Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Lacus in Orb Uniform

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne, Vector Art


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I don't have an exam today, so I did this...

I just starting thinking out of the blue, "hey, I wonder what Lacus would look like in an Orb uniform". So I took a scan of Cagalli for clothes trace and a scan of Lacus for hair and face.

I thought it'd be easy since they're in similar poses for both scans, and the light sources are similar. but midway through, I realised that Cagalli's uniform in slightly different (in colour and design). Cagalli doesn't have that belt that the others do, and the blue area is different too. So I had to do some modifications to the waist and chest areas (that's why the shading and shapes look kinda weird... sorry, I'm not good at cell-shading...), using Murrue's uniform as a model for colours and design. Yeah, I gave Lacus the same rank as Murrue (since she's the captain of the Eternal). I also had to do some modifications to the neck area due to Cagalli's head leans forward and Lacus' head is tilted back.

There are weird areas, but hopefully it doesn't look too awkward :)

hmm, to answer my inspiration question, I think Lacus doesn't look too bad in that uniform :)

Edit: changed background slightly, and changed hair colours a bit.

wanna see Cagalli in a ZAFT uniform: Cagalli in ZAFT? by MapleRose

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  1. aestalitz Jun 23, 2006

    Pretty nice! But I think Lacus might actually wear a shorter skirt ^^;

  2. Abzuseilue Jun 23, 2006

    great vector again , soo freedom in your life, no stress :) always have time to make some CG arts

  3. SakuraShirayuki Jun 23, 2006

    pretty! I love it!

  4. Kukuru Jun 24, 2006

    Yay another lacus :) I have to say... her head seems on a wierd angle. I think her ponytail needs another tone of color to add another layer of depth, otherwise it's another nice vector :)

    Hehe I think you are like the supplier of Gundam Seed Vectors here at MT -soon you are going to be getting requests for wallpapers and everything! :D

  5. rubenz Jun 24, 2006

    oww its good ^^ i never imagine she is in orb suit but its great ^^

  6. moonescape Jun 24, 2006

    Actually that does look like it fits perfect it Lacus' head and Cagalli's body. This is nice. ^-^

  7. EldaLacus92 Jun 24, 2006

    Ohh! Good one! It's suits her and you're right about the pose!
    They are in similar pose, ne?

  8. Justice48 Jun 24, 2006

    ... I think I now know why she doesn't wear an Orb uniform like the rest...
    She looks somehow better in her usual set of dresses.

    But don't worry, that doesn't mean this isn't good. I like it. ^^ Good job on the vector. :)

  9. UchihaTaijiya Jun 25, 2006

    Awesome work and I like how she looks!
    ^^ Keep it up my friend!

  10. walkure245 Jul 08, 2006

    You did a really nice job incorporating Lacus and Cagalli's pose. And I have always wanted to see Lacus wearing the orb uniform. XD The only small thing is the bottom part of her hair. The dark shdaing should be extended just a bit down. It's small detail but I nitpick. I think her features should be done black to match the rest of the outlines but I like the look of the lines there. The colors were done really well. Really great work.

  11. Haven100 Jul 14, 2006

    Lacus looks good in all her clothing, but she doesn't look very good in a orb uniform, but she always looks good! Great vector!

  12. kiokorenay703 Jul 29, 2006

    So, i guess u liked my wallie since it was a vector of lucas too! hehe lol! well i am glad u liked it!, and WOW this vector is LIKE HOLY MOLY, i love its so pretty, she is so cute in her uniform, i love the colors, and the out line is very well done, thanks so much for sharing it, its a must be FAV! thank u !

  13. ZalaCagalli Aug 04, 2006

    That ain't bad actually, I think it's rather cool looking seeing her in ORB. Lacus is soooo sweet! ^__^

  14. teletha Aug 04, 2006

    I really like this one! Very nice. I do see Lacus is a shorter skirt though. :D She would personalize it in some way, just because she Lacus. Very nice idea though. Great job.

  15. Saulofein Aug 18, 2007

    Very nice ^^
    (but Zaft's uniform are the best :D )

  16. casey22 Feb 07, 2008

    Woah...Lacus in normal clothes! Cute! I like her other clothes too. Very unique!
    Very nice, MapleRose-chan :)

  17. LadySnickerdoodle Oct 06, 2008

    I always wondered what Lacus would look like if she manned up and felt the weight of a uniform. This is very nicely done, from what you say it took an absurd amount of work, but it comes together nicely.

  18. fitarol15 Jul 17, 2014

    It Would Be Better If She Wore A Uniform..I Like It

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