Naruto Wallpaper: [309] Sasuke Wallpaper

Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot, Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki Wallpaper
Masashi Kishimoto Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Naruto Series Sasuke Uchiha Character Naruto Uzumaki Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yeah..I have fever..so..I decide to make some GFX :x
Nothing too special, just adding a wallpaper. This would be the 3rd ever wallpaper I ever made, It has a weird style I got permission to use, it actually matches my KH2 Desktop quite well, but this one is just a little different.

Reason why..I needed a new wallpaper..seriously >_>
I had the only one for wait too long, so yeah, enjoy, comment, and if you want to, feel free to use.


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  1. Uchiha-X Jun 04, 2006

    Whoa.. This from the latest manga. I like his costume now with the uchiha emblem on his back. Nice wallie man~!

  2. natsuki-hime Jun 04, 2006

    wow, nice wall u made there, thnks for sharing it here....tho i dont like sasuke veri much, still i think the wall is great.

  3. Gid Jun 04, 2006

    I must ask, is the style Apple's? I was wondering, since you mentioned the KHII wall. If so, I must say, wonderful job using it. (Wonderful job even if it isn't.) The blending is nicely done, and you did well choosing patterns and such.

  4. Blue0016 Jun 04, 2006

    Yeha thanks everyone =D
    Yeha Gid, I asked Apple on 4thereunion to let me use it, as I also said "It has a weird style I got permission to use"

  5. lili21 Jun 04, 2006

    hes great looking i love this wallpaper

  6. flyindreams Jun 04, 2006

    Interesting design and layout... I really like the patterns :D The way the boxes overlap the cut-off blade looks a bit odd to me, but everything else really looks nicely clean and crisp xD

  7. moveurbodygirl Jun 04, 2006

    simple, but kool
    ~*you've defenitely improved for this to bbe our third one
    Great job and keep up the good work!

  8. AkaiTsubaki Jun 04, 2006

    very nice pic! and i love your job on the background **

  9. Blueheart Jun 05, 2006

    very good job. well done.
    I just hope that Sasuke personality gets better... I'm in the manga's chapter 229 and Sasuke seems a little... well... it's better not to say.


  10. RainWater Jun 05, 2006

    Hehe! Nice job! Sucks to those people who haven't read this part yet, but still.

  11. BloodyTenshi Jun 07, 2006

    this wallpaper is really awesome.
    the best one i seen with
    sasuke in his new outfit.

    good job!

  12. pchne2630 Banned Member Jun 28, 2006

    The background and sasuke completely matched oh appears this period of
    time sasuke truly 變強 oh but also to appear sasuke lonely to appear
    the sasuke pain, puzzled and confuses and is deep is deep is felt also
    felt oh again in this clothing, also appeared Commander sasuke and the
    expression completely tallies oh well likes this tablecloth oh liking
    well oh

  13. Uchiha-X Jun 28, 2006

    im up-to-date for naruto manga. I love that part where he unsheaths his sword and uses some technique... i wont say what it is dont wanna spoil it for the others... ANYway the wallie is good as long as sasuke is in it then its all good bahaha. Hmm sorry for my comment..i know it sux but im jus inluv right now so nothin comes in mind realy..Keep up the good work Blue0016

  14. yuki456 Jul 04, 2006

    very sexy!
    I love the bg texture's you used, the colors are nice!
    keep it up!

  15. Ryouko Jul 11, 2006

    very nice wallpaper. thanks for sharing!

  16. senseikk Jul 14, 2006

    SO perdy! I like how the uchiha symbol stands out in the little picture on the side. Nice ^^

  17. yen420 Jul 24, 2006

    Love Sasuke in this pircture... Love love love... I love the manga and I love the Naruto x Sasuke moment *winks* I am sooooooooooo totally busted *laughs*

  18. Melanie1993 Aug 05, 2006

    Aww! Sasuke-kun! It's so awesome!

  19. ColdSolace Aug 17, 2006

    ZOMG...you're too amazing for words! T-This wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous~ *___* It is soo staying on desktop like forEVER. *glomps you*

  20. yellowkaiq Jan 16, 2007

    ZOMG...you're too amazing for words! T-This wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous~ *___* It is soo staying on desktop like forEVER. *glomps you*


    luv this. ty.

  21. NST1980 Dec 23, 2008

    Good, thanks for sharing

  22. rafsanakib Oct 25, 2009

    wow sasuke is so cool in this wallpaper.i love it

  23. TheDevilgirl Mute Member Dec 24, 2009

    it's really great...nice pictures
    thanks for sharing =)

  24. Raphaell Jan 02, 2010

    What a cool wallie~
    Sasuke~~ <3

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