Bleach Wallpaper: Byakuya

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Byakuya Kuchiki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Byakuya Kuchiki Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

^_^' i really dont know how to make wallpapers...everyone else's walls are so awesome and pretty but mine is just...............eh.......crappy......yea(...) i seriously dont know how to mess around with PS brushes :nya:

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  1. deeplove Jun 07, 2006

    wow. great concept and i love the spraypaintish effect (i can't describe things well). Wonderful! thanks for the contribution and hard work "-_-"

  2. frozenwilderness Jun 07, 2006

    That's hella awesome for not knowing how to make wallpapers.

  3. Odeena Jun 07, 2006

    I think it looks good, especially if it's one of your first. Congratulations!

  4. flyindreams Jun 07, 2006

    Woooww... XD I love it, the textured splatters and play with text is just so stylish... >_<

  5. wqwz Jun 07, 2006

    = = I dont know what to say........咒咒.......


    R u kidding me....u call this " i seriously dont know how to mess around with PS brushes "

    U know what.....I gonna commit suicide now......U just make me angry.....++++

  6. Vakita Jun 07, 2006

    hey if you dont know how to make wallpaper what the hell is that?
    are you crazy? do you now what kind of wall you create ?
    this is awesome the textured are incredible
    Kuchiki Byakuya he is my favorite character from Bleach and you made a wall about him
    dude what are you girl or men i dont care i love you and i love the wallll
    thank you so much

  7. Milkiyo Jun 07, 2006

    continue messing, it turned out great :P
    luv da textures! XD

  8. SorrowWings Jun 07, 2006

    This Is a wonderful wallie its not crap at all! I anyone is pathetic its me... Oh, when you say PS do you mean photo shop or paint shop? Thanks for the wallie! Really its great!^.^

  9. kunoichi-chan Jun 07, 2006

    very stilish! Really cool wall!
    I love it :)

  10. Susan-chan Jun 07, 2006

    love love love love love:D i love it XD bya-kun is my faaav chara from bleeeach ^_^

  11. Zefie Jun 07, 2006

    wowies, you made awesome wallie ! really like the composition ^_^ when character is on the right it makes you look around the wallie and not just focus for it. scan you choose to use is really cool, you rarely see used pics showing the back of the character. white effects one the blue ones in the middle reminds little bit of blood stains, they are quite effective and give little dangerous theme. blue colour fits nicely with white, it's peaceful but also little cold. blue effects look little like teared paper which is very original detail. also different blue tones gives nicely depth. little darkish edge combines the effect on the middle nicely and creates elaborated touch. great job and thank you for sharing !

  12. Yina Jun 07, 2006

    ahh *sets as desktop immediately* *__*
    it's really rare to find a byakuya <33 wallpaper these days.. >>
    you say you can't use ps and make wallpapers? haha ur kidding don't ya? xDD
    this one is just too stylish.. i love the effects *__*
    one minor critique: the scan needs to be more cleaned.. >__<

  13. AkaiTsubaki Jun 07, 2006

    yes, wonderful wall! the effects are so cool >o<
    and byakuya is so sexy as always lol !
    i LOVE the colors, this cold blue suits him perfectly!
    thanks for this great wall~~

  14. Hotaru89 Jun 07, 2006

    WOE~ This s great!
    Nice effect,ya?
    This is jux great
    Byakuya looks so cool~
    But I'm impress.. u say u don't know how to use PSb and don't know how to make wallz.. and the result's jux... like Wow

  15. Feba Jun 07, 2006

    I like fonts and color background that you used^^
    and of course Bya-sama is cool as ever *drool*

  16. ShiXon Jun 07, 2006

    you said that you don't know how to make wallpapers? that's a complete lie.
    i think this wallpaper is fantastic, and i don't see ones like this everyday ^___^
    i wish i know how you made the background, blending and stuff. really good job :D

  17. Enika Jun 08, 2006

    Pienso que has hecho un muy buen trabajo con la imagen y texturas, gracias por compartirla! :-)

  18. drag0 Jun 08, 2006

    I don't agree with you. This wall is orginal, it has own style and is cool. Great job! *fav*

  19. emac7 Jun 08, 2006

    Yeah I have to agree this looks great, you have a nice mix of colors from the blue to white spectrum. Thats a nice pic of byakuya to go along with the abstract look. :D

  20. chiriann Jun 08, 2006

    Kakkoi ! Your wallie is very good, and it has Byakuya, so it`s really, really good :D ! It`s so... cool, just like him :).

  21. zalatoon Jun 09, 2006

    well, for me this wallie has a strong imperission :)
    i think it's good except that he's one of my fav chara ^_^

  22. Xueli Jun 09, 2006

    great wall, I love the bg, just wish the res was a bit bigger

  23. miyano Jun 10, 2006

    eh? that's not true.. i think it's nice :)
    i think it's a creative job :) it's like splat! kind of effects^^; i don't really know how to say it^^;;.
    but where is his other hand? it's like it faded..disappearing^^;;

  24. Damane Jun 10, 2006

    wow! Byabya (Byakuya) is really hot there! XD Nice work! ;)

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