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I scanned this from my maganize newtype..i just got it today..*smiles*..im so happy...oh it took me a while to scan them it took me twice on both scans and put them together..but i finally did it..im not real good on the scanning part..*sigh*..i have got to learn to keep my hand still..hehe..well...i dedicated this to my dearest Brother Kira..since he was nice enought to be my new moderator of my new group dedicated to Cagalli..the princess of Orb..and he has been so sweet to me..and i just wanted to say how much i love him as my Dearest Brother...*hugs*..well i hope you like it enjoy and please comment.


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  1. Kairi-Hearts Jun 02, 2006

    nice scan of kira!
    thnx for sharing^^
    I love his looks in the second pose =)

  2. Justice48 Jun 02, 2006

    :D The evolution of the Kira.

    Well, probably, but it's a nice scan.
    ~You make people, who don't have scanners happy.~ :)

  3. CosmoStar Jun 02, 2006

    I love how Kira is looking in "his last" form! I love his tender smile and the sweet smile and the feeling of serenity! The EAF uniform makes him very handsome.
    With the black and cool clothes he's looking very pissed of and cute! And I love that clothe of him, very original!
    As a school boy he's looking cute, but I think I like him older... it's a girl thing, you understand, ne? XD
    Thanks for scanning and sharing!

  4. ladykaze Jun 03, 2006

    I tried combining them together but I failed miserably. Ur brother Kira will love it for sure! I always find the description of his youngest form funny. Isn't he should be 13 years old instead of 6 years old? XP Thanks for sharing!

    PS: A sweet sister will have a sweet brother. See u around!

  5. laurent Jun 03, 2006

    Wohow, lovely and ever so cool scan ! And I'm not saying that just because you dedicated it to me *blushes* for wich I thank you so much my dearest sister. That was really sweet of you *hugs* You're the best !
    Oh I love it how we see Kira growing up. Hehe, he looks so cute and extremely active as a schoolboy. Looking at him, he must've probably given his teachers grey hair if he was like that in class all the time. I especially like the second pic when he's 16. I've always loved his black and white outfit so much ( *me wanne have an outfit like that as well* ), especially the shoulder parts and the sleeves are so cool. Oh and he looks kinda angry, but that gives him an ultra cool look ! *yay, that's the way I like my beloved hero* And last but not least, Kira as we know him best, in his ArchAngel uniform. I think he always looks so great in his uniform ... it fits him so perfectly. Wow, what a nice soft and warm smile on his face. Makes ya forget all your troubles. And we get to see good old Torii again *starts petting Torii*
    Thanx soooooooooooo much for scanning and sharing ! I really love it ! *adding to favs of course* You always have the best scans.

    Quote by ladykazePS: A sweet sister will have a sweet brother.

    Ohhh *blushes* thanx for saying that ! That's really sweet of you.

    Well, once again, thanx for sharing this ultimate Kira tribute ! *bows* Ja-na my dear sis, Cagalli ^^

    Your always loving you brother, Kira

  6. kira-freedom Jun 03, 2006

    Nice scan^_^
    Kira seed&destiny^_^

  7. ItakoLina Jun 04, 2006

    OMG just look at the Face of GSD Kira ! *squueeee*
    its so absolutely cuuute *__*
    thaaaaank youuuuu

  8. merelie Jun 05, 2006

    oh wow, Kira has certainly changed over the course of GS and GSD. It's nice to see him from beginning to end. thanks for sharing! :D

  9. Hinamori-sane Banned Member Jun 07, 2006

    Kira is very cute when he was younger, he was very handsome when he older!

  10. JCzala Jun 08, 2006

    Kira Kira Kira-sama! From cute to handsome! Oh man, I would like to have him as a brother. Cagalli's so lucky to have him. Nice scan!

  11. kai Jun 10, 2006

    Thats really cool, love the middle pose. :D

  12. moonescape Jun 10, 2006

    This makes me laugh a lot. I think of it as "The Evolution of Kira". XD I found a magazine of this at Japantown so maybe I should buy so I can scan those myself too. ^-^

  13. pchne2630 Banned Member Jul 16, 2006

    The background and kira match oh appears kira lovable and gracefully
    was mad oh also appeared kria more and more to be mature oh is lacus
    most likes oh well liking oh

  14. Clyne-Yamato Jul 25, 2006

    My! =D That is simpy wonderful! I love it. ^_^

  15. kmlover Jan 24, 2009

    So Cuteeeeeeee

    Kira Was young

  16. Sopsi Mute Member Dec 06, 2009

    Awesome scan :3

    Kira is such a handsome boy xD


  17. Angelicsan Dec 12, 2009

    Muchas Gracias, pens

  18. YamiNoTenshi16 Jan 13, 2010

    The many faces of my beloved Kira. ? Thank you~~

  19. EchizenRyoga Feb 01, 2010

    Very nice picture~ Thanks!

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