Fate/stay night Wallpaper: The Aftermath

TYPE-MOON, Fate/stay night, Saber Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Fate/stay night Series,Visual Novel Saber Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Oh my god! I can't believe I'm making wallpapers again.

Futile attempts at trying to focus on other hobbies failed miserably, and I guess I love making wallpapers too much I could not resist. So err, yeah, it looks like I'm back. (;;°A°)

The wallpaper is your 'classic' sceneric one, I wanted to do a Fate/Stay Night one with Saber from a very long time (it was something I promised I would make for the TYPE-MOON nerds- err I mean for the friends over at IRC ;D), so here it is. I used this chance to also try digital matte painting for the very first time, which is really fun and tough at the same time. :)

You might find more resolutions when Shinndou.com will be born, I am slowly working back on it though I cannot guarantee when it will be ready (my exams are about to kick in). And of course, this wallpaper is dedicated to good fellas at #AP and #MT who are type-moon freaks. (you know who you are guys XD)


[Edit] Since I've already received requests for multiple resolutions I guess you guys just can't wait till Shinndou.com kicks in eh? XD

Here they are:
1280x1024 (for 4/3 Screens) RES VERSION

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  1. MuZ0NaZ Jun 01, 2006

    D: you win. period. im too lazy to repeat myself again and again <_<

  2. rayys Jun 01, 2006

    Great wallpaper, and good luck on ur exams.

  3. KyoFan368 Jun 01, 2006

    That is a really good wall. You did a nice job on it!^_^ :) :D :pacman:

  4. Imashitowareto Jun 01, 2006

    the feeling is gud!thx 4 sharing

  5. Devildude Jun 02, 2006

    "Oh my god! I can't believe I'm making wallpapers again.

    Futile attempts at trying to focus on other hobbies failed miserably"

    I know, but damn, your works are too good to miss, c'mon man, there is no need to really give it all up, and this piece proves it, simple, elegant, beautiful, peaceful... all rolled into one canvas of a wallpaper. Definitely soothing to the eye, and wonderful to the screen.

    Wonderful work man.

  6. phamthuha Jun 02, 2006

    It is really incredible, ShiNN-sama OoO I really can understand why I admire you that much >__<! Do love this one so sure my fav *hold in hand* and keep it up, my master idol ^_^

  7. DanTheGreat Banned Member Jun 02, 2006

    hey it's Saber! good work!

  8. mughi Jun 02, 2006

    Very sharp looking wallpaper you have here. I liked it so much that I downloaded and using it on my laptop. Thanks much.

  9. bj0rn Jun 02, 2006

    ZOMFG! I can't believe what I'm seeing here.

    Yes! The work is terrific! You even do different versions of it! Now that's what I mean by you're actually devoted to walling as a hobby!

    Anyway, my FSN group is having a event and would like you to join us!


  10. terry175 Jun 02, 2006

    wow thanks for your 1280x1024 version.. it really looks nice on my screen now XD

  11. dragenizer Jun 02, 2006

    omg i love fate stay night heheh nice wally! *adds to Fav*

  12. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jun 02, 2006

    Haha, why am I not surprised?

    Wells wells, all of your reading on matte painting surely helped rofl. I can so recognise the typical blending, brown sunset and cloud forms XD
    So, what can I say? Except you win. This is just another proof of how you really have talent, and you could probably become good at anything you try and put effort into.
    Beautifful bg, High quality scan, this is a perfect wallpaper. The only thing I could tell you would be to, if you wanted to make the bg less distant from the main focus, try and paint over ( uhuh, im a freak of painting over, who knew!) the scan with the lighter bg colors. Let it be only highlights or more. That would disminish the typical anime art style to somthing more, uh, *lacks english artistic vocabulary*

    btw, candie <3 European architechture. From Paris with love~

  13. Criox Jun 02, 2006

    Yo I saw A Shinn. =) Lolers! Not surprising that you are back. =) Hahaha! Back with FSN wallie. What can I say? You skills of walling is still that damn good. Hehe! *Noticed you added the kanji of fate stay night word* Nice indeed. ^_^

  14. kai81220 Jun 02, 2006


    my new desktop XP

  15. flyindreams Jun 03, 2006


    Good to see you back again <3 Beautiful job, painting and all :D

  16. akuma2002 Jun 03, 2006

    I'm at a loss for words when i see this goodness... Even "perfect" is not the right word, "flawless victory", or maybe "complete win" :D

    So anyway, excellent job, i love it :D

  17. royaldarkness Jun 04, 2006

    lovely wall! very nice background, love the color of the sky :) beautiful, just beautiful ^.^

  18. Lisu-pl Jun 04, 2006

    Beatiful wallpapers, yop. It so calm, so I like it.

  19. nikorai Jun 04, 2006

    saber chan, kawaisugiru ne

  20. crimson-blue Jun 05, 2006

    wew after long time finally i found another saber pict ^^
    this pict really good
    anyway thx for sharing it ^^
    keep on my buddy ^^'

  21. freyy Jun 05, 2006

    great wall thanks for sharing it

  22. YugureKaze Jun 05, 2006

    i guess the walls have got ya tight in their grip XD
    i still remember that most of yours saying that you quit walling lol

    merged: 06-05-2006 ~ 08:20pm
    i guess the walls have got ya tight in their grip XD
    i still remember that most of yours saying that you quit walling lol

    Nice wall of Saber
    the bg looks really great
    its seems kinda similar to one of the scenes in the op/ed scenes...to me at least..
    but i've been slacking on watching my anime lately ^^;;

  23. Yureika Jun 05, 2006

    saber ! oh yeah !
    love the sunset scene ! and great choosing of scan !
    cant wait till shindou.com is open ! *remind me ok*

  24. Heavyarms129 Jun 05, 2006

    very nice wall with saber and background. one of my favorites ^_^

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