Cowboy Bebop Wallpaper: Welcome West

Toshihiro Kawamoto, Sunrise (Studio), Cowboy Bebop, Spike Spiegel, Jet Black Wallpaper
Toshihiro Kawamoto Mangaka Sunrise (Studio) Studio Cowboy Bebop Series Spike Spiegel Character Jet Black Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It's Bebop Western style yo~ ^.^ When I first heard the title Cowboy Bebop I thought it was some Western show. Little did I know it was one great anime. I can up with this silly little idea while looking at my friend's blog layound - she had this totally awesome one of Bebop done in the style of old parchment with a pen. So I thought up a wanted poster and all that. Then I thought it'd be hilarious to give Ein a sheriff badge and hat. And thus this wall spawned. I'll probably do some touchups on it like the wood is a bit funny.

This wall displays my amazing art skills (or lack thereof)! I did the sky, the cactus (yes, it's a cactus in the back with the black), the tumbleweed (can't you tell it's tumbleweed? XD), Ein's sheriff star, and the wanted poster (no including the pictures). The building was made using a reference photo. Originially the scene was going to be just vectors but I got "creative" and decided to add textures. What a pain that was - I need to learn to use textures better. The cowboy hat was an image I changed a bit & the sand is also a texture (but I colored everything!).

I'll probably update this every now and then once I get better at art. I'll probably change textures a bit more, maybe add more details to the cactus, add a canyon in the background, mess around with persepective, add a rope for the hat, and all that good stuff. But I really did put a lot of effort into this wall, even if it doesn't look like it ^^;

This wall is meant to be whimsical in case anyone was wondering ^.^

Edit: Took Cloudnine's advice and grunged it a bit - sorry for the messy brushwork ^^;

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  1. h2dz Jul 04, 2004

    hello stardusted... well how nice to see u... leveling up faster than i do... jk, u kno we love ya XD

    oh yea the wallie, well its pretty good specially wit the cute puppy... i like cowboy beebop... anyways, great job and keep it up :)

  2. Cloudnine Jul 04, 2004

    nice work ^^~ The wood texture is well done and the overall design of the wall looks great =D The poster looks good too, but because the rest of the wall looks fairly uniform and clean, it looks a bit odd XD

    i would recommnend grunging the entire image to look like an old photo~ some tear lines, burns, etc. It will help bring the wall together as a whole ^^

  3. dmacgamer Jul 04, 2004

    wow this is so cool...it's likee part of the show or something haha..... nicely done XD

  4. Kane Jul 04, 2004

    Very cool concept. The sand and the tree-texture are well made. Good job.

  5. fugo Jul 04, 2004

    In the world of cowboy bebop, the unit of money is not $

  6. miyuna Jul 04, 2004

    Quote by fugoIn the world of cowboy bebop, the unit of money is not $

    even so, it's a cool idea. i like it. n_n

  7. kino Jul 04, 2004

    awsome concept! lovin it XD

  8. RAXXEPUNK Banned Member Jul 05, 2004

    jUsT aWeSOmE
    0.5 resolution + 0.5 concept = favorite!

  9. ohemgee Jul 05, 2004

    great wall.

  10. BANFF Jul 05, 2004

    yo~~~! nice.

  11. Electrastar Jul 06, 2004

    Cool one, great idea.

  12. kragamuffin Jul 09, 2004

    Really well done! I love the Western look in combination with Cowboy Bebop, probably one of the best I've ever seen, keep up the great work!

  13. laprochainemort Jul 12, 2004

    Very cool idea and a great wallpaper, another one from you that I'll have to put on my wallpaper rotation list.

  14. DanielMuyo Jul 14, 2004

    Nice scan

  15. gunguts Aug 24, 2004

    very pleasante wallpaper, thanks...

  16. kenshiro Aug 28, 2004

    thx! l like this style!

  17. zyan Sep 15, 2004

    Interesting wallpaper. A piece of paper on a wall within a wallpaper. Good idea.

  18. ShingoHibiki Oct 09, 2004

    Excellent job. I love the idea.

  19. firnthoronwen Oct 17, 2004

    What a cool, original wall! And I love anything with Ein in it. ^_^ I'm glad I trolled the Cowboy Bebop gallery again, I somehow missed this before. Definitely +fav

  20. Richie Oct 23, 2004

    hmm, I like this style... awesome western style it got there. thanks for sharing

  21. Vitaralastla Nov 15, 2004

    Only one-million wolongs????????

    Those four easily blew up as much as poor Vash (from Trigun), and he's worth sixty-billion double dollars!!!


    Yah, too much sugar, not enough sleep and an overdose of anime... dangerous combo...

    Good pic though!!


  22. valkorn Dec 22, 2004

    Wonderful. Ein is soooooo cool here, as well as the poster. Thanx for the scan, it definitely belongs here!

  23. CradleOfDeath Apr 05, 2005

    haha thats pretty cool... i like that western grungy style too... the wanted signs r funny nice job!

  24. Aa-chan May 13, 2005

    Love the style and Ein looks so cute in the picture. Excellent work and added to my favourites :) .

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