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hello you guys! :D
just submitting an old drawing ^____^
sorry for the lack of wallpapers. I kinda lost interest in making wallpaper.
but I promise the next thing I submit will be a wallpaper, but for now... please enjoy my crappy drawing.
My original character :P
this is one of my MOST oldest drawings I will ever submit anywhere O_o
I drew it back in... like 6th grade. O_o I just saw it lying around in my sketchbook and I just felt like coloring it. :) (or im just too lazy to draw)
and this now it turned out.
just playing with texures and stuff, but nothing special, I guess.
layers - alot
thank you so much for viewing and please comment!

--tools used--
My small 3X4 table
lineart: Pentool
Color: Photoshop CS2



Chosen by flyindreams and Saikusa

Graceful, elegent, dynamic, ethereal, and completely out of this world. A perfect combination of digial colouring, and a confident drawing style.

Proposed by flyindreams and highlighted by Saikusa.

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  1. thecatmistress Jun 13, 2006

    :o amazing...*claps*

  2. enchantment Jun 13, 2006

    wow, lovely drawing, its really stunning and amazing^^

  3. phamthuha Jun 13, 2006

    Nice as always ;) You make me jealous, sweetie *shy*

  4. rene3088 Jun 13, 2006

    OMG really cool** sugoi**

  5. kyokujitsu Jun 13, 2006

    Wow, that's so cool. It's impossibl to resist admiring talented drawers, and you definitely rank among the best. I don't quite understand the perspective, as she's standing on grass yet you can see a massive planet close behind her, but it's awesome nonetheless. The character herself is really well done, and I love the orb ^_^ Thanks for sharing ^_^

    *Adds to Favourites*

  6. Susan-chan Jun 13, 2006

    i simply luv it! i guess this is ur best doujinshi :D even if its old:) this coloring is "killing" :D

  7. ForbiddenGoddess Jun 13, 2006

    This is a gorgeous drawing, I love love it!

  8. kawaiikiyomi Jun 13, 2006

    oh wow! pretty ^^
    Love the colour ^-^

  9. Sabbathiel Jun 13, 2006

    beautifull and amazing drawnig, I like the symbols of this picture and this character looks nice, her outfit is great, you have talent and you know how to use it!

  10. Sumomo- Jun 13, 2006

    Absolutely gorgeous drawing! I love it, especially the colors.

    You are forgiven for not making wallpapers when you turn out beautiful drawings like this! Keep 'em coming Ayasal :D

  11. Sakura-K Jun 13, 2006

    wow...I love this. this is fantasitc!
    I love the colours and how you used them...wow...
    OMG...blue is totally my thing lol
    *adz to fave*


  12. Sandra Jun 13, 2006

    Beautiful *_*

  13. anjo Jun 13, 2006

    it's so pretty! great work! keep it up!^^

  14. dalidadod Jun 13, 2006

    0_0 wow wow this is really beautiful and amazing
    i dunno what to say its PERFECT i do love it so much
    and ooh i do love he earth and admire the effects *take a breath*
    deserve a fava thanx for sharing and plz keep them coming >_<

  15. kinoko-san Jun 13, 2006

    Very awesome one!I can't say anything about this wallie,it's too perfect o_0....keep improving your skill,aya-san,you have the talent!

  16. windyroller Jun 13, 2006

    I love this, Ayasal! *stops commenting wipe drool off of keyboard* Definitely going in my favs. :3

  17. Ardenta Jun 13, 2006

    Really amazing, I wish I could make something like it. Beautiful.

  18. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 13, 2006

    Really beautiful. Like, wow.
    The colors are just amazing and the character is so awesome! Excellent job!

  19. PhoenixNox Jun 13, 2006

    you must have done a lot if this was such a bad drawing. this is great. detail, textures, the hair in particular.

  20. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jun 13, 2006

    The name & spectacular hair & facial design made me think of the Cardcaptor Sakura card :) But this is more spectacular... it's so out of this world... So beautiful!

  21. kaisui1tatsu Jun 13, 2006

    Very nice as always! I love the colors in it, and the layout is awesome! I would like it if the face had some more texture to it, but it is still awesome either way! Thanks for sharing!

  22. KyoFan368 Jun 13, 2006

    That is so beautiful!^_^ I love the way the girl looks, but there is one thing about her I thought you should know. I don't think she has a mouth.^_^ That is the only thing I can see that you forgot backin the 6th grade. But you still did a fantastic job on it and I thank you for sharing it! :) :D :pacman:

  23. Jason9811 Jun 13, 2006

    As I said at DevART. This is such an inspiration and is still near my computer. Always looking and when i see it I know its you. Definately a favourite :). I love you sweetie ^_^.


  24. parami Jun 14, 2006

    Oh, awesome work from you, Ayasal! You may improve your skill much ^_^
    You used the color well, nice dress and nice hair :nya:
    But I think it would turn better than now if you added some shadow on her face and replace the earth instead of something handmade such as a circle of light or something like that XP (Oh, it's just my personal opinion because I don't like using stock on original work anymore :))

    Inspite of thosethings, you had a cool work XD Fav from me!

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