Bleach Wallpaper: Face the Fate

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Zangetsu, Kenpachi Zaraki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Zangetsu Character Kenpachi Zaraki Character

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Artist Comment

Im back again! wuhahahaha... ^_^'
okies... this would be my last wall for this few months... >_<
since schools starting... blah, blah, blah...

This wallie is for Nugeneration & Free--Wallers contest^^
Ill go straight ahead & explain the themes first^^

Monotone: the brown & yellow
Fantasy: erm... how am I suppose to explain this? Oh, yes the talisman above.
Abstract: used alot of brushes. not that U can see... XP
Mysterious: in a way, yeah... ^_^'
upside down: nothing...

charas: Zaraki & Zangensou

I got the idea of the stones from Uchiha's wall-Earth's Angel. since that stone from his is kinda like the olden times... I got this idea, I don wan plain grass, so I made it like the stone age XP
Dinosaurs! XD
lol... Erm... the planets, I dunno why, I just wurve them...
I did brushing in the middle like lightning & so... like the kind of tension in air during a fight.
Oh, well... I have nothing to comment on this wall except I dun really like it much & it was pretty much work.. ==
Don like it.... *howls!

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I updated it abit...
First thing, I deleted the grass & made a whole new one. hope its better now...
Second, I vectored the shadow again, only this time, I blurred it too...
Third, I couldnt change the stone into more 3D, sorry... >_<
There U go ^^ since Im here, might as well do more advertising XP
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  1. Vash90 Jun 09, 2006

    Cool wall. !
    two moon.? >.<
    not very scary crows .>.>?
    since you dont like it very much,
    try to improve it...
    Good Luck on your studies tooo...

  2. semanga Jun 09, 2006

    Damn what is this for a super wall creation .... i lost my words and my mind.... i love the colors and the wonderful atmosphare .... of course my fav of the day
    keep it up ;)

  3. nolove Jun 09, 2006

    woaaa beautiful rikka-chan ^__^, so finally, you really did improve a lot >_<
    this seem a lil like the old wall brown of your >_<, but still nice then :D
    though the wall doesnt blend really well, the stone looks out of place and bad extraction >__<, also lost the feel of 3D >_<
    the grass isnot really smooth ^^, i can easily seperate it to 3 grass layers >__<, lets be more careful and spend a lil bit more time for it ^^
    the most beautiful part of the wall is sure the sky then, quite magical and beautiful, but the birds are too big then it looks like a piece of paper blow in the sky >.< but not the birds

    anyway, sure this wall is nice and ur skill really improve much, so keep it up next time then *huggles*

  4. bj0rn Jun 09, 2006

    like the background alot! loads of improvement. But why the heck Zangetsu and Zaraki? the 2 "Z"s?

  5. enchantment Jun 09, 2006

    ohh, i like the talisman and the planets, the scenery is really nice^^

  6. dalidadod Jun 09, 2006

    wow this is the 1st time that i see Zaraki & Zangensou n same wallie .. thats kinda weird looool >_< but what da heck its awesome idea u have here ^_^ really like the effects u add nd yea u r right u add lotsa brushes but well not that bad ^_^
    thanx for sharing it >_<

  7. Milkiyo Jun 09, 2006

    dang..it would look better without the two ostrich egg-like moons :P luv the scenery, like the trees and crows, hate the grass >_< the lighting seems weird...
    *favs* n.n

  8. enchantressinthedark Jun 09, 2006

    WOw, looks pretty good ^_^ Yea, I love the scenery too, especialy the talisman, its pretty creative ^_^ Though the characters look kinda creepy to me XD

  9. Rhonda21 Jun 09, 2006

    The talisman is so cool and the sky looks awesome! The whole scenery is really nice! Well you did a really great job!

  10. inREVERIEforever Jun 09, 2006

    Wow, that is really, really cool. I love the talisman part. Its so awesome. Haha it is mysterious indeed. Awsome scenery. Awesome work Rikka-san! Keep it up!

  11. xianghua Jun 09, 2006

    Very nice! The sky is really nicely done! The trees are a nice touch :)
    The talisman is a creative idea ^_^
    The scans freaky ^_^'
    You really got the scary feeling in this wall!
    Nice work Rikka-san! :D

  12. perseveration Jun 10, 2006

    great wall - so energetic...
    thank you!

  13. phamthuha Jun 10, 2006

    Not bad Rikka-san ^_^ But I am sure you can improve it more :

    1/ The grass: nice but should got more logic shadow ... as the part near the stone should be darker and smaller... deeper too ^_^

    2/ The stone: TOO plaint and gonna be the worst part of this wall. It should be darker... I think, and you should add in some texture or some crack on it to make it more perfect ^_^

    3/ The tree: the far trees are okay, but sure you should add in some blur effect. The nearest and biggest tree is not well-solved... It is too 2D and why not add in some Emboss effect ....

    4/ Text: out of border... you should make your name smaller and higher as it is too near the border and out of place ^_^

    5/ The sky: humn nice... but cloud is too messy and got no creative feel... why not make it more different? Just change the shape abit and you can make tons of different stuff from 1 brush ^_^

    6/ The grass falling: I love it ^_^ but it is also out of place... should make it with more shadow and black part to make it merge with the wall better ^_^

    Okay hope you got it ;) Dark wallie is not my fav ^_^ but to comment I love to comment in dark ones ;)
    See ya and keep it up ^_^

  14. Machika Jun 10, 2006

    Wow...I love the scan and the bg, rikka-chan! I've been waiting for someone to make a wall out of that scan and here it is, made by you. The bg is awesome. I love the grass and the rocks around it ;)
    Awesome job, my fav! :)

  15. thecatmistress Jun 10, 2006

    how lovely ^^. i like the dark orange. but it feels a bit like halloween. O.o nonetheless, +fav

  16. drag0 Jun 10, 2006

    Very good and cool wallpaper!

  17. Spyderz Jun 11, 2006

    cool wallpaper,nice theme.

  18. uchiha-vegeta Jun 11, 2006

    lol , u liked my idea? :p , heheh , jking jking , anywayz , awesome work rikka-chan , the combination is amazing , ill be doing my entry soon ^^

  19. KiraDouji Jun 11, 2006

    This would look great if the characters, grass and rocks matched the style of the background. :)

  20. Sakyui Jun 12, 2006


  21. Sabbathiel Jun 13, 2006

    fantastic wallpaper, I love this bg!

  22. IzumiChan Jun 13, 2006

    The bg looks a lot like the one in ''chosen one'' ^_^
    I loved the magical simbol and the way you placed the rocks was very cute. ^.^
    Great job! :D

  23. wongton Jun 16, 2006

    really nice wall... its cool.. +fav

  24. RengekiShin Jun 17, 2006

    Hum, Odd. But its not bad.

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