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1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Wow! How long has it been since I've done a Bleach wall? XD

Well, I started the vector of Byakuya a while ago, but because the image was so small and bad quality, I got lazy and stopped working on it.

Then yesterday I decided to get off my ass and finish it, and try to make to wall out of it.
So, original image:

(Yeah, that small >_>)

Vectored it as best as I could, but if you see anything funky that I missed, just say so. It's kinda plain, but I tried adding other things (landscape, clouds, etc etc) but it looked too busy.

Time: about 4 hours
Layers: 28
Textures from DA!

Comments welcome!

Edit #1: I was gonna outline his arm and hand, but it just looks weird, so I'm leaving it as it is.

Edit #2: So people will stop complaining about his glowy arm (his whole body is glowing, btw):


Honestly, I like it better without the outline :hmpf:

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  1. LilLaoRyo704 Jun 20, 2006

    awesome job, love the background and the vector aswell, awesome job chloe, Ja!

  2. kunoichi-chan Jun 20, 2006

    great vectooooooooR ! Nice job!
    Such a cool wall! :D

  3. etherelithic Jun 20, 2006

    absolutely superb. Fantastic manipulation of background and foreground. It is very interesting to see the background in front of the main figure, and making the foreground more flat and 2Dish than the main figure leands a fascinating picture. Excellent job.

  4. inREVERIEforever Jun 20, 2006

    Wow. Such a pretty vector. ^^ You did such a great job, especially since that picture was so small! XD
    I love the background too. Yay, keep up the great work. =D

  5. SakuraNinja-Chan Jun 20, 2006

    awsome vector!
    Byakuya looks really intense (as always..)
    The background is pretty awsome too.
    keep up the awsome work! ^^

  6. Sue-chan Jun 20, 2006

    i'll comment you on Ap and i knew that it is the Chloe from MT. ^^
    i really do love it, and amazing vectoring on that one. it's so fantastic and i'll make it to my favs. ^^

  7. shiningdays Jun 20, 2006

    mmmm. if the byakuya vector had been outlined, this wall would've been perfect :D as it is, it's a good wall right now~

  8. eclair-chan Jun 20, 2006

    ZOMFG....OMFG BYAKUYA-KUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU(...) *dies* hi's hotness once again prevails against me >///<, I really love this!, I heart byakuya and this is so cool!, I really like those sakyra petals so cool, and those colors are amazing!, nice! I should dl and put it as my new desktop!

  9. annakee Jun 21, 2006

    yeh... beautifull vector as always Chloe-chan. these bankai looks so cool... tremendous ^^

  10. aishiteraburu Jun 21, 2006

    Its a really nice wall and vector chole-chan
    but you should make the outline
    atleast for his hand, it kind of looks smudgy without the outline
    but i definately like the background

  11. shinigami11 Jun 21, 2006

    whats with byakuya's face? looks funny....apart from that, good wallpaper

  12. SorrowWings Jun 21, 2006

    Great Vector! You vectored this Really well since the image was small. Byakuya looks so cool here!
    No need to worry you did a great job with the background! And everyone who commented loves the background too. Right!?
    I haven't done favs in a long time and this is a fav. Thanks for the hard work and wallie!

  13. phamthuha Jun 21, 2006

    Not bad sweetie ^_^ I am not really keen on Male wallie +__+
    Okay you forgot CW banner ^_^ So add it in plz ;) Thankie ^_^

    Keep up your nice work sweetie ^_^

  14. Susan-chan Jun 21, 2006

    byakuya ^_^ my way on the high way..xD okok:D great wally:P blablabla:D :P i luv it:D

  15. Sandra Jun 21, 2006

    Ppl are makin sooo many walls with Bleach characters O_o
    And you're next :D
    This is your vision.....let's see....yess.....nice :D
    Cool vector , and nice bg :)
    +fav :)

  16. Morphee Jun 21, 2006

    i'm always amazed by how well you organize space in your walls! your sense of texture is great aswell! XD and your vectoring is outstanding ;)

    great job as always!

  17. PAche Jun 21, 2006

    yes his arm looks wierd as it is.i was wondering why it looked so...bright then i realised, oh it is shining.lol.and it was a good idea to keep it plain, or else there'd be no space for icons and such XD wonderfully done vector, as always ^^, and i like the textures.i love textures, praise be to the ones who first thought of the idea of it.

  18. chiriann Jun 21, 2006

    Amazing work, really ! To do such a wonderful wallie from so small image - you are a genius ! It looks perfect, and.. it`s Byakuya... :). Thank you sooo much !

  19. geninlv1 Jun 21, 2006

    The glowing right arm threw me off. Otherwise, it's a pretty good vector job and wallpaper altogether.

  20. Misato-Kun Jun 21, 2006

    Flawless vectoring as always, Chloe-chan! Great job on this one, keep up the awesome work :D

  21. anji Jun 22, 2006

    I agree it's better without the outline. :)
    I like that vector style, don't know if something is missing, at first view, it doesn't seem so.
    I really like the background, don't know why, the mix of colors is great I think and texture too.
    There's maybe too much glowing around those katanas for my taste and eyes lol but beside that I really like the wall.
    Nice work as always Chloe-chan :)

  22. pegassuss Jun 22, 2006

    Lovely work Chloe-chan! ^-^ The vector is nicely done and the composition is great. I love the position of the blades and their glowing and the colors are really nice. I love the colors of the background the scheme is beautiful. Great work, chloe-chan! ^^

  23. SkyKing8 Jun 22, 2006

    Another great wallpaper! The colour and feeling about it adds passion and energy towards Byakuya. Hope to see more amazing artwork. :D

  24. ROSEANA Jun 22, 2006

    it's very nice wall.. i like this color on this wall and white sword..and i very love Byakuya..he's very lovely ......AAAA! ^//o//^(shy)
    thANK YOU ^O^

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