Jigoku Shoujo Wallpaper: Jigoku Shoujo: Our Lady of Sorrows

Studio DEEN, Jigoku Shoujo, Ai Enma Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Jigoku Shoujo Series Ai Enma Character

1600x900 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

to be frank, this project didn't turn out anything like how I pictured it last night. Then again none of my projects ever do. I finished my finals and school today, needless to say my job and misc. summer activities will probably keep my even busier than I was during school, so other than my battleground enteries you most likely won't see much from me from now on. On to the piece;
I saw this scan, and I knew I was going to end up vectoring it, not only because it was broken and I wasn't in the mood for reCGing but..because it gave me the "vector vibe". I was aiming for one of those simple vectors that show a complicated array of colors and patterns on the character but have a white background...seeing as most people seem to like that simple stuff, yet..it didn't go that way. When the character was finished I began to add patterns from tama's, and before I knew it..the design was far to complex to leave it as a simple vector. I remembered that I had seen about two walls that had courtians in them...and I had thought of trying it myself, but hadn't. Hence I tried out the whole curtian deal. At first, one of the courtains was covering the eyes of Enma, and because Jigoku Shoujo is a series which seems to put much emphasis artistically on eyes (especially hers), I decided to cut it off a bit. All that was left now..was a background.
As a background, I tried out a few patterns from the squid at first..but none were satisfactory so I went back to tama's site, and tried out a few things. It felt kind of cheap just leaving a pattern as a background so I added a sort of japanese door style to it. Needless to say..it looked very...MT-ish n00b like effect, so I covered it up with a texture from tehspook :3.

other texture used came from DA!

oh..and its widescreen..cuz I can. :)

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  1. harakiri Jun 14, 2006

    Covering Enma with patterns was a good idea and especially the marble-like hair looks cool. The background is quite solid, too. The curtains could have been a bit more detailed though. I mean you made this "overlapping" effect by putting them in different layers but somehow a bit more shading would've been nice.

  2. Yina Jun 14, 2006

    haaa~ ¦3

  3. shiningdays Jun 14, 2006

    ... preeeeeety :D though i'm not sure of the white over it; it's a bit like they're curtains but not quite.

    exquisite use of patterns and a well done vector. i especially like her eyes.


  4. ShiXon Jun 14, 2006

    omg it's jigoku shoujo! i love that series <33
    i love that grunge, pattern background feel ~ wonderful >__<

  5. Rhonda21 Jun 14, 2006

    Well nice background and I like how you did the hair. looks good. well done.

  6. rafaellaGP Jun 15, 2006

    whaa i love this red eyes! xD
    and this bg is really cool! *.*
    great work again! ^^

  7. Sandra Jun 15, 2006

    Great jooob ! Great bg and nice idea.Fav for your great wallie :)

  8. Sabbathiel Jun 15, 2006

    oh my godds! That is a most creppy eye-looks I ever seen... Emma can make my skin and hair stand up... but.. this one.. is sure one of hardest looks ^-^ I love it! I think this vector is magnifficant, those patterns are nice and they fit good to the chara and bg, Wonderfull work, really! I like it because it makes so fantastic effect on my skin ;-)
    take care and have a nice week!

  9. hatsukanezumi Jun 15, 2006

    Very good wallie ^^ I'm happy Jigoku Shoujo is popular ^^ Shindemiru?

  10. AkaiTsubaki Jun 15, 2006

    really beautiful wall! this pic of Ai is amazing and the background colors are perfect too
    the curtain is such a goo idea!
    good job and thanks ^^

  11. Tias Jun 16, 2006

    Aya, weird that not much and many people commmented here yet, well anyway, i like the wallpaper, it looks really great(before i was on a different computer, and it showed the picture alot darker, but now it looks REALLY great)

    and as said in your Gb, this wallpaper waked a interest in the episodes, and i watched the first one(it loosk good)

    and now i'm as said also trying to make a wallpaper from Hell girl+ a fav from me

  12. LeeAnn Jun 16, 2006

    that look of her eyes give me the creeps and at the same time cold...
    but its really a wonderful piece of art!

  13. kai81220 Jun 16, 2006


    awesome how the texture overlays the outlining. possibly the pattern on the kimono is a bit too red. like maybe find a texture with the base color of red but with other accent colours too.

    +fav....cuz i can XD

  14. ayaki Jun 17, 2006

    MT-ish n00b like effect ... ?! >___< hehehehe
    a definite Jigoku Shoujo wall. I love the texture+pattern.
    unlike kai, i kinda like the bright red in her kimono. It kinda makes her glow. *_*
    just that the text stands a bit too much.
    great job~

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 02, 2006

    Nicely done on the vector, could have made the door something else rather than dark red but overall the vector is superb nonetheless. Nice vibe im getting from this wall which creeps me out! XD Great job on the wall noentheless! :P

  16. walkure245 Jul 06, 2006

    I like the colors. It has a dark look without having to use really dark colors. Her position in the wallie and the curtains, slightly hiding her figure, is superb giving her a sense of mystery and allurement. The design in the outlines are an amazing idea which continues to the bg. Really awesome work. ^_^

  17. wert668 Jul 11, 2006

    Really beautiful wallpaper. This image of Ai is amazing and the background colors are perfect too
    the curtain is such a good idea.

  18. may Jul 23, 2006

    wow.. haha .. tihs is awesome.. it's dark and well composed ^^ .. you did a great work creating a dramatic piece.

  19. maryanpopis Oct 12, 2010

    I liked a lot
    Thanks For Sharing

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