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lately I've been bored of photoshop; it seems like anything original has already been done. I couldn't quit art though, so I looked for other ways...more physical ways. And so, I took the liberty of investigating the answer to the endles debate of "which artists are the most talented; digital or physical", needless to say I found the answer. The stroke of a brush is uncomparable to the push of a button, not only is it endlessly fun(ner than the mouse) but it takes so much more dedication. I did, however, came to realize AND miss, the "undo" feature; ctrl+alt+z <3.

If you haven't guessed by now, from my babbling, this work was completely done by hand, its a degitalized painting. Took me about 2 weeks (about 40 mins everyday) to finish the whole thing, and although digitalizing it was probably the easiest part, it was by no means simple. I have a tiny scanner, hence I had to scan the whole painting in about 8 different pieces and put them together in photoshop. After all the color adjustments and placements were done, I tweaked it a bit with the infamous "gaussian blurr + layer overlay" technique to make the whole thing a bit more vivid. For thos wondering; I DID originally painted it black and white: my budget was very limited on my visit to the rag shop so I had only enough for a bottle of black and one of white...lol.:shrugs: Originally I thought of adding wings or horns to the shadow of the figure....but thats just WAY too over done nowadays, so I went for a semi abstract and semi realistic piece. Certain things like the rays from the sun and the very defined lighting is a bit surreal: I got a little creative. :p

Its by no means a master piece, but I think its fair to say, that although cliche...its slightly original although I did take some pointers and pretty much a lot of the structer from a photo I found somewhere in google(im too lazy to look for it). I'll most likely be submitting some more of these in the future, and I'll most likely improve.

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  1. harakiri Jun 08, 2006

    That's really interesting and refreshing. It's nice to see how you worked with traditional equipment because as you already noticed by yourself it has its own advantages. The black-and-white thing and the brush structure also add to this mysterious and sad atmosphere.
    Very well done.

  2. Rhonda21 Jun 08, 2006

    woah. you and your original and artistic self just amazes me. and well I think this is a really well done degitalized painting. and even though your budget was "limited" (lol, like mine always is) I'm glad it is in black and white. I think it fits good with the whole atmosphere. great work.

  3. Devildude Jun 08, 2006

    you know, I don't care how much there are art so overdone nowadays, or whatsoever, but the fact you challenged and did something from all that jazz, so much more different, just sets you out to be different, although there are many steps left to take forward and so much more to learn, I honestly felt that you have so much more potential, as in and presented in this piece.
    Absolute greatness.

    The shadows, the figure, the lonesome feel, the shadowing.... (lol, is that you ? the subject of all emo-ness?) it is great, I cannot even began to imagine how I could begin to do something this great.

  4. Yina Jun 09, 2006

    haha of course "a brush is uncomparable to the push of a button" XD
    Digital art can be reproduced and copied indefinitely, but you only have one original hand drawn artwork! >__<
    the wallpaper is quite abstract and a bit too dark. but nevertheless the concept is really interesting and original! =D

  5. Kelena Jun 09, 2006

    *claps* This wall is awesome. Looking at this I feel sad, but at the same time, optimistic... I definitely had a mixure of different feelings when I full viewed your work. The shadow of the figure even looks like a cut heart. (Ok, maybe I am reading too much into it. XD) To cut my ramble, excellent job, and I hope you do this kind of work more often. :)

  6. Sandra Jun 10, 2006

    Original.I love it.

  7. LeeAnn Jun 10, 2006

    this is definitely one of the most wonderful wallie i have ever seen!

  8. pamkips Jun 10, 2006

    love it, it's dark and expresive
    original i'm ust speechless, you definately have skill

  9. sakuraino Jun 12, 2006

    Now that is SO cool! the bg is really good and is that a tunnel I'm looking at?... nice!

  10. Sabbathiel Jun 13, 2006

    fantastic picture, I like this stile, you painted very nice piece of art, your concept is very interesiing and I can see here many symbols - they are so expressiv, I admire your skils and talent

  11. perlox Jun 15, 2006

    cool. one of the different walls that we can find on here.

  12. zephiris26 Jun 18, 2006

    Wow. How moody! I love it.
    It really has a great feel to it. I really love that you only used shades of black, white and grey, it adds to the sort of isolated feel of the wallpaper. You've also got some great perspective and abstract shadowing going on, and the whole thing just has a feeling of being warped.
    Awesome work, a definite favorite for me.

  13. walkure245 Jun 26, 2006

    Ohh~ A painting. Very well done. I wished I had your talent with a brush. It really shows there is always light at the end of dark times. The perspective was done well and the strokes gives it another dimension of motion. I really like the lights and the darks. Really awesome. ^_^

  14. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Jul 02, 2006

    Out of the blue and ito the black thats what i say..., the painting makes this an exceptional piece since its an original piece alltogether. nice brush strokes and without the text is a nice touch for the feeling to comeout from the viewer. Great job Ish! :P

  15. afflatus Sep 26, 2010

    somehow it reminds me of one of Metallica songs: Then it comes to be that the soothing light / At the end of your tunnel / It's just a freight train comin your way

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