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Hey hey everyone.

Yes, finally .. last day of work, school is finish.. gonna have some time to relax for this summer since I am just take it easy and do NOTHING, but catch up with some drawings, make some walls, and chill with friends and go places for the summer break. XD XD XD move over work and school... I'll be taking my two months leave. :nya:

I got some time to do some practice on improving my photoshop skills this week and I decide to use one of my drawing I recently finish. The Original drawing was done on an A3 (11 x 16 in) size sketch pad paper so it was kind of a hard to scan the image in with my normal scanner. because it takes four seprate scans in order to scan the whole image in, I did a little cg magic to it after that and Boom! you get this lovely picture here. XD Thhe original drawing have even more details and and some nice shading work but it because of the bad scanning, I don't think its a good idea to submit something that is not as good quality and gets del it later.

This is one of my original character finalize after a number of design revisions.

This character have a kid form, teen form, and this massive mechanical angel form.. looks impressive right?!? XD

I don't know how to add shadow to my drawing when it comes to doing it CG style.. I was gonna CG color it then apply shadow and more details but that would take some time, so I am just gonna submit this unfinish lineart concept...

I have to thank my friends from Deviant art giving me pointers on how to do this. XD I wasn't thinking of posting this on MT.. but I promise my Buddy Anjhurin that I will submit something for the monthly display for the doujinshi-support-club since I drop out on the last one on the last min... due to .. eh.. forget it... I should get over it already...

anyways... hope you guys like it... ^_^'

and as always...


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  1. Anjhurin Jun 03, 2006

    Oooh that's bright (turns down the luminosity on the new 19" screen... it's already to the lowest... and it's still bright ^_^')

    Eheh seems like she's sheated her flame sword, and she looks more like a 'peace goddess' than a fighting angel this time. And she's got that smile on her face, like she's watching over the world (like a big onee-chan lol) ;).
    Anyway, i think this one doesn't look so mecha-nized, especially because you put that cool outfit on her (a bit like native american stuff, especially those things that hang from her arm, and look like feathers). I like the drawing, though it is a bit too crowded with all the mecha wings and stuff, so it's hard to make everything out !
    One thing is, the girl looks really thin in all that artificial stuff, her arms and neck are really thin. Well as you said, shading is really lacking, but i'm sure if you'd color it, it'd be pretty awesome !

    Well, that's a pretty good work, though i've always prefered pencil lineart rather than CG stuff (especially if it's not shaded / colored), because i find more life / warmth in pencil (weird as it may seem ^_^').

    Thumbs up, and i'll go ahead and put it in the display :)

    PS thanks for the dedication (btw, "bubby" ? i've been called bubbly before, but bubby... lol)

  2. DancingBlades Jun 03, 2006

    very nice lines and details. =D i wonder how it'll look if someone vectors it... ^_^

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 03, 2006

    Ooo, nicely done!
    The character looks awesome and I love what she's wearing! Keep it up!

  4. Yina Jun 03, 2006

    weehh nice character design O__O
    i love her wings <3
    great work, ne =D

  5. anji Jun 04, 2006

    Nice drawing.
    I like that kind of clean and detailed artwork.
    Keep it up :D
    Sorry for the lack of originality in my comment lol

  6. Criox Jun 04, 2006

    Yo Frosty! Hehe! She looks like a scary angel to me. Those weapons of hers....lol! Well its a good doujin though. =) I give you credit for it. Awsome work of yours. ^^v

  7. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jun 05, 2006

    Nice job Frosty! I agree wth Anj that with all the mecha stuff it's kinda crowded... The fingers on her left hand seem a little uneven and the right side of her face seems a little too slanted. But good job on all the details! Good luck in the contest! :D

  8. Eimin Jun 05, 2006

    You really did a great job on the details on her, the wings are great. I wish I had that patience or imagination for that matter :P

  9. RieRen Jun 07, 2006

    Great doujin Frosty! It is very detailed
    Also I like the wings. Keep up the good work!

  10. IzumiChan Jun 07, 2006

    I must confess that when reading that name, I thought it was a Harry Potter doushinji. ^_^'
    Woah, so clean lines! And so so much details! O_O
    She kinds of resembles me somehow, of sailor moon... ^_^'
    Great job, you draw very well! :D
    I wanna see her kid and teen forms... ^_^

  11. pegassuss Jun 09, 2006

    Nice doujin frosty-kun! :D I like her pose and the amount of details is really great! The mecha design is very good, I like her wings and I love her expression, it's a lovely smile she's got. The outfit is really cool and well done. I love the design of her clothes. It would look beter with shading too ^_~ Good job Frosty! ^^

  12. animefairy Jun 10, 2006

    Wow...is this your new doujinshi?! That's so cool and has such cool details! Most amazing job done! Thanks for sharing, GrandpaForsty! XD

  13. Wapy Jun 12, 2006

    wowwo this realy looks splendid. I love it, excep for the eyes, they look a but fuzzy... but It's great!

  14. Chourui Jun 16, 2006

    everything is very clean and neat but there are just so many lines that it makes me confused and the face looks all squished up

  15. wingsofsteel Jun 18, 2006

    its very detailed but somehow her limbs look locked up and that makes the picture look stiff. those things that are floating around also look somewhat out of place or maybe thats just me. but overall u did a really great job.

  16. walkure245 Jun 21, 2006

    This is a more improve version of the previous. I like the angular features in this design, which creates a more uniform look and give her a more empowering look. The design is amazing because of its complexity but it takes a minute to decipher which lines goes where. I think more variation in the thickness of the lines would help and more shading or screentones to give it more depth. If you're using PS, you can add a layer underneath your lineart and use variations of gray to create shadows. But it is lovely nonetheless. Her pose is nice and highlights her angelic style and her armor. Really nice work. ^_^

  17. Carmen Jun 22, 2006

    I like all the detail, is excellent. I think her face is a little twisted, but hey, nothing is perfect. And it was so big... I never draw things that big... I hope you will put it in your wall, It will look good... Congratulations!

  18. evasion Jul 05, 2006

    Beautiful details and clean line art! You better finish the CG...or else! teehee. I'm excited to see more of your works! +fav+

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