. evasion Jul 05, 2006

    O_O wow! I absolutely love the detail in the bg, and that is some uber vectoring you've got going on there! I hope all is well and sorry if I've missed some of your works. +fav+

  13. walkure245 Jul 08, 2006

    I like the unique way you have been doing your bgs. It gives it a sense that they are three scenarios that he's involve in. You vector him?! Wow! You have become so amazing. Go you. XD Back to the bg. I like the abstract look and reminds of scenes that I use to create in art class. Love the variation of colors. Really nice work~

  14. PAche Jul 10, 2006

    arGH after typing a whole chunk of text my internet went haywire and guess what?EVERYTHING WENT GONE :| guess i gotta type again -_-

    first off, beutiful wallpaper.its not gettin the attention it deserves <33 -pats frosty on back- i sure know how that feels XD

    i love the bg, its so simple and clean yet not empty or messy.damn i've been attempting to make that kind of bg for the past 1 yr since i first picked up graphic designing and i havent even been near that kind of result T_T and you make it look so easy.its not fair -grumble-

    the bg and stock also goes well together.he looks pissed and ready to demolish anything and everything.the bg looks like its some damaged thing too XD perfect blend.and the hair...i can imagine how much time and eye-power (is there such a thing?) needed for that...all those outlines... x_x jeez

    my only complain is the outline of the face.the rest of the outlines are black, and the face being of different colour makes it look weird.like you outlines with the wrong colour unintentionally

    i can't resist this.+FAVE(!)

  15. rubenz Jul 27, 2006

    this one is a great wallpape and i think u deserver more fave from this ^^ fave for me :D

  16. chisaikame Aug 18, 2006

    ohayo Frosty-kun! :D i see that you still use three paneled bg on the wallies.. :) omedetou! :D

    i've always liked stylized action sequences.. -so i'll definitely check out gungrave...! honto ni everything was vectored? even the character? i think it is very meticulous and well executed, like the tiny details.. (gotta love cross around his hat :) although i think the character seems to blend in with the bg.. ^_^' perhaps because of the sizeable red areas (in the bg and character).. ^_^'.. but your wallie still kicks a**.. XD XD

  17. xcayu Oct 21, 2006

    OHH,this one is very cool.I didn't seen it before ...

  18. darkangeluz108 Jul 04, 2010

    I usually not put fav on vectors... but this is amazing! Congratulations I love it :)

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