Deus Machina Demonbane Wallpaper: One night full of sorrow

Nitro+, Deus Machina Demonbane, Etheldreda Wallpaper
Nitro+ Studio Deus Machina Demonbane Series,OVA,Game Etheldreda Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

One night full of sorrow

Anime: Deus Machina Demonbane
Genre: Action/drama
Inspiration: Read story below please
Type Wallpaper: Scenery
Resolution: 1280x1024
Working hours: 10 hours 31 minutes 12 seconds
Special thanks to: Adobe Photoshop for not crashing

Please watch it in full version mode.

Dedicated to: bj0rn, Milkiyo, Uchiha, Ayane, Rikka, Devil Dude

(6 of my best friends, 6 of the best artists I know, combined we are the lucky 7)


I will divide the description into 2 stories. Story 1 how the wallpaper was made. Story 2 something about my inspiration and something for my friends to read.

I'm sorry to bore you with all these stories but for me its very important. So please respect my wish as designer.

Story 1 - Birth of the wallpaper

One night full of sorrow was made in a different style then my others. I wanted to work on details wich I think is well seen in this wallpaper. I started in this order: Scan placement, Clouds, Ground and then brushed the trees. I kept everything in black and white and wasn't on planning to color it.

Due to everything beeing black and white I had more view on the wallpaper and on how I really wanted it. I downloaded a simple grass brush. It was called grash brush.. but to all disappointment.... it was not really usefull. So I got myself the smudge tool and burn tool and went a crack at it. Clouds were smudged too, this I done on previous wallpapers so that wasn't to hard to repeat.

I wanted to create a dead and spooky feeling around the wallpaper, my vision that I had was this girl standing on the outskirts of a dead swamp, everything died yet she descended from heaven to save this one special flower. She looks sad cause everything else died. The original scan came with 2 attached feathers.. I could not how much I tried get rid of those, so instead I made myself feathers to go with the flow. (if you can't beat it join them)

So now I got the girl right, the grass right and the clouds. I still wanted to make it look like the moon was shining through the swamp, so I added some lens flares, did some filters on those and voila. I took a 12px round soft brush, grey color and on 57 opacity I went shading. I duplicated the main scan, made it bigger and let one of her fade in the sky. I told you before I wanted to give it a heavenly look while the theme was sad and all dead like.

Thats pretty much about it, I started at noon, finished at 10:31 PM so I spend quite some time on it. But was it worth it... I let you decide for yourself. If you like it please favourite it but also make a comment. It are the comments of you that makes me want to continue my work, specially with summer vacation coming up.

Story 2 - To my friends


Happy birthday to you. I am so sorry I was a lousy friend these couple of weeks. The reasons why I was avoiding you was because you and everyone surpasses me in wallpapers. When I first came on MT you welcomed me with open arms, you even introduced me to your friends. When I got to know you and them I felt really good. When I first posted my first made wallpaper and saw it in an actual gallery... I ... I still can't explain that feeling. It is amazing. It even overwhelmed me. Then later on I felt bad because I felt like a ''leecher'' I leeched out on you and all your friends... that made me feel so bad. I saw you guys were getting so good and I made crappy works... How could I ever hold a compilation with you guys if I was only there to tear down the quality of your works. Thats the reason why I was afraid to talk to you or anyone else.

Meeting you is a good thing that happened in my life, you made me laugh countless times and I consider you one of my best friends. Thank you for everything, your faith and your guidance.


Thank you for the wallpaper you dedicated to me. It really gave me strenght when I really needed it. You were always so nice to me and made me laugh always, especially the whole grandpah part. Its your friendly and laughing attitude that cheered me up ^^. We don't know each other for so long, neither do we know each other that well but I would really really like to become part of this group of friends, bj0rn, you, ayane, DD, Rikka, Uchiha.


Only mett you since today, though I have seen your works before. You helped me a lot on this wallpaper, guidance and advices. You took your time with me and boasted my self-esteem. Thank you for that and I'm sure we will be good friends ^^


Ayane... yes you, you helped me so much on msn, things in real life and you always made me laugh aswell. Denisu ^^ thats my nickname when I am talking to you. We haven't talked much lately due to my own mistakes in avoiding you. This will soon change and I hope to catch up, I really do. For you aswell Thank you !


Miss rikka =_= I mean Rikka-chan ^^ You make p'wntastic doujinshi. You are most of the times busy and funny to chat with. Wacky sort to speak :P in a good way of course ! I would like to thank you for the convosations we had. Specially the group convosations where really cheering me up. Keep it up and well thats all to say to it. Thank you !

Devil Dude

My inspiration for a lot of things. Someone that I can look up to and say: I want to become that good one day. We hardly speak to each other but with us two I believe your work does the speaking. It shows me every time over and over again I need to do better. This keeps me going, so I would like to thank you aswell !

Ok thats just something that really really needed to get of my heart. (wiping away a tear or two)

Ok time to get a hold of myself. I'm sorry I wasn't a good friend... and I hope you all can forgive me and from now on I will do things differently. I want to become a real part of the group and I want to become better and better.



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  1. cassandraronald Jun 06, 2006

    nice wallie.love the bg.

  2. GodFatherGFA Jun 06, 2006

    Thank you.

  3. bj0rn Jun 06, 2006

    Aww~ I'm so touched after reading all these. Once again, that was so foolish of you back then. You should know as friends regardless in virtual or reality, we help each other!

    Ok to the wall, I quite impress since you've improved alot since the last time. Or perhaps you had potential but just that you push yourself too much.

    Frankly speaking, the background is terrific if you ask me even though the scan and the erm.. "reflection" in the sky don't fit. But hey! Fitting of things can be worked out on. But seriously, good job on the background though the grass could just stand out a little bit more. =)

  4. Milkiyo Jun 07, 2006

    I always knew you had the potential >_< it's just that you shouldn't give up easily >_<
    wasai...wo heng kam thung :P *-* it's nice man! LOL...and I have the same situation too..my damn photoshop always crashed and I didn't get to save it =_=
    erm...just one tip: reflection does not always work in walls ;P
    keep it up...you're improving >_<

  5. GodFatherGFA Jun 07, 2006

    Thank you Bj0rn and Milkiyo ^^ When summer vacation starts for me I'm gonna make some more to keep practising.

  6. Rikkablurhound Jun 07, 2006

    Aw... Im so touched... *sobs*
    yes, Its Rikka-chan XD I don like the Miss Rikka, it sounds too formal, & being friends doesnt have to be all that formal, neh? XD
    I think U'ree better at walling than me XD
    loads of it XD
    lets see... I agree, refection isnt always good... >_<
    I like how U made the scan slightly transparent... Ver nice... good job with the extraction too^^
    I like the smoggy trees & smoggy grass & smoggy clouds^^
    Its really, really nice XD
    Gambareh XD
    p/s: how dare U say Im whacky XP
    Thanks for dedicating half of this to me^^

  7. ayane-heine Jun 15, 2006

    *_* wha!~ You are going to make me cry.. *cries* ;___;
    Thanx for dedicating this wallie to me.. :D *huggles Denisu* Let me say some out of topic stuffs.. XD Why did you avoid me.. *whacksu* XD No matter what you encounter, you are still my fren.. And if you need someone to talk to, i'll always lend you listening ear becoz frens help one another.. don't ever avoid me again.. >.< or else ayane is going to cry... ;___; *sniffs*

    Back to wallie... XD hahah!~ Actually frankly speaking.. this is the best wallie i seen so far from you.. *claps* Great job.. I personally like this scan alot.. And i'm sho happy that someone actually did this and dedicate it to me.. *_* pretty nice extractions.. But at some part of the scan, the scan looks abit grainy especially on her face and hand.. But i <3 the colours you used on her.. really look like a dark angel.. But since you say that you wanted her to look like dark angel.. but with those feathers that goes along with the scan. she looks like an angel..
    As for the grass.. hmm.. it is pretty well done.. 1 thing is that some of the grass are over-writing on her hand.. >.<
    As for the bg.. it ish pretty well done to fit the atmosphere that you wanted.. great job on that.. i really like the tress behind.. but the tress are abit dense that cause a big black patch in the middle.. x_X her shadow.. shadow.. XD cool concept on that.. But i didnt really notice that shadow only when i look closer.. ^_^' hmm.. maybe you can add a title too.. that will probably make your wallie stand out more.. :D
    Enuff of my crapping.. No matter what.. you are really improving alot.. and i wish to see more of your works.. Luckii 7 ne... XD hahah!~ *hi-7* XD definitely to ayane's fav for putting in sho much efforts.. ^^

  8. GodFatherGFA Jun 15, 2006

    *sniff* Ok im in emotinal state now but thank you all of you for the comments ! I really really appreciate it and thank you again !

  9. theremosster Feb 01, 2010

    this is an awesome wallpaper

  10. crabk Apr 02, 2011

    tks posting more in future

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