Hoshi no Koe Wallpaper: Ano Toki...

Makoto Shinkai, Hoshi no Koe, Noboru Terao, Mikako Nagamine Wallpaper
Makoto Shinkai Mangaka Hoshi no Koe Series Noboru Terao Character Mikako Nagamine Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

last wallie for quite a while! T^T i kno it was kinda rushed this one, but i tried to squeeze it in cuz im leaving for vacation today! sadly, no comp/photoshop for a while. :P

to the wall... ehh this one is from Voices of A Distant Star, and i thought it was such a touching love story. :P the title "Ano Toki..." means "That time..." which is kinda like them thinking back to that time when they were still together. >_< so nice. ;P
anyways, i kno that it looks kinda fuzzy and all but thas the way i want it to be. ^^;;;
another simple one, not much to it. just trying to beat the time. XP

ok then, cya everyone. be back in a while! [;

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[edit] just wanted to make some stuff clear. i didn't use any stock photo. all of the clouds were brushed by me, so please dun think i used some simple stock for it. T^T

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  1. nolove Jun 14, 2006

    again you make me speechless knight-san >___<, your wall always bring out weird feeling with great skill and everything, just in thumb it's beautiful and in fullview....make me krazee XD
    so great great work time after time
    a fea of CW for sure ^__^, and 2 points for ya :nya:
    have a nice time on ur trip then ;)

  2. ykfanzz Jun 14, 2006

    I can hardly find the walppaper of 'Hoshi no Koe'. Furthermore,such a nice one. Thx alot! :)

  3. Angi Retired Moderator Jun 14, 2006

    Wow it looks great I love the colors its very pretty
    I like how you named it it fits very well
    its a very good wallie

  4. Rhonda21 Jun 14, 2006

    So very beautiful. Nice background. I always like the way you make your skies. I really like it. Well great job once again!

  5. Yina Jun 14, 2006

    my only complain: the perspective of the clouds is wrong.. >__<
    but apart from that, amazing wallpaper *__*
    i love the colours >__< favie

  6. Zaalbar Jun 14, 2006

    Yet another amazing wallpaper from you. I always like that certain style in your walls. Especially the clouds...always with the awesome clouds. XD And the color themes too. Nice job.
    Have a nice vacation.

  7. inREVERIEforever Jun 14, 2006

    Uah, it's such a beautiful wallie. ^^ Love the scenery. The sky is really amazing.
    Hope you have a nice vacation. =D

  8. shiningdays Jun 14, 2006

    quite beautiful, and extremely eyecatching. you have a way of doing that with your wallpapers, i've noticed.

    As Yina mentioned, the perspective of the clouds is wrong. i'm also not a fan of the feathers - they should be smaller if anything - think about it: either those feathers are IN FRONT of the two characters which explains their size, or one feather is almost twice the width of their head.

    Other than that, quite nice.

  9. chichiri1907 Jun 14, 2006

    You always know how to make an unknown category popular, and make it look so nice,
    my only complain is the sharpness of the feathers, but other than that, this wall is extraordinary

  10. Inuyasha-FAN Jun 14, 2006

    So awesome. Favs. :D

  11. IzumiChan Jun 14, 2006

    I loved it, so nostalgic~ >_<
    I liked the feeling you've put into it. Great job! ^_~
    +Fav :D

  12. pitbull Jun 15, 2006

    Beautiful wallpaper!nice work.(^_^)

  13. cassandraronald Jun 15, 2006

    awesome wallie
    love the bg.it is also extremely eyecatching

  14. hana-kun Jun 15, 2006

    Oh my god... Hoshi no Koe. That image is one of my favorite scenes ever. It's a beautiful wall indeed.

  15. Jounetsu Jun 15, 2006

    really cool ;D

  16. enchantment Jun 15, 2006

    ooh, lovely background and i love the clouds^^

  17. Sandra Jun 15, 2006

    PLEASE ! REMOVE THE PLUMAGE ! And it'll be great and i'll fav it !

  18. N9e1 Jun 15, 2006

    Another great wallie from you! ^^ This wallie makes me want to read this manga (or is it anime?)~~~
    Thank you for sharing! ^^ *fav*

  19. Sabbathiel Jun 15, 2006

    beautifull wallpaper, very nice background!

  20. chibicow Jun 15, 2006

    Its interesting, to say the least!
    the enormous feathers are a bit odd to me...
    but hey? What can i say, people like it!

    the perspective is nice - the clouds are a bit striking.
    regardless, nice job - enjoy your vacation.

  21. drag0 Jun 15, 2006

    Very beautiful wall. I'm very impressed by your skills. Sky looks awsome and those feathers are great. Well done

  22. semanga Jun 15, 2006

    woaa wonderful
    a so different perspectiv wonderful colors and wonderful artwork
    of course my fav

  23. ayane-heine Jun 15, 2006

    *_* omg.. i like this wallie sho much.. ;___;
    although it looks plain but i really like the way you created this wallie.. It brings back some much memory.. ^_^' I like the effects that you used on this wallie.. It looks like an old magazine piccie.. fantastic.. <3 it.. Definitely to ayane's fav..
    PS: Have a wonderful holidae.. ^^v

  24. Zefie Jun 15, 2006

    wonderful looking wallie with dreamy atmosphere ^_^ like the view angle, it makes the characters look more up to the sky which emphasize your idea of them recalling memories of the past. composition is also nicely done, items are nicely spread all around the wall not not just in one spot and it makes it look balanced. clouds are very fluffy and gives nicely softness but is little flat looking from the lower part. colouring is quite darkish but smooht. different tones gives liveliness and brightness in some places. flying birds gives the theme like time is flying and chanracters have stoped to look at them like their memories. feathers are nice details and add nice touch the the atmosphere :) overall really pretty wallie and your idea comes out well. thank you for sharing !

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