Saint Seiya Wallpaper: Aphrodite flame

Future Studio, Saint Seiya, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, Sacred Saga, Aphrodite Specter Wallpaper
Future Studio Mangaka Saint Seiya Series Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas Series,OVA Sacred Saga Artbook Aphrodite Specter Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

yeahh! finnaly i fineshed my wall of the Aphrodite! \o/
aahhhh this wall really give me much, much, much work! x.x
hmm well I remade this wall three times! U.U
nhaaa but i like of this final result! ^^

i really like this scan of the Aphrodite! is really beautiful!
and give me much work for clean! ^^""
i found this scan here: Aphrodite by stamen
and this wall have 48 layers!

brush credit: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/34667162/

this is a gift for my dear boyfriend of birthday! ^^
Lucas! XD
like you soooo much dear! *hugs* ^^

special thanks:
thanks sooo much my dears friends: Akira-san, help me really much sensei! XD KennyMcCormmick! thanks dear x* *hugs*
and Idril-chan, my inspiration! XD luv you dear! ^^

hope you like!
pls comments! ^^

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  1. KouyamaArashi Jun 20, 2006

    Que liiiindoooo Rafaaa! *-* Seus walls estao a cada dia melhores, hein...? ^^
    Um super fav...o.<

  2. Inuyasha-FAN Jun 20, 2006

    o.o Wow that is awesome! Favs.

  3. Akarix Jun 20, 2006

    The effects are awesome.. XD there izzz so many things happening but still the wallpaper looks nice.. ^^ good job..~ continue with all the good work~~


  4. enchantment Jun 20, 2006

    wow, pretty, i love the background and the pillars and the sparkles, lovely wall^^

  5. Sabbathiel Jun 20, 2006

    very nice wallpaper, those spark- and shinening effects are looking nice :) Background is good, nice work!

  6. thecatmistress Jun 20, 2006

    absolutely gorgeous

  7. Babaganoosh Mute Member Jun 20, 2006

    niceely done!awsome! :)

  8. cherry12 Jun 21, 2006

    so revolutionary, so bold and--- yet so brilliant! *puts on favs* ::nya::

  9. Idril Jun 22, 2006

    Pretty Rafa-chan! The scan is really great and you used great effets on background, honey!
    wonderful as always!
    +favs for you ^-~

    ps: sorry,but I'm yet without free time for answer your e-mail -_-..... I have hard test on this Saturday.... gomen Rafa-chan! Don't kill me! XD

  10. sylvacoer Jun 22, 2006

    Oooooh, the shinies! @_@ The columns are just gorgeous, but all the sparkly detail - makes the racoon in me go "Wheeeeeeeee~!" ^_^

  11. KennyMcCormmick Jun 22, 2006

    Aêêê, Rafa-chan.
    I liked very much of the result of your work...
    The blue bg fits very well with the Afrodite, better than the gray one. xD
    Thanks for accept my suggestion. xDDDDDDD
    +fav for you my cute friend... love ya :****
    kisses for you.. ^^ bye

  12. Frosty Jun 23, 2006

    looks cool...
    I think that image however is way over use through .. but still it is nice..
    nice job.. :D

  13. agnetha06 Jun 24, 2006

    i really like the background... so beautiful especially the sky, so many emotions playing out all at once... keep up the good work...

  14. marcoskatsuragi Jun 24, 2006

    Muito bom, como sempre ^__^ Não conhecia esta personagem naum... :D

  15. cloh Jun 25, 2006

    Awesome wall! It looks so magic^^ Really amazing!

  16. eternallegend Jul 08, 2006

    lovely wall, the background looks really nice ^^

  17. Yu-huang Jul 20, 2006

    Beautiful background, great effects.+fav

  18. Tsuraibara Jul 24, 2006

    Wow such lovely shades of blue! I love the original picture of Aphrodite too, I was thinking of walling it myself. Nice job!

  19. aznprianime Jan 07, 2007

    verrryyy beautiful! :D
    the details and the bkground were done perfectly ;)
    +fav :)

  20. moonlightdreamer Jun 30, 2007

    wow such a beautiful wallpapaer!

  21. JTJ3382 Feb 06, 2009

    which part in anime that she appear, i wonder?

  22. rujaine Aug 17, 2009

    la foto esta mas que vuena

  23. shaka4 Dec 29, 2009

    The Wallpaper of Card Captor Sakura is really a Excelent Wallpaper

  24. fullmetalddragon May 27, 2010

    Nice pic, thanks for sharing.

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