Bleach Wallpaper: Kurosaki Ichigo - Most Wanted

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Ichigo Kurosaki Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hmm, I spent the WHOLE day doing this damn thing because my PC is retarded. Well, I finally got it done a while ago. Anyways, this wallpaper was requested by my friend Teck, aka. Mr.Subaru aka. Jakiro aka. Twin-Headed-Dragon. Well, you get the point. Anyways, I spent 2 hours on the wall itself (Yes! I learnt how to do it myself!), then one whole hour on the Grafitti, seeing as how much my friends love it so much. I spent one hour extracting Ichigo, using the scan from the very kind Lucrezia-Valentine. To put everything together, I took another 2 hours. Hard work isn't it? Then theres the Wanted Poster, which took 3 hours straight. Hmm, total time taken 9 hours. >_>" I swear, I've never spent so much time on a wallpaper. Anyways, this wallpaper is dedicated to my buddies, also all the good people in Soul-Society Shinigami group, and my girl who was there supporting me the whole day (online of course, otherwise I would never have it done so soon) XD Enjoy folks, I hope its good enough. Criticism both positive and negative would be highly appreciated. Oh yes, I was listening to Ichirin no Hana, Houki Boshi, and other songs from the Bleach soundtrack while making this.

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  1. cassandraronald Jun 19, 2006

    awesome wallie
    i love the bg and i like the wanted poster

  2. LucreziaValentine Jun 19, 2006

    Nioce job Rengeki-san! ^_^ I like this wallpaper so much! >.<

  3. Sabbathiel Jun 19, 2006

    I haven't see none of Bleach episodes... but I like this scan, it is so clear and looks great, this WAll is nice... maybe some "defects of that"? I mean... in area where people can make graffiti there is not many "beautiful" houses, so wall should look a little bit older, some wholes in wall and not so brand new, but I like it. ;-) that is only my little worth sugestion :P, THis poster is awesome, I really would to know how have you made it :) Very nice work! Fav from me!

  4. Odeena Jun 19, 2006

    Awesome new wallpaper Shin-san! I love how you've done the background, and the wanted poster looks cool. +Fav from me for your work!

  5. drag0 Jun 19, 2006

    You spend whole day on this, but it wasn't pointless. because wall is great. Grafitti rocks! XD *fav*

  6. inuyashalove04 Jun 20, 2006

    The wall and the grafitti are awesome, and so is the scan. But, I like the wanted picture more than anything. Nice work!

  7. iWach Jun 20, 2006

    finally~ hahaha an ichigo wall... we've been waiting kev..
    thx a lot man... it looks great!
    5 mil? tats too little for ichigo..lol..
    theres some good graffiti..
    do tat in the arts week thang..haha..
    ba tats it from me..

  8. RainMin Jun 20, 2006

    YayyyyY~~~ submitted huh~? XP
    don't know whether my suggestion was good enough?
    heheheh~ but seem alot people like it~ then it's okay i think~
    and Owh! yeah! Ang was right~ 5 mil is to little for ichigo! XP
    heheheheh xPPP
    Btw! you're the best! XDDD

  9. altec45 Jun 22, 2006

    wow....specially for me..?hahaha ;) hao kan tung orhh~! heheheh
    thankz bro...nice job btw...i lyk it...one word for it COOL~! HAHHAA :D

  10. Liz Jun 22, 2006

    AHHHHH, so pretty! i love it! i love the wanted papers and the theme of your wallpaper its great. I also love the look ichigo is giving it's really Cool! Excellent work

  11. niomea Jun 25, 2006

    For the very first time, I saw someone make Ichigo so mature, and RengekiShin Senpai melted my heart just at the first sight.

    Either in anime or manga, Ichigo always looked rather indifferent, despite his great care toward people around him, but in this wallpaper, you expose the true him perfectly. A gentle hearted, mature yet warm young man in the making.

    Salute, maestro.

  12. debrah Jul 04, 2006

    This is seriously hotness brought to a whole new level<3 I LOVE ICHIGO(: +favs x 9348530984

  13. animes-4eva-rox Jul 05, 2006

    nice wall there ! :)
    nice solid looking wall behind o give just enough effect 4 ur wallpaper
    it really is cool looking ! =)
    but ichigo's hair style is not quite the same though :(
    keep on improving

  14. thepeach Jul 09, 2006

    Oh! This is One piece? Ah! No! Ichigo look like luffy. He really COOL!

  15. kd001 Jul 14, 2006

    what bad guy :D

  16. yen420 Jul 24, 2006

    Hey... it's a cool looking wallpaper. I like the background and how it compliments the main image. Nice. I'm pretty sure this'll grace my desktop very soon.. =)

  17. miyano Aug 05, 2006

    good try on making this whole wallpaper yourself.
    i can see that there's two wanted posters..it looks weird with two posters anyway.. and about the poster,i think it would be better if you didn't do the erm like difference effect? or something like negative making him look black and all..
    your bricks don't look real(don't worry,i can't do that too) but it doesn't match with the poster and the graffiti.
    what is that round thingy behind him?
    good choice of scan.

  18. Masteraugmenta8 Dec 12, 2006

    wahey! this is the one we sold like heck. hahaha, good times. I'll give this one an average. Meaning it's good, on the verge of goin bad. hahhahah

  19. Piso Jun 02, 2009

    good, nice with the wall in the background.
    With the wanted posters with inverted image

  20. dragon123 Sep 18, 2010

    nice wall! I like it, and the effects you used are very good

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