Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Push the Stars!

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Mokona Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Mokona Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Rushing since I'm going out soon >_< I've wanted to make a Mokona wall for a looong time now, for pretty obvious reasons. But they somehow defy my various walling attempts... I think this is the third go D: I wanted to give the outline-less vector thing a try >__< and ended up keeping things simple, but this still took a long time u.u;;

Anyways, Mokonas vectored from this scan, sun and moon (sort of) vectored off this scan; cloud-squiggles vectored off of this scan from ladydarkmoon's livejournal... bit of invisible texture in the bg from resurgere.deviantart.com... and I think that's it. Oh yeah, and this is also my (last, hopefully) remake of my first wall ever >_<

Huge loves to taters for being my checker for this wall <3 And shi-chan, I hope you're happy now >xD

P.S. Oh god... *dies* I was in such a huge hurry to upload wall before crappy wireless dies and leaving for family trip to Santa Monica that I completely forgot about the sig <___< Thanks shinn for pointing it out... It actually just took my retarded laptop over an hour to load up PS, put in the sig, save and close... >_> *waks* And... thanks for all the feedback thus far, I'm happily overwhelmed at all the love for the Mokonas ;_;

P.P.S. Additional res available at pixel ellipsis :)

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  1. Electrastar Jun 16, 2006

    What? No comments yet...well allow me.

    KAWAI, this is so cute. I love the simple design and the soft pastel colors. Simple and trendy all at once, great work.

  2. natsume44 Jun 16, 2006

    Ah, this is awesome! I love Mokona, although I've never noticed there's no walls of...him? Her? It? Oh well, I gues gender doesn't matter. :)

  3. KawaiiCardcaptorSakura Jun 16, 2006

    Kyaaa! I love mokona! He's soooo cute! :D

    I love your wallie too! It's simple and sweet! ^^
    Kawaii job! ^___^

  4. Yina Jun 16, 2006

    *new desktop* *__*
    the idea and composition are too cute x__x
    great work as always! =3

  5. fawna-chan Jun 16, 2006

    Mokonas! (^o^)
    This wallpaper is just soo cute and the simple designs match well with the Mokona's designs. I like the colors lots, two of my favorite colors. The sun and moon idea is good too! :D

  6. Sandra Jun 16, 2006

    The cutest wall i've ever seen ! How Kawaii *___* ! Definitly a fav,Great,Clean,Sweet :D Love It Flyin :)

  7. kai81220 Jun 16, 2006

    >___< cute! XD

    love the concept for this wall esp the vectored sun. hot! XP
    great cloud design too.

    wah please take it easy in the walling competition ;_______;
    i dont want to die >_<;;;

    XD +fav

  8. aqiaqua Jun 16, 2006

    Awww....That's so cute and simple! Simple is good, there's lots of busy backgrounds...but this is a nice change.....Fave from me!

  9. euna Retired Moderator Jun 16, 2006

    Very simple design, yet it works very well.
    The pastel colours and the layout looks very nice.
    I find it interesting that you've matched mokona with the moon and the other black one (eh... can't remember it's name now, I'm sure it had a different name) with the sun. It gives a nice contrast, but I would have thought that the black one was closer to the moon rather than the sun. Btw, this isn't a critique. I'm just pointing out that it's interesting how you contrasted the colours together - it's great. =D
    Very cute wallpaper. Nice vectoring btw.

  10. ShiXon Jun 16, 2006

    shi is extremely happy suu >D mwahahahaha ~
    and shi loves those boingy stars , and yes ! the textures are invisble ~
    great job on thingkin a simple concept for the wall but still make it look nice and adorable flyin :3 +fav
    yay mokona modoki chuu !

  11. calisqo Jun 16, 2006

    Very nice.
    Crips clean and WELL designed.

    Simplicity def brings out thebest from your desing.
    Color choice is nice, it relates to the whole composition.
    I really like the dotted lines, very tasteful in a sense.

    Overall nice work.
    Looks awesome on a cellphone XD IMO XD

  12. Tama-Neko Jun 17, 2006

    Awesome. I love the Simple-ism. Pastel colors really work well for cute little Mokonas. I think the cloud curves could be a bit rounder, but a minor quibble. Love the dotted lines giving motion to the stars, makes the wall more dynamic, y'know?
    I could see this making a very cute stationary set.

  13. SorrowWings Jun 17, 2006

    THis is adorable! I love the moon and sun this! reminds me of CCS don't it!
    Even though its simple It still looks fantastic! ^.^ (I could never make some thing like this... I'm full of shame...) Well this is great! Thanks!

  14. enchantment Jun 17, 2006

    aww, soo cute, lovely wall^^

  15. ayaki Jun 17, 2006

    sugee kawaii~
    this is THE mokona wall :)
    this wall is filled with cuteness and nothing else.
    ahhahah calisqo's "looks awesome on a cellphone"
    great job flyin'~

  16. shinsengumi Retired Moderator Jun 17, 2006

    There really isn't anything I can say that others haven't said already, but I love the simple, clean look, the pastel palette, the little dotted lines that help give it an extra cutesy and playful feel. Wonderfully done!

    Quote by Tama-NekoI could see this making a very cute stationary set.

    I completely agree.

  17. CosmoStar Jun 17, 2006

    *Fullviews it*
    Gorgeous! This is simply stylish! It's joyful, sweet and soothing but in an awesome modern way! The colors you chose for matching the mokonas are great and creates such a nice composition! The layout concept is simply perfect!

    Quote by Tama-Neko
    I could see this making a very cute stationary set.

    I agree too! This is true because of the delicate and sweet layout you builded!

    Congratulations! I added this to my favs. You are really talented!

  18. Matsukaze Jun 17, 2006

    Amazing wall!
    Really beautiful, i love the colors

  19. tAtEkAnE Jun 17, 2006

    i shall give loves here xD

    and yeah woman! signature! >.>

  20. rene3088 Jun 17, 2006

    mokona modoki mo doki doki** I've seen this wallie in AP and still love it so much** fav for sure

  21. Zefie Jun 17, 2006

    aaw, it's so cute wallie >w< like thee simple concept very much, it gives the clean touch and makes it easy to look all the elements. vectoring is very neat and like the way that there isn't outlines for the characters and other elements. like the dots after the stars, they make stars look like they are bouncing or jumping. but they are also little funny so it gives happy atmosphere and makes you smile as the joyful expressions of the white and black mokonas. bright yellow sun gives nicely brightening for the panel of the black mokona, and moon fits nicely with the white one. overall simplish but beautiful work :D thank you for sharing !

  22. parami Jun 17, 2006

    Oh! Simple but very cute! I love this style :)

  23. dalidadod Jun 17, 2006

    0_0 so kawaii .. this is really lovely ^_^ i love it i even set this as my desktop >_<
    thanx for sharing it

  24. HaWaIIofHoaI Jun 17, 2006

    it's absolutely adorable. even though it's simple, you can tell that certain parts of it took time. keep up the good work!

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