Air Wallpaper: Wings of Summer

Akemi Kobayashi, Key (Studio), Air, Misuzu Kamio Wallpaper
Akemi Kobayashi Mangaka Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Misuzu Kamio Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

heres what i changed --
removed the leaves
added a little more feathers to the doves' wings
added a little sunlight sparkle on the stream
a little more shadow behind the chara
the grass next to the stream that looked like it was floating

hope you guys like it better now!

Wallie made for 1000th summer contest at Group Air

I want to give a great humongous thanks and hug to Se-chan for helping me on this wallie! She gave me so many ideas and stuff....it looked so....boring and ugly before, but with a little bit of her help, it turned absolutely spectacular! thank you so much Se-chan! *huggles* well, im ready to kill myself right now because im making a wallie during final exam week - yea, the stress really adds up. i had only 3 hours of sleep on friday well, im a person that NEEDS 8 hours of perfect sleep or i die the next day

wallie info (for those who have no lives and want to know...j/k )
-work time = 1 week (i did get sleep, tho, so not 24 hours a day)
-layers = +200 layers (mostly the grass)
-character = girl from AIR. I believe her name is Kamio. cute name
scan is from MT
-made the feathers myself
-made the stream by hand, except the gravel texture at the bottom
-made the grass by hand (using the single blade of grass brush, so i guess you could say that i got a little help)
-my favorite part of the wallie? = the SUNFLOWER! i just love it. i dunno why tho. its kinda random. Ive never seen the anime, but all the scans seem to have some kind of sunflower in it, so i just assumed that maybe its something important in the anime.

well, im gonna go get some sleep. probably not the 8 hours i need tho...ahhhh im so sleep deprived.

o yes, the wallie does look better as a full view. doesnt everybody say that? lol well, it does, so take a look.

heres the poem that Serene made to go along with the wallie. its very nice. if you comment, i hope you leave a note about it.

EDIT:: heres the new and revised poem guys!

As the 1000th summer came,
I waited in the flower field,
Looking up at the clear blue sky,
White tranquil feathers of summer,
Slowly, softly surrounding me,
Hoping you would come and reach me,
To break the chains on my white wings,
and set me free into the air,
So that I'm free to spread my wings,
I wish this summer never ends...

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  1. aqiaqua Jun 04, 2006

    Wow, thats super cute! Some of the grass near the lake looks a bit out of place, just sort of like it's floating on top of it, but I love how you made the sky reflect in it ^o^. Beautiful ^^.

    Fave from me :D

  2. rinoa41 Jun 04, 2006

    It's cute like the previous one said. I like how you how placed out the scan on the layers of grass. The shadow from the bird is bugging me,but other than that it's cute! good job!

  3. rene3088 Jun 04, 2006

    Second to comment, first I think the thumbnail really looks nice but after I full view it...I think u need some correction at this part:
    1. The grass on the left side... looks out of place and looks like floating^^
    2. the leaves near the wings... should be remove..( in my opinion)
    3. add more sunflower..it would be nice...

    but u've done great job in making the clouds there^^

  4. phamthuha Jun 04, 2006

    Not a bad one, Starri-san ^_^ I really like the grass this time, eventhough it is plain, I still feel it is realistic and gentle ^_^ But well... I think you should remove the leaves... it make the wallie off alot ^_^ The flower you extract (the big one) is too sharp while the scan is really well solved ^_^

    Okie very nice done one so I will add it to CW gallery ^_^ Just abit more I am sure it will be perfect ;)

  5. serene Jun 04, 2006

    Hi Hi! Um.. well here to comment ^^ I really love the stream coz the sky is reflected on it :P Oh and please edit the poem a lil gomen I didn't inform you earlier >.< I've sent the poem to you already ;) Hope its better now lol Nice job! C ya!

    PS : Oh and don kill yourself! Now you can relax a lil now ^^ Good luck to you in your exam ;)

  6. Rikkablurhound Jun 04, 2006

    I thought her name was Mizuki? ^_^'
    no idea though... hehehehe.... ^_^'
    Anyway... back to the wall..
    *Ohf chokes on cookies*
    Sorry... Ahem...
    I think its really beautifull^^
    Theres improvement since your last wall all right^^
    I think it looks better through thumbnail though^^
    the grass looks pretty good from where the charas sitting.
    But on the other side... it looks kinda odd... >_< I cant say whether it is coming out from the water or falling into the water... However... I have to say U did really well to the water XD Good job...
    I sugges U add more of the leaves (the ones on her dress) and also of different sizes coz it loks like it poped out from nowhere & it kinda looks like its sticking to her dress... >_<
    The birds are really pretty! but i prefer it better
    if U hadnt smudge it at the edges... >_<
    otherwise, Lovely!
    Anyhow.... its a really great job! U improve so much! XD

  7. enchantment Jun 09, 2006

    wow, lovely wall, i like the doves and the feathers and the stream is really nice^^

  8. HanakoKouyama Jul 02, 2006

    She┬┤s very pretty!
    I love this picture ^^v

  9. glassheart Jul 19, 2006

    Really beautiful wallaper! I absolutely adore the grass and the sparkling water! Two thumbs up for a job well done! The theme is perfect for this scan! :D :D XD!

  10. lacusclyne0205 Dec 02, 2006

    Hi.. l am Agnes Chua. Your wallpaper look sooo cute ! l love it ! But l wonder where you get the scan from. Can you tell me ?

  11. merelie Feb 17, 2007

    that strip of the blue sky there is so nice
    misuzu is looking up and it's like the sky is coming down for her so she can fly free finally with the birds
    thanks for sharing!

  12. abelini4 Mute Member Sep 12, 2009


  13. Atemina Jan 11, 2010

    Cute.. very kawaii Misuzu-chan ^^

  14. jigsaw3010 Nov 04, 2011

    really cute! Thanks 4 sharing!

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