To Heart 2 Wallpaper: Kamisama(Sleeping Godness)*

AQUAPLUS, To Heart 2, Lucy Maria Misora Wallpaper
AQUAPLUS Studio To Heart 2 Series,Visual Novel Lucy Maria Misora Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

*She controls the blossoming of flowering trees
and the gates to heaven....
She's asleep yet She is awake...

Lately my walls have been kinda weird... :sweat:
So have my doujinshi's...

Anyway, this wall is dedicated to : BJORN-san & MILKIYO-SAN!
sorry if U don like it much... >_< I know theres too much pink & purple... :sweat:

Erm... I know the scan is kinda big & it looks kinda crammed... >_< Ive been in love with this scan for God knows how long... Ive always wanted to make it into a wall... Scan found in MT, tell me if U guys know its from who & Ill credit him/her.

I know the scan is sorta blur... >_< I hope U don mind it... >_< There U see the purple squary/ circlely thing? Thats the gates to Heaven... I used some time on the sakura tress... >_<
I know the scan don really matches the wall...
I kinda hate it now...
*hates... *hates... *__________*

Erm... I started out... like this... >>> I was gonna make a smoky scene at her feets, of course itll be on a grass field...
ARGH! I dunno how it turns out so! T_T
*kill meh! *grabs at wallie
I hopr U hate it...==
dunno why I submit it anyway...
I might do another wall with this scan though... >_<
& Ill dedicate it to U guys again...
Sorry for the ugly wall...

It kinda match the verse though... Shes asleep, but her hands moving... kinda like shes controlling smth, neh? ^_^'

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  1. Milkiyo Jun 03, 2006

    mana jodoh kita? D: I just offline and u online and the other way around :P
    that was fast O.O anyway, you better have a good explanation of putting the pink there ;P
    she looks like a giant but I love the bg and it's style :) should've dedicated the air wall to me instead :P anyway, luv this too ^_^ *snatches it from bj0rn* X-P

  2. Saki-Sama Jun 03, 2006

    I think that she is from To Heart 2 O.o

    whatever, good work :) I like it

  3. bj0rn Jun 03, 2006

    Cool wall and Rikka, this belongs to To Heart 2. =)

  4. enchantressinthedark Jun 03, 2006

    Hmmm...not your best wall, but this is still okay ^_^ Ya haha, like Milk said, she realliee looks like a giant XD And she's kinda blurred, try cleaning the scan a lil bit more ;) Extraction is a lil shaky here and there, and the clouds looks kinda weird, or maybe its just me XD Well anyways, the background "gate of heaven thingy' is kinda unique cause I can't really tell what it is if I didnt read your description ^_^' Anyways keep it up!

  5. Machika Jun 03, 2006

    This is the best, rikka-chan! I love the scan and the bg you made. The theme color is lovely. It's so dreamy >_<
    My fav!

  6. thecatmistress Jun 03, 2006

    awwww don't hate it! Ish pretty. not your best but still very pretty <3. be proudness

  7. Rhonda21 Jun 03, 2006

    Cute. Interesting style and design with this wall with the gates to Heaven and all. It's pretty. Well Nice job!

  8. dianas Jun 03, 2006

    ohh Bjorn and Milkyo are gemini just like me..but i have celebrate my birthday on 25 may..
    i`m geting older now 21 ^_^'
    anyawy nice wall + fav

  9. Pisaro Jun 04, 2006

    emm, nice... some kind of remind me one of the ah! megami sama wallpaper. but anyway, is a great wallpaper. good job

  10. uchiha-vegeta Jun 04, 2006

    awesome work! rikka-chaaaaaaaaaaan~

  11. quantixar Jun 04, 2006

    Sweet! Such a cute wallie rikka! Makes me feel warm. :)

  12. florensa Jun 05, 2006

    pretty nice, think pink at the bottom can be reduced probably, and i wonder if it can be better said w/ like pile of sakura? keep up the gd work.

  13. Farewell Jun 06, 2006

    Great work, the background looks hell awesome. My you sure are getting better. Nice one. Fav for me.

  14. ruriakito Jun 07, 2006

    the picture is so cute, that make my eyes can't leave it when i

    see it first. the tone you use is very softly that make me feel

    sweet^_^, hope you can keep up!

  15. IzumiChan Jun 07, 2006

    Woah, you coming up with a gate to heaven and a girl that controls the blossoming of the flowers while asleep just because of the position of her hands was very very creative. O_O
    Well, the clouds are well made, but I don't think they really belong there... if the scene is beeing viewed from the up, so the clouds should be under her, right? >_<
    Anyway, still a good job. I liked it, pink+purple= rock! XD
    Yay! ^_~

  16. TrigunPreacherGirl Jun 10, 2006

    This is actually pretty calming, gives a nice feeling, warm and fuzzy-ish. I really like it! The expression on her face is what ties it all together; great job!

  17. aqiaqua Jun 10, 2006

    I think its really cute ^o^. I love the clouds, like fairy floss (cotton candy or whatever...). The gates look pretty cool too, but the glow around them looks funny ^^;.

    Anyway, I really like it ^^. I think i'm going to have to add you to my watchlist too :). Fave from me

  18. royaldarkness Jun 10, 2006

    awww cute wall rikka-san ^.^ very lovely, makes me wanna sleep too hehe.

  19. arkata Jun 26, 2006

    beautiful, but looks kinda strange, as if asleep on a plain place and seen from above but floating on clouds...

  20. NilioN Jul 05, 2006

    this seems so peacefull :)

  21. flyindance Jul 14, 2006

    I dun tink is weird
    I tink everyting is nice
    The background is good but the flowers dun look like flowers
    sori abt tat

  22. mikko87 Sep 13, 2006

    wow this wallie sure did catch my attention... wonderful wallie ^^

  23. pelusaki Sep 16, 2006

    Beautiful Wallie ^^
    Thanks for sharing !

  24. ninja123 Sep 30, 2006

    if she falls down from the sky, i'll be sure to catch her! and well......*__*

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