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Pure Strawberry Wallpaper
Pure Strawberry Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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ok... new wall here....dont have much to say about it ..
took about three days....a lot of color ....and different from blue...well...kind of different...i like it I suppose ....anyway...I have to go...when I get back...I all finish the comment.

ok sorry about that...mi internet is kind of damaged....
this wall first of all is dedicated to my brother and a x
strange friend called maria fernanda ...she is not going to
see this but...whatever...ok now back to wall ...
is very colorfull I think ..and is not a wall created from an
idea is just something that came out piece by piece ...like I said
it took me three days so it was not like a great great effort but still
...so now I really will like you comment to make suggestions and things like that.
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  1. sukie Jun 03, 2006

    this looks soooo pretty! i love the use of colours and the pretty pretty scan!

  2. meepers369 Jun 03, 2006

    Beautiful scan...you matched it well with that background. ^^

  3. rafaellaGP Jun 03, 2006

    wahh! sooooo beautiful! i love it!
    magic! XD
    this colors are amazing!
    really gerat wall!
    nice work! ^^

  4. chau-chan Jun 03, 2006

    Wow, I love the effects and colors in the sky, but the sakura petals are kind of out of place with the effects and no trees around.
    Throughout the wallpaper, it looks really good.

  5. annakee Jun 03, 2006

    very nice imouto-san. as always I love your works (and it isn't the only thing that I love)
    paselo super, ne!

  6. ShiXon Jun 03, 2006

    alterlier you've done it again! it's absolutely beautiful and especially the wings!
    it's very beautiful and pretty ~~ i like the vivid colors on this wall . good job!

  7. Ayasal Jun 03, 2006

    owww! it looks so pretty O_O I absolutely love the 3 way light you have above her :D so pretty! and the vivid colors look nice as well. good job and keep up the good work! :D

  8. pitbull Jun 03, 2006

    that a pretty wallpaper!nice work!(*_*)

  9. AnimeFanChris Jun 04, 2006

    Wow this is so pretty! I love it everything from the background to the scan its awesome! I gotta fav it!

  10. forlorn-faith Jun 04, 2006

    Celestial! Beautiful effects and lightning. Awesome work! Keep it up! Thx for sharing!

  11. rene3088 Jun 04, 2006

    omg it's really nice, the vivid collour really nice...addin this to my fav^^

  12. phamthuha Jun 04, 2006

    Not a bad one ^_^ Seem like you are cooler with effect now, Alter-san ;) But I just think the sky effect is not perfect... the cloud is so randomly made and it still not create out the light effect of the thunder after cloud ^_^ For the stuff above the girl, it seem to be the most wonderful part here ^_^ But still not enough... I don't know why ^_^

    Okay keep up your great work ;) And you forgot the group banner, sweetie ^_^ I begin to look forward your next wallie ;)

  13. uchiha-vegeta Jun 04, 2006

    heya , howve u been? hope ur fine

    u havnt submitted anything in a long time ^^

    anywayz , awesome work , i can see how hard u worked on it m great job , keep it up ^^

  14. quantixar Jun 04, 2006

    Magnificent, amazing, wowwow, kawaii subarashii desu~ :D Great work!

  15. Aimee1991 Jun 04, 2006

    wow! its so cool! i really like it ^_^

  16. royaldarkness Jun 05, 2006

    wow, this is really lovely! beautiful background, i love the colors, especially the purple part X-P

  17. monyetterbang Jun 05, 2006

    i really like it!

  18. shizumi604 Jun 06, 2006

    ooooooooooo...... i love the colors.
    so pretty!^^

  19. Rikkablurhound Jun 06, 2006

    I think its really pretty^^
    I like your theme very much & the portal or watever U call it fits perfectly & is Very nice XD
    I like the colours too....
    Overall, IIts really very nice...
    cant say anything else... :sweat:
    +fav & fea

  20. enchantment Jun 08, 2006

    wow, a really nice wall, i love the water and the colours and the wings on the girl^^

  21. nolove Jun 08, 2006

    woa i missed it i missed it right alter-chan >.<, forgive me for being this late ^__^ i didnt ge the notif >_<, this is sure amazingly awesome one >_<, i love the magical storm, the color is really beautiful ^__^, this is the most wonderful color that fit perfectly
    yes but hope you can add more effect to the sky since it's just starry ^__^, though it's still a beautiful one, as lovely as your style ;)

  22. terry175 Jun 08, 2006

    it's almost to the excellent standard in my view..
    i just think that you need to blend your character "head area" more into the background.. like bluring it a bit or whatever..

  23. mystvearn Jun 08, 2006

    This is one cool wallpaper. Finally changing my desktop to this one

  24. sleepymyst Jun 08, 2006

    This is a very pretty wall...i like the little swirls in the sky ^_^

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